Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Go East, Go West - Meet Same Place


Like US sitcom spin-offs, the paragraph I wrote at the end of my last week's post, I believe, is good enough to have a proper blog post of its own:

Maximum Pain Vs Maximum Sheepishness

"Another interesting observation I would like to share with readers.

This Tarzan and me are going in opposite direction - he adding to CPF; while I taking as much out as possible - but we both have the same destination in mind. Wink.

The 8 immortals' analogy probably flew over your head if you're not Chinese, or Chinese banana...

OK, this New York analogy clearer.

To get to New York from Singapore, we can fly to London, and then New York.

Or from Singapore to San Francisco, then New York.

Earth is round.


You can verify what I say with your own anecdotal life experiences.

1.  Two young female fresh graduates - one decides to marry young and be a stay-at-home mom; the other embarks on her corporate career dreams.

30 years later, both now are living in landed properties. 

(This is adapted from a Straits Times article decades ago where it featured a tai tai making more money from moving private property 3 times than her peer who got promoted to CEO.)  

2.  During my time in the 80s, those who aspire to university would choose the Junior College route. Those who want to work asap would take the polytechnic route.

Seemingly different paths. Yet years later, everyone is also a university graduate! 

Polytechnic graduates can go overseas to continue their university studies, study part-time, or work for a few years, save enough, then own self give "scholarship" to own self!

3.  Two young boys living at those 1.5 room HDB flats at Mei Ling Street. One studied hard, got bursaries and scholarships, became a doctor (or lawyer if you prefer).

The other dropped out of school, joined a gang, got involved with illegal betting, loan shark activities; etc.

In their late 30s, both ended up in Changi Prison.  

(Got read in the papers doctors/dentists cheating big daddy with CHAS claims? Or molesting their patients? How about lawyers absconding with clients' money? Its FTX on a much smaller scale.)

4.  Two management trainees started their careers at a local hotel chain. One decides that rolling stone gathers no moss. First job is also last job. Stayed in the same hotel for 30 years. Play the local born and bred card.

The other decides to follow the ang-moh expats, every few years jump to different hotels all over the world. International career is good, better, best! No?

In their early 50s, both got retrenched due to the stupid Wuhan virus epidemic.

(Does it not look a bit like Buy-and-Hold versus Trading?) 

5.  Panda Portfolio Hits All Time High

Read the comments amongst 3 old fogeys.

CW and I are strolling down the mountain, while mysecretinvestment has 4 more years to go before calling it quits. (I believe he is likely to move the goal posts if his landowner offers him a "minister mentor" shepherd position. Wink.)

Both of them are planners and goal setters. Must be an education thing...

I less formal education. I do first, then beg for forgiveness! 

Some see differences; I see similarities. 

Friday, 2 December 2022

My First Rainbow at Dawson


Pictures taken from my balcony.

First time seeing such a long-lasting rainbow! 

Discover it at 5:50pm. Now 6:30pm the rainbow still there!?

Those of you travelling after work, and reading my blog post, look up!

Maximum Pain versus Maximum Sheepishness


Those of us on the Earn More path, we'll discover soon enough that the sole purpose of Markets is to extract MAXIMUM PAIN from all its participants!

True right?

Just ask those who have chopped fingers and swear off "investing" forever. 

For survivors, we've become "philosophical". 

Have to. 

If not how to explain the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

The good news is that if we switched to the Save More path, there is no MAXIMUM PAIN, just MAXIMUM SHEEPISHNESS.

How so?

Remember the electricity liberalisation move by big daddy? 

How not to love -20% discounts on our electricity bills!?

Then some discovered choosing the wholesale electricity plan "saves" even more than -20%!

(Conveniently forgetting "wholesale" meant it's for big consumers of electricity who are expected to do the electricity price hedging themselves)

Yup, imagine the sheepishness to find you are paying more than those "stupid" households who remained with PUB ....

How about HDB bank loans?

Who so stupid to choose HDB concession loan at 2.6% interest when we can easily get much lower housing loan interest rates from our nation building banks!?

Well, now some have discovered what maximum sheepishness felt like....

Remember CPF?

One could be forgiven to believe 1M65 never existed, judging by the queues at our banks and the topic of the month in our community!

First it was Singapore Savings Bonds, then Singapore Treasuries, then it didn't take long before someone shared bank fixed deposits give out more lah!

Ink haven't dry, WAIT! 

That bank over there got savings promotion that gives much more than fixed deposits!!!

Just as long we're willing to jump a few hoops like spend X minimum sum per month with the bank's credit cards; and transfer our salary deposit there. 

Fetch. Rollover. Kneel. Woof, woof! Good boy/girl!

Not maximum sheepishness, but it's the awkwardness you feel when you find what you thought was good, better, best has become 2nd best in a month or two....

In the gacha gaming community, we call it MIN/MAX. 

It works until the game developer power creeps your best built hero with a NEW must pull character! 

I'm a cat person. But I do notice dog people do become more cat like as they mature.

I mean we are both probably a bit bemused with young puppies - see hoop must jump, see ball must fetch...

We have this old fogey Tarzan at this watering-hole. 

I'll poke him like Swiss cheese if he now tells me he is diverting his planned CPF voluntary contributions to better yielding savings vehicles! LOL!

Nah, he won't!

What's the point of long-term planning if we can get derailed just with 1 or 2% extra interests?

And I thought I'm the man-whore!

Another interesting observation I would like to share with readers. 

This Tarzan and me are going in opposite direction - he adding to CPF; while I taking as much out as possible - but we both have the same destination in mind. Wink.

The 8 immortals' analogy probably flew over your head if you're not Chinese, or Chinese banana...

OK, this New York analogy clearer. 

To get to New York from Singapore, we can fly to London, and then New York.

Or from Singapore to San Francisco, then New York.

Earth is round.


Monday, 28 November 2022

If official retirement age is 55 how?


Young that time, I witnessed 2 of my neighbours' fathers retired at age 55 as that was the official retirement age then.

I hit 55 this year.

I just had a "wu liao" (nonsensical) thought.

Imagine in an alternative universe, where we have high youth unemployment as economy "hentak kaki" (like in Taiwan?), and we don't have problems producing babies since that's the only "entertainment" when we don't have career aspirations as deterrent.

To make way for youths, everyone has to retire by age 55.

And you can take out ALL your CPF at age 55. You know, how it was meant to be when created by the founding fathers.

No CPF minimum sum, no CPF Life. 


Would you be glad and happier?

Or would you suddenly feel a bit sheepish trash talking big daddy all these times?

Especially when you realise you don't do too well on your own... You prefer to have a pet owner - woof, woof!


Saturday, 26 November 2022

Digital Sing Dollar - Akan Datang


Ever wonder why NS55, CDC, and other big daddy "handouts" nowadays always come in the digital form?

For IT dinosaurs like me, I surely miss those hardcopy paper voucher days!

Have you also noticed the booths around high traffic shopping areas offering smart phone courses for senior citizens?

Yup, big daddy laying the groundwork.

Singapore fell behind China with WeChat Pay and Alipay - Mainland Chinese tourists coming to Singapore a decade ago were surprised Singapore so "behind"!?

Yup, when I was in Shanghai, they were already using mobile payments at the wet markets.

Once big daddy realised it, we quickly developed our own PayLah! and other apps. 

The benefit is that big daddy can better target and monitor their handouts do what as they are intended.

For eg, if $300 is given to lower income families to offset their grocery bills, the recipient cannot then use the digital $300 to buy Toto or enter our casinos integrated resorts... 

Big daddy knows!

As for the ugly side, like "kiam siap gui" boyfriends who after a breakup, demand gifts given to their girlfriends back!?

Trudeau's Canada very shamelessly froze the bank accounts of those citizens who financially supported the truckers' strike. 

That's low.

Of course, that would not happen in Singapore! (I not stupid; I don't want to be invited for kopi)

Anyway, we are living in interesting times! 

In my lifetime, I can witness a new innovation in money.

The last time money had such an innovation was when the Chinese invented paper money!

And that's even longer than when policemen wore shorts...

MAS on Digital Sing Dollar 

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Passive Income Scams


It's fun and refreshing to find some "ang moh" financial YouTubers do play the role of the 2 dots in the Tao symbol!

Those of us who are snake oils (day job working as sales, marketing, advertising, PR; etc...) would cringe with all the hyperbole dished out. 

It's true.

The best way to make money attending all these "get rich" seminars and masterclasses, is to "steal with pride" how they conduct the trainings, "creatively" pour the course materials into new bottles, and then start selling yourself as the next "financial guru" - "If you believe me; follow me!"

Of course, it helps you can speak and do motivational talks in public.

Those who can't, can do YouTube videos. I mean you just have to talk into the camera. No?

As for those who are camera shy, well, there's still blogging. 

You'll be surprised how many people are willing to spend money on courses without knowing the real name of the trainer or how he/she looks in real life.

It's like a blind date! 

I kid you not. 

Then again, these "trainers" with brown paper bags over their heads charge the lowest... Ar ber then?

Those who dare to show face and use real names, of course can and should a charge a lot more! 


That's because "potential" students can CSI the trainers' background and credentials. 

Think about it for a moment. If you drive a Mercedes or BMW, would you take financial advice from someone taking the Comfort Delgro bus?

If you stay in a condo, would you attend property courses from someone who stays in a HDB flat?

P.S.  That's why "financial gurus" would rent villas, sports cars, take pictures in front of yachts they don't own to project that "success" to "bei kambings".

Those of you in real estate or insurance sales, you know the trick of wearing fake luxury watches, right? Fake it until you make it!


Sunday, 20 November 2022

Crazy Rentals!


I couldn't believe it when my relative shared his neighbour is renting out their whole 4 room HDB flat out for $5,200 per month!?

OK, its Queenstown, but still...

Can't you rent a decent condo for $5,200 per month in Queenstown???

It's rented out to 3 Mainland Chinese who are sharing the flat together. Power!

Either the view of the flat is super breathtaking, or maybe the flat is renovated like a palace?

I tell you, if this keeps up, next we would be reading about million-dollar HDB 4 room flats soon!

Thursday, 17 November 2022

You Are All Individuals!


Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Negative Yielding Instruments/Vehicles in Singapore (2022)



Singapore Savings Bonds.

Singapore Treasuries.

Singapore Bank Fixed Deposits.

You get the picture.

In REAL terms of course!

You think why Big Daddy evaluate their shepherds like Temasek and GIC on a real rate of return after deducting the global inflation rate?

Fair right?

If not how to justify the shepherds' salaries and bonuses? 

It would be interesting to review GIC and Temasek's investment performance for 2022 next year!


We are "amateurs"...

Cannot compare with professionals you say?

Wait a minute.

Something is off....

I thought it's about whether one is financially literate or not!?

Or are you moving the goal posts by changing the definition again?

Friday, 11 November 2022

Spear and Shield Moment


Sometimes it's a bit funny and awkward to see "amateur" snake oils trying to spin anytime is a good time to invest for the LONG TERM...

You know, the Time in the Market versus Timing the Market argument.

How even if you have entered the markets at the worst possible moments (market tops), you'll still come out "profitable" eventually because...

Get ready.

Stocks always go up in the LONG TERM!

OK, even if you swallowed hook, line, and sinker the spin that entries don't matter, pray tell why should you sign up for any Masterclasses then?

I mean if it's so idiot proof, then anyone and everyone can do it by themselves. No?

Ding! That's your spear and shield moment. Wink.

That's where snake oils like me will face-palm and go, 

"No! That's not how you sell LONG TERM investing lah!

Cannot oversell until like that!"

And that's me coming from the Timing the Market camp...


Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Diversification is for the Know Nothing Investor


Saturday, 5 November 2022

Edge as in Local Local Knowledge - Or so I thought!


We often ask what's our edge when it comes to investing/trading.

Tip: If you have no freaking clue, you don't have an edge lah!

Just this morning, I discovered what I thought was my edge turned out to be merely superficial advantage all along...

I've been staying at Queenstown all my life - all 55 years of it!

If Queenstown were a stock, I'll have an edge over those who are not staying here. I mean I can rattle off what happened 30 years ago, what new shops or buildings popped up recently (technicals)...

I also have first-hand knowledge of the population growth (or lack of) here; the mix - whether it's aging or more young families moving in; and whether there's buying power as reflected by the "attasness" of the retail shops here (fundamentals).

Take a look at the picture above.

On the left side, there's a long row of 2 storey building. This I know about although I never went in and see it for myself - it was a former golf driving range. 

I only knew about it as there's a sign outside near the Queenstown library (what others say).

This week finally walked in to take a look.

Now it has been transformed into Children's Cove and Aqaduck? Interesting! (Child care big business!)

I discover there's 2 empty fields on the right side only after moving to my new high floor Dawson flat???

I mean I've only walked or took public transport outside Margaret Drive road previously.

The 2 fields are nestled inside landed properties estate. 


Just googled this morning and discover the top field is the Singapore Cricket Club Rugby Academy, while the bottom field is the Singapore Cricket Club Ground.

I'm not so smug now.

Feels similar?

Especially those of you born and bred Singaporean investors who have been investing in STI stocks for over 30 years?

Even now, I still make "I thought I knew but actually I no freaking clue" mistakes in trading...



Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Are You The Investing Broken Clock?


A broken clock is right 2 times a day.

Investing can be most painful if we are like the broken clock...

During early 2003 in the depths of the Nasdaq meltdown, I remember my colleague couldn't stomach the pain anymore.

He sold out with steep losses, fearing low can get lower, and transferred what remained of his funds into those Capital Protected funds that were peddled by our friendly nation building local banks.

Yup, that's capitulation.

That move is the "equivalent" of voluntary contribution to CPF today.

When the market recovered until it broke in 2008, he missed the "one day I'll breakeven rally"...

The consolation is that "lucky" him! He missed the 2008 GFC! Heng ah!

Well, own self lie to own self is the best way to deal with the pain of missing out...

Then there's the other side of the story.

Parochial "local born and bred" retail investors who jumped onto the passive STI ETF for the past several years were not exactly thrilled when compared to their peers who piled into Nasdaq, S&P 500, or Hang Seng ETFs...

I mean STI didn't go anywhere except collect some dividends here and there. As wealth preservation and income, not so bad... But to build wealth or as vehicle to achieve FIRE? Eh...

Now the tables have turned.

STI pandas and koala bears are now probably patting themselves on the back! I mean losing 10-15% is better than losing 40-50% right?

That's the pain of investing, isn't it?

No matter how much we suck at it, we can always look back at those "twice a day" times when we were right.

But for the rest of the time, we were just dead wrong...

You'll be surprised.

Majority of retail investors just want to be "right", rather than to make money.

Friday, 28 October 2022

Are You Confident Enough To Recommend Others Your Favourite Eating Places?


I have a Filipino sales colleague at my weekend sales gig who have his in-laws coming to Singapore to visit.

He asked me about the usual touristy Maxwell and Novena hawker centres. Which stalls good, what food to recommend, etc...

I smiled and asked, "Near your home you don't have your favourite hawker centres and coffee shops?"

His eyes suddenly lit up, "I like you recommendation! Thanks!"

I didn't say anything!!!

That's coaching by the way - let others figure out the answer for themselves.

This Filipino colleague has been in Singapore for 5 years already. He is in his mid 30s. 

Before joining us as Showroom Sales, he was "sitting at home" for 2 years.

Previously, he was Shop Manager at one of our local DIY shops - which unfortunately closed down...

He is no bei kambing; he is shepherd.

That's why he got the "answer" to his own question immediately. Wink.

Bei kambings need to be spoon-fed.

Long time readers at this watering hole may find this post kind of familiar... Deja vu?

It's this 10 year old post lah - What's Your Favourite Chicken Rice Stall?

When friends or relatives ask you what stocks to buy or what asset class good to invest, how would you reply to them? 

That's quite telling about your level of craftsmanship, isn't it?

Thursday, 20 October 2022

My new BTO flat has gone from $4 to $7?


The new HDB letter boxes are the type where we can lock the holes, if we so wish, so that we can't receive spam leaflets and brochures.

But I'm impressed with one real estate agent - she literally mails her leaflet in a proper letter addressed to my flat!?

And imagine doing this to all flats in my estate?

She definitely does not subscribe to Save More. Wink.

Nothing new. 

Didn't our 5,000 years of Chinese wisdom teach us that to attract big money, we need to spend small money as bait?

She knows her marketing or Jedi mind control trick well - the moment I open the letter, in big bold fonts, your home is estimated to worth $738,000 jumps right out at me.


She even customizes her sales spin for different flat types! 

HDB 2 rooms, 4 rooms, and 5 rooms will have different valuations on the cover letters I presume! 


I got my keys to my Dawson flat on Dec 2020. The direct purchase HDB valuation was $398,000. 

In 22 months, now it is worth around $700K in the open market?

Alert regular readers will know I did a sleight-of-hand just now.

Hello, my SERS journey started around June 2014 lah!

The compensated SERS replacement flats prices were "frozen" at that point for us. 

Therefore, it's more correct to say that my new BTO flat has gone up from $4 to $7 in 8 years, not in 22 months. Wink.

Don't laugh. 

Many years back, I was poking all the (innocent or knowingly) shenanigans when people were calculating their ROI or XIRR of their portfolios with weird bombastic returns in percentages!?

The percentage return from $4 to $7 over 22 months is different from over 8 years!!!

The same trick is used during seminars or courses. You'll be surprised how many tertiary educated people fall for it!


If Lady Luck were to continue to smile on me in 10 years' time, I may even get my $4 (and more) back from big daddy.

Then again, even I feel the prices has gone up a little too fast, too quick....

I not greedy. If price were to just jump just $1 more over the next 10 years to $8, confirm I will get my $4 back - now that's a low bar or what?

One thing is clear. 

For those who have put money in Singapore properties over the past 8 years, especially if you have bought direct from HDB, your returns are a lot better than equities. No?

Even more alert regular readers will probably point out I didn't "buy" my HDB Dawson flat at $4...

I bought my Tanglin Halt SERS flat at the resale price of $1.25 in 2003.

I better stop. 

In percentages, it's even more ridiculous...


Monday, 17 October 2022

I'm back! What did I miss?



A small break has turned into 2 months hiatus???

Well, that definitely wasn't planned!

Two things happened...

One not so good; one happy.

The not so good part is 生老病死 or life cycle.

Someone close (not my mom) got diagnosed with 4th stage liver cancer. Probably got 12 more months? 

We have decided not to seek medical treatment; late stage no cure, it's just prolonging the inevitable... 

We'll be doing an Anita Mui. 

When the time comes, we'll seek palliative care.

The happy moment is I've finally moved to my new Dawson flat!

The view here is fantastic. Very windy and cool.

I got the keys to my Dawson flat Dec 2020; moved in this month. 

Yup, have been flushing the $88 service and conservancy charges down the toilet every month for more than 1.5 years... 

Town council super efficient! Start charging the moment we got the keys? Not from when we moved in?

Then again, I've been collecting big daddy's conservancy and PUB rebates for 1.5 years too. That should alleviate some of the pain... LOL!

Why take so long for the move?

Let's just say we took 3 relocation trips spread over 4 months... There's a lot of psychological "work" involved...

We are the 4th remaining flats at my old Tanglin Halt flat. There are more "problematic" cases.

Some may have to involve police... 

I can empathize.

While I'm ecstatic with the move; mom is not.

That's why some private properties enbloc will fail. No matter how high the selling price, some will never move no matter what!

Phew. It's all over now!

A pleasant discovery is I can walk away from the markets, when needed.

Now that's really a man of leisure!

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Strawberry FIRE?


The "Strawberry generation" is a term used on those Taiwanese people born from 1980s onwards who "bruise easily".

The equivalent in the West I guess would be "Snowflake generation"?

I am not surprised.

This has happened before:

Suze Orman Criticised By FIRE

Its a bit like religion.

If you are a true believer, it does not bother you what the atheists or the scientific community say.

Those that get easily "triggered" are usually those who themselves have "doubts"... You know, the very "insecure" ones... 

They desperately want to believe what they were told were true. 

And no, FIRE is not mainstream.

At best, its a cult; similar to the crypto community.

Where got mainstream religions get "excited" by some article mentioning your "religion"?

But if you belong to a cult, of course you'll be delighted! You are the one seeking affirmation and acceptance from anyone and everyone...

Would FIRE ever get mainstream acceptance?

Well, do you think big daddy will support FIRE? (Get ready for more foreign talents!) 

If your graduating children tell you they are seeking FIRE at 35, would you jump with joy at their "enlightenment"; or be worried sick what thinking them?

How about you found out your dating partner is on the FIRE bandwagon, would you continue dating them as marriage potential? 

Imagine your significant other suddenly declare themselves on FIRE in their 40s, do you first suspect they are undergoing their mid-life crisis? Just using FIRE as cover? You know, seeking FIRE to "escape"...

Or do you wholeheartedly support? 

"No problem dear. You can stay home while I work. My solo income is enough to support you on FIRE."


My take? 

Hungry eat; tired rest.

If you feel full, stop eating. Simple as that!

I'm on the camp that believes its better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. Wink.

And nobody cares about you!

You rich what has that got to do with me? (Unless you want to share your wealth with me)

You penniless why should I care? (Provided you don't expect me to subsidise you)

One thing its clear. 

Strawberries can't take a poke.


Monday, 8 August 2022

Finally! We are back to using Hawker Centre!


OK, I'm not into precision at 2 decimal places when it comes to numbers, but when it comes to words...


Quite a few years back, I was lamenting at this blog on the use of Market and Food Centre when naming our hawker centres!?

I mean why use a word so "generic" and "bland"?

I suspect someone deep down has a complex... Hawker so shameful meh? Why deny our heritage? 


Someone got the memo it seems.

You can't on one hand talk about keeping our Hawker Culture alive, and on the other hand, deny our shared heritage...

Thumbs up to whoever decided to bring back the use of Hawker Centre!

I hope it doesn't stop at our Margaret Drive Hawker Centre. Wink.

Thursday, 4 August 2022

I Don't Feel The Pain Of Inflation Anymore?


SF Fed President Mary Daly: "I Don't Feel the Pain of Inflation Anymore."

I know, I know.

I'm on the Earn More camp, but even I cringed upon reading what that SF Fed President said too!

How can she make my humble "I have enough" sound so arrogant and so insensitive!?

Those of you older ones may remember this similar incidence in Singapore during the 2009 GFC:

Tan Yong Soon Rapped By His Boss For Insensitivity

Who knows?

Maybe one day FIRE will be out-of-fashion, and it gets replaced by WHEN can we reach our INFLATION PAIN FREE stage?

How much in dollars? 

Well, as a start, it would be around SGD $450K annual income - doesn't matter whether its active or passive.

If passive, even better of course!

You know why there's a bit of schadenfreude from the general public when cryptos crashed?

That's because of those insensitive crypto "millionaire" influencers who mocked those who didn't follow them, "Have fun being poor!"


I'm looking into the mirror now.

There's a reason why the general public also cannot stand the FIRE community too. Wink.

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Thatcher's Last Stand Against Socialism

Just glad our big daddy is on the Earn More camp!

Imagine one day if they ran out of ideas on how to Earn More, and all they do is focus on redistribution of the shrinking pie I think that would be the time for regime change!

I mean austerity, as in Save More, can only work for so long until the people are fed up and begin to revolt!

Socialism and communism can be so seductive, especially if you are spending other people's money!

The problem is whether our Opposition parties have the competence to help Singapore Earn More?

This is something I hope to hear more from them in future elections.

Look, anyone and everyone can also propose policies if all we need is just spend other people's money!


Friday, 29 July 2022



Tuesday, 26 July 2022

A Plan Is Not A Strategy


Some Singaporeans like to lament, "School never teach..."

Well, sometimes school teaches us the "wrong" knowledge - like those Poor Dad stuffs...

Then there are times school got teach us the "right" concepts, but its us students who make a mess of everything as we are applying the knowledge from a "sheep" perspective. 

Regular readers at this watering hole know how I like to poke superficial understanding of SMART goal settings; and those empty parroting of "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Don't worry. Many of us do this in our day jobs too. 

Economy good, we hit our goals (like in investment/trading) and we shamelessly take full credit for it due to our excellent "planning".

Economy bad we didn't achieve anything but its never our fault!

In my previous company, the running joke its the customers' fault for not buying in accordance to our sales forecast! LOL!

Stumbled upon this excellent Youtube video:

Apply this to investment/trading:

Strategy = What's your EDGE?

If you struggle to find your EDGE, then its like in our day jobs - markets up I make money; markets down I lose money.

All those sexy SMART goals and fancy investment/trading plans don't make any difference whatsoever.

But they sure make you look "educated"!

Financially literate? I not so sure...

Thursday, 21 July 2022

Minecraft Bans NFTs


This is so cool!

Minecraft and NFTs

I guess there are others out there "arguing with the STOP sign". Wink.

I mean not everyone is "predatory" and eager to make an extra buck out of their sales funnel...

We are living in interesting times! 

Now I know what's it like to live through the Tulip mania. 

Cryptos? The jury is still out; time will resolve whether its "digital gold" or not.

But NFTs? 

They look and smell like digital Tulips to me...

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Percentages and Absolute Numbers - Cleavage or Thighs?


I better label this post as "Humour" just in case...

Its a continuation of this blog post long ago:

Focus On Our Strengths

Let's imagine you are a landowner. 

You got two servants.

One servant managed to grow 10,000 bushels of wheat into 100,000 bushels of wheat from the previous year. 

A 10 fold increase in yield!

The other servant manage to increase 950,000 bushels of wheat to 1,000,000 bushels of wheat this year. 

Its a new milestone! This is the first time your farms have ever crossed the million bushel mark!


Who would you praise more?

And how would you reward and incentivize your servants going forward?

P.S.  If you don't have real life experience as a landowner or shepherd, you can turn the question into:

If you got $10K and $950K to invest as separate positions, which asset class or vehicle would you choose for each?

And why?

Sunday, 17 July 2022

How To Always Make Money In Stocks?


1.  TEACH others (for a generous fee) HOW to make money in Stocks.

2.  Bring in SPACs, Technology funds/ETFs, Data Centre REITs, S-Chips, or anything that's "hot" for the season, and SELL them to the unsuspecting Late Majority or Laggards.

When something is new, risky, or unknown, that's for early adopters and early majority. When you read about it in blogs, broker's recommendations, or mainstream financial websites, don't kid yourself...


3.  IPO the business you started. (This one good, better, best!)

Thursday, 14 July 2022

Resale HDB flats Cheaper Than HDB BTOs?


Another interesting takeaway from the recent Ang Mo Kio SERS, is that in the coming years, we may have to get used to more HDB resale flats selling for less than new HDB BTO flats!

I knew its a matter of time, especially with more ancient HDB flats with less than 50 year leases coming on to the market...

Somehow I've always thought its something to resolve 10 or 20 years later, but after writing my previous post, it suddenly dawned on me its happening in the here and now already! 

Just talk to the affected SERS flat owners in Ang Mo Kio.

This assumption that HDB resale flats will always be more expensive than brand new virgin HDB BTO flats will have to go too!


For those who want to verify for themselves:

Ang Mo Kio SERs

Look at the "subsidised" replacement flat selling prices and the compensation the Ang Mo Kio residents are getting.

The Glass Half Full Mindset

Today, seniors aged 55 and above looking for a shorter lease HDB flat are limited to the 2 room flexi scheme where you can lease between 15 and 45 years in 5 year increments.

But if you are more well-to-do (downgrading from private for eg), or need a bigger flat (for your harem of wives), you now have a lot more options! 

3 room, 4 room, 5 room all available to you!!!

Just choose those ancient HDB resale flats with 45 years or less leases remaining and you can have them for less than brand new BTO flats. 

The added benefit is you get to choose the location you like (near children or in popular mature estates), plus in general, older 4 to 5 room flats are bigger than current BTO ones.

And you can use the Bala's Curve to your advantage as a buyer. Wink.

For Singapore permanent residents, it works great if you aged 55 and above. Especially if you are from Hong Kong or Mainland China. You are already used to 50 year leases in HK and 70 years leases in China.

You won't have "aversion" like local Singaporeans have when it comes to HDB flats with shorter leases.

Sellers, I got your back too.

If you couldn't read between the lines, I've been helping you all along.

More important is not the decaying lease; its demand.

I'm not going to spoon-feed you. 

If you want to educate yourself, go study why those ancient HDB landed terrace houses (3 room) and Tiong Bahru walkup apartments can be sold for more than a million and above - defying the Bala's Curve valuations!?

Of course no one can help you if you HDB flat is in a lousy location. That's a given.

Then you best bet is still SERS!

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