Friday 7 September 2012

What's your favourite chicken rice stall?

What's your favourite chicken rice stall?

OK, keep the answer to yourself (hello, no need to email  me OK?).

Is it that stall that you frequent all the time near where you stay? Or is it that stall freaking all across the other side of the island, but no matter, you still make an effort on a regular basis to have your regular makan "fix" right?

Both answers will put you in the category of opinion leaders.

If your answer is that famous chicken rice stall that everyone knows; but you can count on one hand how many times you have last eaten there in the past year... 

You may want to pause and reflect why you answered the way you do. 

I've asked what's your favourite; I did not ask who's the most popular.  

And if you have never eaten there before, but gave a stall (that you may have researched as the acknowledged no. 1 in Singapore) as your favourite chicken rice stall...

Now what made you do so?

Was this exercise fun? 

Makes you think how we live our lives right? (Oh please! Don't say it's our education system's fault!)

OK, for those of you everything has to have a practical value (your're not into intellectual stimulation), you may want apply this exercise to how you invest or trade.

Just change the question to: What stock to buy now?


  1. While I love my chicken rice, I don't have a favourite one. I just stop by at the closest one when I need my fix. Wonder what that makes me.

    1. Anon 9:55 am,

      That makes you a free spirit!

      And when it comes to financial matters, you don't care whether you investor or trader, fundamental or technical, value or growth, fade or momentum, blah, blah, blah...

      Just as long make money, happy oredi!

  2. "my favourate investment guru is warrent buffet investment style! but i never follow him, i invest my own style."

    can or cannot?

    1. coconut,

      Whatever makes you happy!

      (I not stupid to argue with the man with no screws in his head... What? What? I'm singing in the rain... I'M SINGING IN THE RAIN!)

  3. Follow my favorite of course till the day I tulan and then find another favorite to follow lor.

    1. I come to realize that there are more and more your favorite chicken rice stalls coming out to chant their secret recipe every other week.

      How could newbies or average food lovers ever find good chicken rice when they are so overload with recipes?

    2. CW8888,

      Time... In due time through personal experience.

      And a sprinkle of luck!

      No one is entitled to good chicken rice. We have to earn the right to chicken rice paradise ;)

  4. Hi SMOL,

    I have a friend who would tell people where to go for the best chicken rice, where to go for the best laksa, where to go for the best nasi lemak, the best bak kut teh... Name a dish and he knows where the best one could be found in Singapore.

    To anyone who would suggest somewhere else to have the same food equally good or better, he would disagree and maintain that the one he knows is the best in Singapore.

    One day, he was doing this again when we were out in a group. I couldn't take it anymore and told him: "Food is very much a matter of personal taste. What makes you think everyone would like what you like?"

    Although my statement got approval from everyone else present, this person was unrepentant. What to do?

    1. AK,

      I will buat bodoh (play dumb) and say, "Wah, you recommendation very de best man! Thanks for the treat! Next time got good, better, best must tell us again!"

      1,2,3 - smile!

      Next time he will think carefully before insisting he is right... It will cost his pocket!


    2. HI SMOL,
      i may try a new chicken rice stall if everything looks O. K. Then try to remember which one suits my taste. Some tasted horrible. These are the ones once in a life time i patronized. But after a long long time, i may try again due to forgetfulness. Silly of me for forgetting isn't it? Do you forget due one reason or another?
      But really we are all of different tastes. That's why even the "worst taste" chicken rice stall still can survive though not many customers.
      Ha! Ha!

    3. temperament,

      Sometimes I will eat from the same "one time and never again stall" too.

      It's human nature to give someone the benefit of the doubt... The hawker may had an off day, or it was his assistant that day... But if double confirm and triple confirm, then never again!

      Yes, lucky we all have different tastes ;)

      Life would be so boring if someone decided what's best for all of us (like communist china before 79).

  5. Hi SMOL,

    Wahahahaha.. You are an evil one. ;)

    Anyway, I have decided that it is far too stressful being in his company. So, I have been diligent in avoiding any outing to which he is invited.

    Hear no evil and I will say no evil. Om Amitaba... Tok tok tok... ;p

    1. ak, i have a problem, i sound and act like the person you are talking about, really.

      but at least i know now who i should avoid haha.

    2. Hi coconut,

      Wahahahaha... Yes, if you meet up with SMOL, you are in trouble! ;p

    3. I never argue with the one who is paying ;)

    4. oh! that is even more dangerous haha.

  6. Hi SMOL

    The challenge in Singapore Inc. is that many follow the dreams of others. I do not know of many people who truly pursue their dreams and live the life that they want instead of living to other people's expectations :-)

    That includes myself for large chunks of my life :-P

    Be well and prosper.

    1. Well said Panzer!

      Following the dreams of others...

      I hope parents are reading this. We were young once; but somehow once we have kids, we start to project our failed dreams and aspiration on them... Its for your own good!

      I should be talking... No wife, no kids. But I was young once too ;)

      And I was lucky. My parents never told us what to do.

      Mom, I want to quit school!

      Is this what you want?


      Good luck then!

      (Or maybe they didn't care? Nah!)

    2. Chinese saying :
      "Hope son becomes dragon" is every parent's dream.
      But then you can only hope.
      For every son (of every parents), has different different "CPU" and different memory capacity.
      Some CPU is 32 bits and never can be 64 bits.
      No matter what parents do.
      So i always tell my son as long as you are having a wholesome life, we will support.
      We told him if he is happy to be a "CHAR QUAY TEOW man or what?....
      We will support.
      We don't give a damn of what society think.


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