Friday 28 February 2020

OK, that escalated quickly!


US markets savage or what this week?

Two -3% down days and one -4% big move last night.

Didn't matter.

I lost money this week!?

I'm not mad or flustered. (OK, seeing the Simsci gap down 9 points pre-market this morning without me sucks)

Of course it helps I've made some kopi money from the previous 2 weeks.

2 weeks win; 1 week lose. Oh well...

I've discovered something quite useful (never let a loss go to waste).

My Method does not work too well in high intraday volatile markets. 

I mean I already knew I hated one day up, one day down kind of market moves; my Method still can handle them. That's not the problem.

The problem is when intraday, the market have big swings back and forth...

Of course the problem is easily solved by having wider stops, or even no stops at all?


I don't think I would want to mess with a Method that has helped me made $10 from $1 so hastily...

Have you noticed both gold and silver went down last night despite the -4% US market loss?

Oh, sure, Dollar/Yen went down this week acting like it would as a safe haven trade, but not without first profit stopping me out last week when it zoomed to 112!? (Lucky never lose money, but still...)

This week is something else...

Its as if the different asset classes are taking turns to exact maximum humiliation and damage to me.


I will sit today out.

I can't control the market moves; I can control whether I want to play or not. Wink.

Back to sharpening the saw.

Must reflect and review how I can do better in these kind of markets. 

Or maybe stay the hell out the next time?


Tuesday 25 February 2020

Well, that de-escalated quickly!


Hands up anyone who were pleasantly surprised to see our STI up today?

Especially after the -3% mauling for all 3 US major indices last night...

Not easy right?

Thursday 20 February 2020

College Degree Of The Rich

I had a good laugh!

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Trust But Verify

Short term, the stock market is a voting machine; long term, its a weighing machine.

We apply the same logic to people we date, work, and do business with.

Some people make a great impression first time we meet them. But alas, over time, we discover they KNS...

What we say or do is weighed by others.

This post has no meaning whatsover unless it appears on top of that post at:

Singapore Investment Bloggers

Edit: Not sure whether its the aggregator (you owe me a drink) or the blogger realised his folly, that blog post has been taken down. 

My post has served its purpose.

In this difficult time, let's not cause further alarm or panic to the public.

Sunday 9 February 2020

How to know DIY fundamental investing is not for you?

1.  When you panic buy face masks when coronavirus first hit Singapore. 

2.  When you monkey see, monkey panic buy groceries Friday and yesterday.

Why fundamentals matter?

Because its useless if you don't base your decisions on facts or logic. 

However, don't feel bad or embarrassed.

One neighbouring country's minister was giving out free face masks to anyone and everyone, especially to tourists!? (Wayang?)

Well, it goes to show that being a politician or minister does not automatically make one "smart".  

By the way, have fun spotting how many people wear masks under their chins. LOL!

Friday afternoon I went to Sheng Shiong to buy bread and eggs. Saw the large crowd, turned around and went to one of those small mom & pop provision shops. No queue, no wait.

Talk about besides being "kiasi" and "kiasu", people are willing to stand in long queues because they are too "giam siap gui" to pay a bit more?

Or maybe its a case of one track mind at work? Yes, here looking at you to those who study too much until brain "short short tei"...  

Ever worked with such idiots at work? Tell them buy rice, they come back sorry supermarket no stock... Can't work out alternatives themselves? Everything must us shepherd decide... Sigh...

Free walk around the neighbourhood provision stores or wet markets. Check out the petrol stations with convenience stores too. What do you see? Any empty shelves?

Eh, if I can't do fundamental investing, and using voodoo charts as in technical analysis is more for trading, what's left for me if I not interested in "Look ma, no brains needed!" passive investing?

Well, there's always Momentum Investing.

We call them the Momo crowd.

To be sure, its not to be confused with Trend Following.

They may look similar, but its definitely same, same - but different!

Trend followers will be the first to admit we are not the smartest car in the parking lot. However, even we would like to keep our distance from the Momo crowd. 


Don't hit the face!

Wednesday 5 February 2020

Diversification - 居安思危

During my time as purchaser, I was very impressed with one big Taiwanese supplier who "dares" to turn down our offer to have more production at their factory.

We have already taken up 20% of their production capacity, and that's the max our Taiwan supplier has allocated for any single customer.

Talk about turning business or profits away!? (If you in sales, how many companies will do that?)

That's customer diversification risk management for you!

Big daddy's trade shepherd boy is in the press cheerleading:

"Singapore has for many years prioritized economic diversification. He explained that the government has urged firms not to rely on particular products or markets for business, while making sure that the economy as a whole is not overly exposed to any one sector.

Doing that will allow the Singaporean economy to withstand knocks from unforeseen circumstances such as the ongoing virus outbreak, he said."

Many can parrot don't put all your eggs in one basket. Who doesn't know?

Yet what do we do?

Take a look at your portfolio.

Any different from those Enron employees who invested their life savings in Enron's stock too?

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