Monday, 8 August 2022

Finally! We are back to using Hawker Centre!


OK, I'm not into precision at 2 decimal places when it comes to numbers, but when it comes to words...


Quite a few years back, I was lamenting at this blog on the use of Market and Food Centre when naming our hawker centres!?

I mean why use a word so "generic" and "bland"?

I suspect someone deep down has a complex... Hawker so shameful meh? Why deny our heritage? 


Someone got the memo it seems.

You can't on one hand talk about keeping our Hawker Culture alive, and on the other hand, deny our shared heritage...

Thumbs up to whoever decided to bring back the use of Hawker Centre!

I hope it doesn't stop at our Margaret Drive Hawker Centre. Wink.


  1. More and more ex chefs are cooking at hawker centres. Time has changed.

    1. CW,

      Its for the better; more are treating hawkers as craftsmen ;)

      Fussy Singaporeans know the difference between buying from a hawker who treats it as a craft, and from those food court fares where its just someone heating up food from centralised kitchens...

      Same, same; but different!

  2. Smol,

    It's probably they wanted to include the wet market as part of the term, and some scholar staying in private property just scribbled it out lol.

    Anyway looks like hawker centre is standard now. Those with wet market will be called hawker centre & market.

    Now if only they use hawker centre & wet market.

    But maybe after wuhan, trying to avoid broadcasting wet markets lol.

    Heard that petition for wet market in your area fell through?

    Price of gentrification. Up & coming yuppies don't want sights & smells of raw fish & raw meat. Cold Storage & Ntuc Finest for them!

    1. Spur,

      No one cared until someone higher up decided we must "preserve" our hawker culture as more craftsmen retired without successors.

      Enjoy while we can as hawkers are now back in "fashion".

      With Michelin stars and what not. Although that's for tourists. Singaporeans need "ang moh" to tell us which hawker food is good, better, best?

      Even our foreign embassies are inviting popular hawkers to cater to foreign guests. Must use every "edge" we have mah! Sell food tourism!

      As for the wet markets, they will give way to supermarkets. I visit wet markets while going to hawker centres during the weekdays.

      Its a sorry sight...

      Let's face the truth. Even I would prefer to shop at supermarkets for my veggies and meat. Cleanly packaged with aircon environment. I can't see youths preferring wet markets over supermarkets...

      Those who petitioned for Dawson wet market are probably more than 70 years young... When they go to happy place one day, who will shop at the wet market?

      On wet markets, I agree with big daddy.


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