Wednesday 28 June 2023

Hello SP Group, I'm Back!


Yup, I've moved back to Big Daddy's electricity provider this month.

To recap and have a better sense of context, you may want to read my previous 18 Oct 2021 post:

SP Wholesale versus Electricity Retailers

I've been "lucky" for the past 2 years - paying a mere $0.168/kWh - despite the rising quarterly Electricity Tariffs...

But that 2-year honeymoon ended this month.

My current electricity provider tried to "entice" me to renew the contract for another minimum 18 months with an extra "discount" for repeat customers.

Good try.

I don't sweat the small stuffs like downloading apps to enjoy extra discounts for Kopitiam or points for free burgers at McDonalds...

But for my monthly electricity plans? I bothered to do some quick research. Wink.

For historical electricity tariff prices, click the excel file from SP Group below: 

Historical Electricity Prices

Those of you who see better with pictures may want to convert the data into charts yourself. (What? I don't spoon-feed one OK?)

What do you see?

Locking prices for the next 18 months at current electricity prices is like buying near a market top...

I just can't bring myself to do it. (Occupational hazard of a trader)

But why return to SP Group?

That's because no independent electricity retailers are now offering variable plans!!!???

Remember when we can choose independent electricity retailers for the first time?

We were offered "fixed" and "variable" plans right?

I'll let you figure out why no independent retailers are offering "variable" plans to us anymore...

Well, no worries!

Hello SP Group, I'm back!

Of course I can be wrong!

I'll have eggs on my face if next quarter's electricity tariff goes up...

But if you are a Trend Follower like me (Lower electricity bills from April to June as tariff falls by 5.4%), then not locking-in our monthly electricity is the way to benefit from future lower deflationary electricity prices.

P.S.  Since I'm not Buy-and-Hold but a Man-Whore Market Timer, once electricity prices have dropped to the low 20s (break below 20 even better), I'll start flirting with the independent retailers again.

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Sunrise and Rainbow at Dawson


Woke up slightly before 7am this morning due to the sudden chill in the air.

Thought it would rain as menacing dark storm clouds looms...

Then I saw this:

Sunrise over Orchard Road 

Weather nowadays quite a tease.

Yup, the dark clouds just blew on by. No rain for Queenstown today!?

As consolation, the heavens gave me this:

View from balcony towards West

I then dragged myself down to the 35th floor Skygarden to snap the other side of the rainbow:

I showed mom the pictures.

She happy; I happy.

Simple pleasures of life.

Saturday 3 June 2023

Sunset and Dusk at Dawson


As requested by Sy, here are some pictures of sunset and dusk at Dawson:


Pictures taken standing on my balcony looking left (West) towards Holland Village direction.

As for sunrise...

I'm a late sleeper. That'll have to wait until those rare occasions I manage to wake up naturally before 6.00 am. Wink.


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