Thursday 17 November 2022

You Are All Individuals!



  1. We are not individual in the mkt as we can be somehow influenced by loud voices , experts or snake oils

    1. CW,

      The majority I see are "cold-blooded" - they need to get inspiration or motivation from outside. They can't function without a shepherd (influencer) in their lives.

      Then there are those who are "warm-blooded" - they can own self motivate their own self. They are their own shepherd ;)

      I don't have much formal education, but one would think the ability to think for oneself is part and parcel of getting educated...

  2. What is the difference betw resilence and anti-fragile?

    As a country, which matter more?
    If you can choose, which will you go for?

    1. AT_AT,

      Ah! Nassim Taleb's Antifragile ;)

      For those who have not read his book (or attention span limited to tweets), I'll help these readers out but I not sure if it benefits you in the long run:

      "While resilience is about recovery after performance degradation, antifragility is defined as a performance gain when exposed to adversity."

      Imagine the essence of a whole book so nicely summarised by Nassim Taleb himself above!


      Since 1965, the Pioneer and Merdeka generations have proven to be antifragile - and here we are today.

      We definitely did not arrive here through Save More... Wink.

      Going forward, of course big daddy cannot depend on those who voluntarily contribute to CPF.

      Hence the granting of citizenships and special work permits for those who are willing to chase their elusive rainbows flying the Singapore flag!

      I am very impressed with Singapore youths who embarked on their treacherous entrepreneurial paths.

      As for those who tell the world they intend to FIRE at 35 upon leaving school....

      Can anyone imagine youths of 1965 doing that!?

      It takes one to know one.

      I'm a freeloader; a parasite; a manwhore.

      I don't pay taxes. (That little bit for my tiny HDB flat don't count lah!)

      Lucky Singapore got GST; I feel less guilty knowing at least I got contribute back somehow!

      (Without GST, a lot more richer people than me would have paid even less taxes!)

      Hope I've answered your questions :)

  3. Hi SMOL, i didn’t read the book. Just agar agar from google. i have a different view.

    Resilience is about the mindset of overcoming challenges.
    Anti-fragile is like have a car suspension damper that reduces the large shocks to a small ripple when you experience it.

    For a country, we started with resilience and progress to anti-fragile as we become a developed country and have too much to lose. Total defence is an anti-fragile concept.

    Covid is a good example of SG anti-fragile system. Strong foreign policy and deep pockets to survive the winter

    For a person, the first 30-40 years will be on the toughening resilience mindset (look at some primary school core values) but at a later stage the smart one make sure they have an anti-fragile system to withstand external shocks into retirement.

    Next question. Crypto

    Ok to lose $50k is what kind of mindset? It is resiience + gamble mindset. Can afford to restart when young.

    Can use same mindset if you manage $5m? I expect answer is no. Have to use anti-fragile mindset to preserve wealth.

    Mindset will change as we evolve. Mother nature.

    Creativity is think out of the box, aka build an anti-fragile system.

    1. AT_AT,


      Nassim Taleb was the one who coined this "antifragile" word.

      Before no one was using it.

      Then you come along and "suka suka" invent your own definition!?

      Even after the wonderful and succinct definition from Nassim Taleb himself???

      You are the reason why I'm a bit hesitant "spoon-feeding" the essence of Nassim Taleb book here.

      A little knowledge can be worse than no knowledge at all!

      To me, antifragile is expressed in the past as:

      Profit from one's mistakes...

      Never let a crisis go to waste...

      Like a phoenix that rose from the ashes...

      A good example is the 2 years and more Wuhan virus lockdown.

      Some business failed through no fault of theirs.

      Some are just not resilient; while some businesses, although in the SAME badly affected sectors, have thrived and expanded even more through their creativity in reinventing themselves; or through their adeptness in adopting new technologies.

      No one would be talking about Singapore if we are just resilient ;)

      Kenna kicked out...

      British say bye bye we on our own...

      2 oil shocks (now that's inflation!)

      Vietnam war and possible domino down to our shores if Thailand were to fall too...

      If we are just resilient, we would still be developing country like our ASEAN neighbours...

  4. Why should i follow Taleb or your definition?
    I define based on my experience.
    Perfect example of being an individual. Ok i should coin a different word then 😆

    1. AT_AT,

      Totally agree :)

      It would have been much better if you had come up with your own word in the first place.

      You can do it!

      Never discount our own life experiences.


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