Monday, 26 December 2022

No Relationship, No Lobang


I was working on Christmas yesterday. It's a weekend remember?

I thought it was going to an "easy" and "relaxing" day. I mean its busy BEFORE Christmas, but who buys on Christmas day?

You think why we have boxing day sales or post CNY sales? 

Boy, was I surprised!

Worked my ass off yesterday. Tiring, but fun. 

I'm sure readers will be screaming at me, "Its 1% GST increase lah!"


And you are right!

It's amazing how 1% can manipulate influence consumer behaviour in some people!?

To save 1%, these customers are willing to pay in full today, and have delivery of their purchases 6-7 months later next year, when they finally get their keys or have their apartments renovated...


What if I tell you most consumer brands have INCREASED their prices by 3-6% between March and June of this year?

No, it's not profiteering.

Remember inflation higher than CPF? 

Or how about higher supply chain costs due to disruptions in China due to Wuhan virus lockdowns or war in Ukraine? 

You can verify it yourself if you have bought any major home appliances or home electronics beginning of this year (or last year) versus current prices.

Feels good when your entry is better than others right?

OK, some of it is pure dumb luck.

I mean if your fridge broke down beginning of the year, you have to buy, you buy.

But if you have a relationship with the retailer or sales promoter, we would have contacted our "best customers" BEFORE the prices increases mid-year. Wink.

No, it's not "lobang" for anyone and everyone,


Moral of the story?

People = relationships.

Online = database

Relationships take time to cultivate.

Butterflies who jump from one online retailer to another to get the good, better, best deals; you are merely a statistic.

You think why property speculators surround themselves with the most competent property agents they can find?

Why high net worth investors have private bankers and brokers feeding them market insights not available to anyone and everyone?


  1. How to cultivate such a relationship without getting fleeced, I wonder.

    1. Rainbow girl,

      Do you have a favourite shop or hairdresser that you keep going back to?

      That's how long it takes to form a relationship ;)

      Once its formed, you don't jump from one hairdresser to another, month to month, to take advantage of the "savings" or "promotions" right?

      If we feel we got fleeced or taken advantage of, we wouldn't go back, would we?

  2. u are right. same hairdresser for the past 10 years liao. every time like go meeting old fren when go see my hairdresser. 😁

    1. Sy,

      That's also why we feel good when hawkers, restaurants, or pubs recognise us.

      We get "extras" that other customers don't get ;)

      But when it comes to our community, there's a portion that focus solely on the monetary aspects - the best cash back; the most miles; zero commissions here; extra interest rate there; etc.

      Then there are those of us who don't mind paying a bit more for service ;)

      Service is people; people is relationships.


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