Why I am blogging

New update on 26 December 2016

New update on 29 September 2013
New update on Easter Sunday 2012

Eh...... I am asking that question myself.  Not sure whether this is one of my 3 mintues passion thing.

Can bloggers out there help me out? Do share with me why you started blogging in the first place?  And has that view changed over the years? What kept you going?

Thanks!  It would help clarify my thoughts.

Inspirations from fellow bloggers that help crystalised my thoughts on blogging.  Do keep the feedback coming!

1)  Get to know like-minded companions in our journey together. (Jan 11 - with thanks in my heart)

2)  Share songs that inspire me - and introduce the oldies of my generation!  (Jan 11 - Done!)

3)  Document my travels and re-discovery of Singapore. (Jan 11 - Keep in view)

4)  Share my story (Jan 11 - Done!)

5)  Found a use for all the past travel pics I've taken over the years. Complement them with my postings. (Mar 11 - Done!)

6) Rediscovered my childhood love of story telling; something that I've repressed all these years due to focus on "career". (April 11 - started the journey)

7)  Started to add social commentary as part of my "Roar of the heart" series. Inspired from the recent May 2011 elections. (June 11 - Done!)

8) Share interesting stories from my sales background and how they can apply to our relationships and to money matters. (Sept 11 - Started the journey)



  1. Hi SMOL

    I started blogging partly to experiment getting passive income. But it has ended up being a open journal of sorts, to allow myself to clarify my own thoughts and feelings about particular issues that matter. In my case, personal finance or financial freedom in my blog fivecentstencents.com

    I find that writing helps the mind work out what the issues are as you are forced to organise your thoughts in a coherent fashion when writing :-)

    Be well and prosper.

  2. Thanks PanzerGrenadier!

    I am still searching, that's why my newbie blog is a bit "chap pa lang" (neither here nor there). All I know it's not a finance blog.

    I was hoping it's a medium where I can find like minded new friends when I retire from formal work in 12 months. I can't always go back to ex-colleagues for lunch appointments, can I?

    I've alluded to that in my comment to your posting:


    I guess one reason I am blogging is to satisfy my social needs.

    OK, are there female bloggers out there? As with all things, we need balance. Ha ha!

  3. I started a blog to track my investing decision n thoughts. It's a journal of sorts which is helpful when u review ur past decision. Congrats to being a man of leisure...haha... the term is funny...

  4. I blog because I want to know what is going on in the cyber world.
    I want to learn from all types of very learned people who are willing to share(not all are even they blog)besides learning by reading books.
    You can called me an ignoramous beast who sucks knowledge from people who blog and to learn more about people.
    Ha! Ha!
    Shalom to you.

  5. Wealth Journey, I really appreciate you taking the time to share with me. Your blog is interesting. I will read your postings to get to know you better. I like your "link loves".

    I have a feeling you are a HK high networth overlord. I'm a palladin who wants to be a bard. (Not many SG knows 股民老张. I was in Shanghai for 4 years and got to know quite a few HK friends)

    Your on-line portfolio must be a magnet to private bankers!

    My nick is inspired by looking at the ladies of leisure of my fellow expat colleagues. I tell myself, in my next life, I will want to be an expat wife. Now that's financial freedom in the express lane!

    Equal opportunity. If they can, I can too!

  6. Hi Temperament! I saw you commenting in other blogs. Nice of you to say hello. Hey! we share similar interests in your profile.

    Now I understand why a fellow blogger says he likes to give tuition to younger students. It keeps him young. It's a pleasure too to read how the younger generation thinks. I too would like to learn from you :)

    Let's blog! But do tell me if you don't understand the lingo I am using. I'm a child of the 70s, teenager of the 80s - oooh, oooh! And stuck there ever since - oooh, oooh.

    Forgot to take my medicine today....

  7. Hi SMOL,
    You are one of the funniest blogger around.
    You are a genius because you can blog about serious matter in a funny way.
    You know from the word fun come funniest.
    Please correct me if I am wrong; Remember I am a ignoramous beast who sucks knowledge from very learned people like you.
    You are really a fun-person who can make people laugh.
    Whoever can't enjoy a good laugh, be careful of him.
    Of course it's my opinion, not a fact.
    Do you like to confirm my opinion?
    I don't.
    Ha! Ha!

  8. Hi Temperament,

    I heard you the first time. Why are you still boasting you have enormous breasts? Wait! (putting on glasses), sorry, sorry.

    If you are laughing, I can trust you!

  9. Hi SMOL,
    Why did you trust him just because he laugh?
    Haven't you heard or met "Smiling Tiger or Smiling Crook?"
    Not all laughs are sincere you know.
    But I assure you all my laughs are sincere.
    Ha! Ha!

    Can I learn from you how to use mandarin to blog. You know translating mandarin's saying to english, some essence of the saying is lost.
    There you see I just exposed my horse's legs.
    I am a ignoramous beast.
    Ha! Ha!

  10. Temperament, I just type in Mandarin using MS Word, and then copy paste here in blogger.


  11. Hi SMOL

    If you don't mind me asking, what will you be doing back in Singapore after you have retire from a 'job-job' in 12 months' time?

    I am very curious on the type of life you would want to live and yet find meaningful.

    Be well and prosper :-)

  12. Hi SMOL,
    Ignoramous beast like me can learn a thing or too.
    With a little bits of tip from you I have managed.
    天 下 乌 鸦 一 般 黑
    露 马 脚
    Keep on learning, the day I stop means "Kaput"
    Ha! Ha!
    Thanks you for my wu liao.

  13. PanzerGrenadier,

    I would like to "walk here walk there" in Singapore first. No serious! I was ashamed that one expat colleague in Singapore has visited much more places in Singapopre, and know about our history than me... I've visited many places in the world, but I've not got to know my own birthplace.... It's like that song, "I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me". (Who knows this song? Very romantic hor?) I'll change that when I return. Sometimes we need to be away to appreciate what we have.

    Of course I would like to travel, and shall start with Malayisa - backpack. The goal is to branch out from Singapore and expand to more countries. I'll focus on Asia first (cheaper mah!).

    Hey! I will blog about my re-discovery of Singapore and my travels when I return!

    Of course part-time I will need to maintain (protect against downside risks) and grow my networth and passive income - must beat inflation OK?

    Thanks for the interest. I've promised Drizzt that I will do a guest posting on my story. I think I will do it during my return to Singapore this CNY. I will take 1 month break from work! Mood already!

    By the way, how do you remove a comment in other people's blog? I wrote some comments in other blogs that I would like to amend; but don't know how...

  14. Hi Temperament,

    It's not wu liao. Let's 笑傲江湖!

  15. Haha.. No no.. I am a Singapore HNW but vested in HK/China stocks as well. So I do follow the news and "gurus"..
    But HK's 超仁超 is the one I followed fervently.

    Your retirement dreams would be even prettier in Shanghai I guess. :)

  16. Welcome back Wealth Journey!

    Ha ha! Even better! Majulah Singapura!

    Your link loves - what a treasure trove! And I've read your older postings. Kicking myself that I didn't blog earlier. Then I would have gotten to know you earlier!

    Yes, I'll return to Shanghai and China often. This CNY I will visit Guangzhou for 5 days to be with my brother working there.

    Some of my most memorable "escapades" are in China :)

  17. we shall look forward to more postings.

  18. Hi SMoL

    I started my own blog to keep my discipline in check and I believe that by writing down the journal it sorts of keeping me thinking on my journey :)

    Keep up the great posts. I enjoyed your post everytime :)


  19. Hello B,

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    Yes, putting thoughts to writing does help me in tracking my journey.

    And it's fun!

  20. It's quite refreshing reading your blog especially your CPF post. The Greek part is rather convincing. If only they could communicate well and not so rigid more will be persuaded. Your weekly allowance part is another valid point. Maybe your age plays a part having seen much more than most other people lacking the wisdom.

    1. Thanks Gintai!

      We are from the same generation. Our havoc days are behind us now. Maybe not ;)

      I like your social-political blog posts too!

      Proves that we don't need to use hyperbole to express our opinions.

      You are definitely one of the few BALANCED social-political bloggers out there!


  21. Hi SMOL, I chanced upon your site this morning. I have been thinking of blogging for a while (one to two years), but never quite get started as I am not sure if I can "tahen" readers "strange" questions as I am quite a direct lady. Any two cent, five cent worth of suggestion?

    1. millionfaith,

      Let me share with you some of my experiences visiting other people's blogs:

      1) Some are just as chatty like me. We don't post comments, we have a conversation ;)

      2) Some turn off the comments in their blogs. These bloggers are not interested to have a conversation. It's "wah kali kong".

      3) Then there are those who cannot "tahan" my poking comments. So they basically ignore me while they only reply to their "ya lor ya lor" readers. These bloggers are telling me to talk to the "hand". LOL!

      4) Then there are bloggers that restrict access to their blogs to a limited number of "approved" readers.
      They post comments in my blog, but when I click their nick back to their blogs - access denied. Hey!

      So there you go!

      You may want to do some introspection on WHY you want to blog in the first place ;)

      Obviously you are not a mom. Kids ask the strangest questions!

      Why is the sky blue? Why is our national anthem in Malay when our pledge is in English? Eh...


  22. Hello SMOL,

    Thanks for your quick response. Appreciate your sincere help. Your suggestion to ask myself why I want to blog is a good one. But I am not sure if those reasons justified for blogging. In fact, to be honest, I went through a coaching session (part of a peer coaching required in a coaching course I took), but still I am going round in circle. I think at some point, I would need to do it, at least I can then stop revisiting this matter years from now. However, having said that, I would like to be a responsible and responsive blogger, hence at least I need to make sure this is not done out of compulsive act (and i think this was why I am confused and stuck in the state of non action) I welcome any further thoughts if you have any. Thanks again

    1. millionfaith,

      Have you considered why you choose this nick?

      We are either faithful to ONE, or we are agnostic.

      We can't please everyone ;)

      Don't worry. All in good time.

      When you feel thirsty, you will drink. Sleepy? You will rest.

      Evidently, you are neither thirty nor sleepy ;)

  23. Dear SMOL,

    Thanks for sharing your personal journey and it was inspirational. I am in education field all my life with little exposure to finance. Spent the last few years buying stocks based on hearsay and needless to say lost a tidy sum of money. Having turned mid-forty recently, i have taken baby steps to educate myself albeit slowly and have even signed up the course by Dividend Machines. Hopefully will be able to develop a reasonable stream of passive income to sustain retirement.


    1. Hello Patrick,

      Welcome and glad you like this watering-hole here!

      Hey! We have quite a few educators here ;)

      One is into Adult education (not porn kind), and another is a HOD for Chinese! And I thought no Singaporeans can teach Chinese anymore due to our poor command of the language...

      I'll share something with you since you know pedagogy.

      Warm blooded Cold blooded 

      My simpleton view of education (or learning) is to help others think for themselves; to be warm blooded ;)


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