Thursday 28 February 2019

Leaving HDB flat to your children - awkward pause...

Whenever we hear people say they are leaving their HDB flats to their children, what's our initial reaction?

Awkward pause right?

I mean its totally different if its private properties as in landed (good, better, best!) or condos (no fish prawns also can)...

But HDB flats?

There are several scenarios we feel uncomfortable digging deeper. People sad case already you still want to twist the bayonet?

1.   We know new BTO HDB flats are affordable to 2 young couples who have worked for 5 years. Provided they not choosy or want something they can't afford.

And these young couples don't even have to be graduates. That's how affordable our BTO HDB flats are!

Not many cities in the world can do that. Its something we should not take for granted. 

2.  No. Your children won't want your HDB flat; they prefer to have one of their own. 

You can give yours to them, but in accordance to HDB rules where you can't own 2 HDB flats at the same time, your flat will be sold off in no time!

In case you didn't get the memo, HDB flats will be taken back by big daddy once the 99 year lease is up.

So I don't think they will sell their newer BTO flat to move into yours with less than 50 years lease remaining...

3.  That means you are aware your children have "special needs"; suffer from personal demons like gambling, drug taking; or have financial issues like business failure and/or the inability to hold down a job for more than 3 months...

4.  Are you eyeing your parent's HDB flat right now? 

If yes, life has not gone in accordance to your goals and plans, has it?

P.S.    What is life without some exceptions? 

If you lucky to own those Tiong Bahru walkup apartments or Queenstown landed terrace flats built by SIT (predecessor of HDB), you have struck gold!

Your children would be happy to get your hand-me-down!

These "3 room HDB flats" got money also may not get... Supply so limited and demand very strong amongst the well heeled.

And yes, these buyers don't mind the leases are below 50 years.  Or the fact their properties will expire worthless in several decades later...

Not when you are not pursuing financial freedom. (That means you got it already)

When people are financially secure, a lease is just another word for rent.

Thursday 21 February 2019

How to tell if you're good at investing?

Its the selling or exit part right?

That's where you get the "respect" from other veteran old muttons. 

And your wallet will thank you!

Even if you got the rock bottom entry buying price, at best you get compliments you lucky this, you lucky that...

Tio bo?

Sunday 17 February 2019

Crash Got Sound - What Doesn't Kill You Will Make You Stronger!

Once upon a time, Chinese stocks can do no wrong. Hence everyone loved China IPOs! From Nasdaq, to HKEX, to our local SGX. 

Then the investment world discovered fundamental analysis and fair value quite meaningless when you can't even trust whether the cash on the books really existed...

Then there was the commodity boom (similar China growth story). 

Soon we learned we don't really understand the industry at all... 

Hands up you know the supply chain of coal, sugar, coffee?

The short sellers were right.

Remember flavour of the year thematic plays for Water, Myanmar, Oil and Gas plays?

Some "buy-and-forget" investors learned you don't do that with cyclicals... (On a side note, they remind you of Bitcoin, no?) 

What are High Yield Bonds? 

Some accredited investors belatedly realised they were known as Junk Bonds in the past. Oh!

How safe are preference and perpetual shares?

Well, now we know.

Why buy REITs when we can get higher yields from Shipping Trusts?

Finally some get the poke about yield hogs and how both bulls and bears can make money, pigs just get slaughtered... 

Peer-to-peer lending at 18% yield good, better, best?

Well, usury or "ah long" can be very profitable! 

Go find out how much authorised money lenders charge their clients. 

How much illegal "ah longs" charge their victims

And how much credit card companies charge for lending unsecured loans to consumers.

Compare what are the various illegal and legal methods the above can recover their money when their clients/victims default.

Now ask how are you going to recover your peer-to-peer lending in a default?

You think you smart; others not stupid.

But then, this you only know when crash got sound!

Friday 15 February 2019

SleepWiz - ErgoLush Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Some of you may have just returned from your CNY vacations.

I myself went for a 4 days 3 nights staycation at Jens Orchardgateway, the week prior to CNY.

Ever noticed the beds at the 4 stars and above hotels are very comfortable?

Next time, lift up the bedsheets and take a look at the mattress. 

Good (and atas) mattresses usually have 2 sections - the main bulky and thick part for the support, and a thinner part on top to provide the plushness and "sinking-in" feeling.

This part can be attached and sewn to the main mattress, or come as a separate topper that's laid on top.

I prefer the removable version.

I don't know what you do in bed, but we can spill, soil, and squirt quite a bit of mess in bed when we're having fun!

Of course when mom or mom-in-law came visiting, we act all innocent and sing song its because we like to have breakfast in bed. 

Its just coffee stains. 

Yeah, right.... 

With a removable mattress topper, its a lot cheaper to throw away the evidence than changing the whole mattress. Wink.

Memory foam used to be expensive. Now the price has come down by quite a bit. 

Some of you may have memory foam insoles from the new walking shoes you've bought. Comfy right?

Take a look at this website from my kind sponsor:

SleepWiz - ErgoLush Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

At the low price of $87.90, how's that to enhance your sleep quality at night?

Don't say got lobang bo jio! 

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