Saturday, 10 December 2022

When to Talk-Up or Talk Down Your Vested Interest?


If I looking to buy a resale or BTO flat in Queenstown, I would not go round telling everyone and anyone Queenstown is good, better, best! 

"Tio bo"?

Only after I got my dream flat would I sing praises about Queenstown day-in, day-out. Wink.

Similarly, if I wanted to offload my Queenstown flat at a good price to move to an even better location in Singapore, when people asked about my experience living in Queenstown, what would you expect me to say?

Share with them I've found an even better location? 

Or I've grown jaded with Queenstown?

Same for equities.

If you are patiently waiting at the buy queue to enter a stock at an excellent entry price, would you big mouth your "lobang" to others and invite "competitive" bids from others?

You only do so after your buy order got filled right?

Then if others join you and "inadvertently" push the price up, you don't mind!

If you are one of the crypto shrills influencers out there, the moment you discovered something is wrong, you would sell your stakes first!

Next you would quietly inform your best friends forever and those in your inner circle - people that matter. 

And your paid subscribers.

Allow them time to get out themselves.

Only then would you go "public" to those freeloading anyone and everyone readers. 


Things get awkward if you "jio" others to join in competitive auction bids for an asset class you haven't already own.

Then again, some readers may take the recent auctions of that asset class as "inspiration"!?

Especially if they are looking to bid competitively for COE at lower prices.

Go to car forums and/or start blog posts exalting the virtues of Singapore's, good, better, best public transport systems!

You know, how efficient and cost savings public transports are - compared to "eat oil heavy, heavy" car ownership...

Stress the hidden costs of having your "2nd wife"!

Frighten away your potential competitors for the next COE auction?




  1. Hi SMOL,

    I just learn the way they analyzed. It is the technique that matters. Once we build up some core mindset and method, it is continuous improvement. Market is global, there are always opportunities. Just need to be patient. I learnt that having sufficient bullets is important. I usually start a position at 0.5% of asset and slowly build up the longer term relationship with her. Takes time to be comfortable to partner. Dun rush, enjoy the romance. If she throws tantrum, i will show her with more gifts.

    1. AT_AT,

      Ah! You enjoy foreplay too ;)

      Learning HOW to fish is definitely better than always depending on others to give us "free" fish.

      Nothing is "free".

      "Free" can be most expensive as some have discovered...

    2. I dun like quickie. In a relationship with hongkie gal for a year now. Didn’t realize her father was so strict this year. With perseverance and more gifts, looks like have chance to hit homerun next year. 😉

    3. Wishing you best of luck hitting your homerun!

  2. Recently, magum ice cream promo price has increased from $15.9 to $18.9. I checked magnum parent’s company and indeed they indicated a 12% price increase in euro for their consumer products. Revenue and profits holding up in inflationary means their demand is less elastic which is good news for investor. Fun of investment as we know more about a business.

    1. I see you have the Earn More mindset - some may say its Rich Dad thinking too...

      Instead of paying attention to which banks pay the highest fixed-deposit interest rates, if one is looking to invest in a bank, I would take note of which bank is the "slowest" to raise fixed deposit interest rates, and the "fastest" to raise the mortgage rates to its customers ;)

      Similarly, if Apple were to give huge discounts for its new product launches, or start giving away "free" this, "free" that, if I were a shareholder, I would probably divest first before waiting for the next results announcement!

  3. Stay away from vested interests until we really have the needs to buy. We dont ask barber do we need haircut. We go to barber when we need a haircut. Same same. But in investing or trading we like to ask the "barbers" :-)

    1. CW,

      It's better to learn how to fish and be a fisherman ourselves.

      Unless one enjoys being the fish swallowing hook, line, and sinker!?

      As a fisherman, we can recognise other fishermen ;)


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