Wednesday 27 January 2016

First Things First - Invest In Yourself

Calm down now.

I can see you are full of excitement with that $20,000 of yours.

Can't wait to put money to work is it?

Come. Sit down here with me.

Have a cup of coffee and a char shao bao. Eat!

Allow me to ask you a few questions... 

1.  Know yourself

Think of a skill or competence, where you can crush most of your peers hands down. It can be a hobby, sports, or what you do at school or work. Anything! 

Why is this so?

Did you have to spend any time and effort securing this skill or competence?

Or was it because of some natural attributes that you were born with?

Maybe a bit of both?

Have you travelled on a packaged group tour before?

If no, take some of the $20,000 and go on one! Enjoy yourself!

If yes, have you planned and taken a DIY tour all by yourself? With no travelling companions? Just you and you alone? 

No? Try it! 

If you really timid kind of person and have never done things alone all by yourself ever, I can recommend Hong Kong or Malaysia. Still cannot? It's OK. Don't force it. But take note of the fears and emotions that's keeping you back.

OK, now that you have both first hand experiences of travelling on a packaged group tour and a DIY solo trip, which one would you prefer for your next trip?



2.  Choose your poison

Do you know the common investment vehicles available to retail?

Yes! Oh! You've studied Business Finance at Uni/Poly; and you are very familiar with the different asset classes.


So of all the asset classes, why you zeroed in to equities only? 


Hey! Who am I to judge what you like what you don't like? Equities it is then.

Are you familiar with Fundamental Analysis and/or Technical Analysis?

Yes! Good, good.

No? Can you tell me why you've chosen equities as your preferred investment vehicle again?

Do you want another char shao bao? Sure? Don't be shy! 

3.  Motivation

Why did you choose your course of study at school?

You heard this course once graduated can earn a lot of money?

No reason? You just interested in the subject matter? You never thought of how you'll get a job or how much the starting pay?

No choice? All other courses you cannot get in. So you just grab what's available...

Your mother told you to do so?

You don't say! 

4.  You buy me lunch?

What? Why so generous?

I haven't given you my expert advice yet!!!

No need?

Want more coffee?

Monday 25 January 2016




Friday 22 January 2016

How Startup Funding Works

What a cool infographic!

Just as long we know IPO is for insiders to cash out (sell), we are good to go!

Ever wondered if you build up your own company from the ground up with blood and sweat, why on Earth would you dilute and share the future earnings flow of your "baby" to outside freeloaders you don't even know?

And during AGM, these freeloaders got the cheek to tell you how to run your own company?

There must be an overriding reason for business owners to go the IPO route, when there are alternative vehicles for raising funds for expansion.

Do you know what it is?

Tip: Its the reverse of why some majority shareholders decide to take their listed "babies" private again. 

Monday 18 January 2016

What do I fear most as a Retail Investor?

Before I start, I must share this interesting episode of leapfrogging.

When I wrote my previous post on what Traders fear the most, I had in mind I'll follow up with another post with what Investors fear the most.

As always, things never turn up exactly like what we've planned.

This fisherman - not Coke Light nor Coke Zero - but Pepsi, leapfrogged over me!

Very interesting discussions over there I must say! Do have  a look:

What do seasoned retail investors fear the most? (2) 

Something for those still working in the corporate sector:

Even if you have first mover advantage, don't be complacent. Just ask Motorola about their mobile handset introduction to the public. Wink.

OK, plan B!

Instead of a question, I now turn it around to share what I fear the most when I put my nano-hedge fund manager hat on - what do I fear the most?

Friday 15 January 2016

What do Traders fear the most?

What do Traders fear the most?

You answer first then scroll down to see if yours is the same as mine.

A flat market.

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Crowdfunding - These young people sure are enterprising!

Last night, I was invited to a watering hole by a group of young entrepreneurs to immerse in their passion on what they intend to do for the real economy.

You know me, I'll do anything for a drink!

Yup, I'm cheaper than Bataam and some say Desker Road too... I did say I'm a man-whore didn't I?

It turned out to be an interesting evening; it's nice to get out of my home-based dungeon once in a while.

Idiot. I'm the oldest at the table. Once upon a time, when I left school at 16. I was often the youngest at the work place. What happened?

I guess I've to find a moonlit night and a lamp post and start singing "Memories" by Cats. 

Something for everyone - Fundnel

1.  If you have some spare change as in a few Ks to burn, and not averse to taking a bit of calculated risks in your lives (rock climbers, scuba divers, X-treme sports enthusiasts, etc) check it out. If it ain't fun, don't do it! 

2. Life have treated you well in your business/career (accredited investors), and you don't mind giving other budding entrepreneurs a helping hand or two (not the director's couch kind), who knows? You could be involved in the discovery of the next Alibaba? How cool is that!?  

3. You are already an entrepreneur and is seeking alternative avenues to secure funding, just as long you are not adverse to kissing the asses of hundreds, if not thousands of sugar daddies and mommies; feel free to explore further. Yes, do bring a bottle of Listerine along.

4. As for the rest of us bystanders, I would strongly encourage you to scroll down the website to "About Us" and click on the "Management Team" tab.

What do you see?

By the way, the watering hole I was at last night is owned by of them.

Got to love the energy and fire of youth!

Thursday 7 January 2016

Now that's what I call Tech Support!

Dear Tech Support,

’Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a distinct slowdown in overall system performance, particularly in the flower and jewelry applications, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0.

In addition, Husband 1.0 uninstalled many other valuable programs, such as: Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5, and then installed undesirable programs such as: NBA 5.0, NFL 3.0 and Golf Clubs 4.1.

Conversation 8.0 no longer runs, and House cleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system. Please note that I have tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail.

What can I do?


Dear Desperate,

"First keep in mind, Boyfriend 5.0 is an Entertainment Package, while Husband 1.0 is an operating system. Please enter command: I thought you loved me.html and try to download Tears 6.2 and do not forget to install the Guilt 3.0 update. If that application works as designed, Husband 1.0 should then automatically run the applications Jewelry 2.0 and Flowers 3.5.

However, remember, overuse of the above application can cause Husband 1.0 to default to Grumpy Silence 2.5, Happy Hour 7.0 or Beer 6.1. Please note that Beer 6.1 is a very bad program that will download the Farting and Snoring Loudly Beta.

Whatever you do, DO NOT, under any circumstances, install Mother-In-Law 1.0 (it runs a virus in the background that will eventually seize control of all your system resources.)
In addition, please, do not attempt to re-install the Boyfriend 5.0 program. These are unsupported applications and will crash Husband 1.0.

In summary, Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it does have limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly. You might consider buying additional software to improve memory and performance. We recommend: Cooking 3.0 and Hot Lingerie 7.7.

Good Luck!’

P.S.  Saw this funny article at my Facebook. Since market today a sea of red, I think I better stop my poking and offer some comic relief instead.

I steal with pride good ideas, but I don't steal credit. The source for this article is:

Monday 4 January 2016

Here's a question to Passive Index Investors

Do you set financial goals based on your Passive Indexing Strategy? 

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