Tuesday 24 December 2019

Peace be with you

I've picked up this phrase from my Christian friend who loves to invite me to church during my days in Shanghai.

You can see me using it quite often in this watering hole.

You know what?

Only this year did I truely experienced what it really meant.

Its like trying to describe the taste of durian to people who have never tasted it.

We'll only know when we have experiend it for ourselves.

Its uneventful year for me in many areas. Yet the peace and serenity I've enjoyed were amazing! 

On that note, I'm wishing everyone of you who comes to this watering hole a Merry Christmas and a Super New Year!

Peace be with you all.

Sunday 8 December 2019

The Path Towards Domestication

Dogs came from wolves.

Yes, its one of those examples where a "new" specie of animal is created by man, not the big guy upstairs.

It probably started with some weak, docile, or outcast wolves living off the scraps of man outside the camp fire. Over time, these wolves became so dependant on man that they willingly became man's best friend.

That's the marketing spin.

The reality is one is master, one is servant.

Go to our hawker centres and HDB estates. See the number of pigeons and mynahs living off our scraps?

Notice one thing?

Instead of soaring freely with their gift of flight, what do they do? 

There are no visible chains or shackles tied to their necks, but we know they are fettered.

One of my new evening walking route is the former railway track that has now converted to The GreenWay.

I often see lots of different species of birds living off the land here. Quite fun. From people watching to bird watching! 

Even the mynahs over here don't look the same as the ones that loiter around our hawker centres. Their plumage are in better condition. They chirp merrily.

Success is what you have to sacrifice to achieve it.

I guess some are willing to sacrifice their freedom and independence for it.

How to spot you have a pet mentality?


I hope daddy and mommy will take care of me...

I believe the company will take care of me...

I rely on big daddy to take care of me...

Its always others doing the work and thinking for you, while you passive passive just reap the benefits. Look ma! No brains needed!

When the time comes, I'll take as much out as legally possible. 

Just putting it in writing so I can poke myself silly if and when I finally "capitulates".

And grandiose words like independence or freedom will be forever banned from my dictionary...


Thursday 5 December 2019

My reflections for the past 11 months that have passed...

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