Friday 24 February 2023

To play it safe or to take on more risks?


It's easy to set goals and make plans.

Come to think of it, anyone and everyone can do it!

Say, say only who cannot?

But when it comes to doing reviews and being honest with oneself, then not everyone and anyone can or willing to do it....

I like Real People Real Stories (stolen with pride from CW).

Below I'll link 2 interesting perspectives from 2 bloggers in our community:

1) Buying A Modest Home Has Been A Poor Wealth Building Advice For the Past 10 years 

2) 6 Lessons Learnt After Losing 551k In 10 Years Of Investing & Options Trading 


It's back to the Earn More or Save More paths to take right?

It would great if someone is willing to share their CPF voluntary contribution review versus if they had passively dollar-cost-averaged the extra funds into STI or S&P 500 ETFs over the past 10 years.

Or compare CPF versus dividend investing?

One thing is clear even without doing any reviews.

In bull markets, Earn More will beat Save More hands down. That's provided if you know when to take profits!

In bear markets, Earn More practitioners would have wished they never invested in the first place... 

So what if inflation is eating into your purchasing power long term since interest rates are negative in real terms?

The more you invest the more you lose hurts a lot more!!!

Then again, knowing Earn More is a necessary evil to beat inflation long term (you think why CPFIS was introduced if Save More was enough) is meaningless if you have the self-awareness that you are risk averse.

That's why is always back to KNOW YOURSELF.

Self-awareness is hard. We often own self lie to own self.

Harmony is when we are at peace with who we are and our chosen vehicles.

Jobs anyone and everyone can do, that's why they pay the salary they do.

Careers that few can do - like fighter pilot or surgeon - that's why they can command that kind of compensation.

We all know this intuitively. 

Then pretend it does not apply to the realm of Earn More....

Monday 20 February 2023

Big Daddy Volunteer CPF Contributions For You!


Big daddy good or what?


By raising the CPF limit from $6K to $8K, some who are already doing voluntary contributions to CPF today can save the trouble in future...

Big daddy will ask your employer to do it for you!

Now that's service or what!?

Good, better, best!!!

As for those who are transferring their CPF funds out to bank fixed deposits or treasury bills, presumably there are better vehicles than CPF out there, be glad you can still transfer them out!

Think of those who want to preserve more take home pay to speculate in cryptos, options, futures, overseas properties, baseball cards, Hello Kitty collectibles, antiques, fine wine; etc...

Well, sorry. 

It's for your own good.

Why does big daddy need to raise the CPF limit?

To keep pace with inflation.

I see.

To hedge against an asset that loses its purchasing power over time, the solution is to accumulate more of it???

Nanti dulu...


Thursday 16 February 2023

What's So Great About Being 55?


I turned 55 end of last year.

Well, I qualify for 2023's Cost-of-Living Seniors' Bonus this coming June!


So I'm "officially" Senior Citizen now?

Not really.

To qualify for Senior Citizen discounts at the supermarkets and take concession travels with our public transport, I have to wait till I'm 60.

I guess this COL Seniiors' Bonus is salve for constantly being reminded I look old at the supermarket checkouts,

"Sir, do you have your Senior Citizen Card?"

Or maybe it's a "conspiracy" to get me to use the self-payment machines???

Poke me until I cannot tahan no choice die die have to use the self-payment machines just to avoid the annoyance of being reminded I'm old fogey oredi :(

"Hello! I look so old meh?"

Yes, I do look old.

So what's so great about being 55?


I'm still the same me. Mentally at least. But the body...

All things being equal, if a genie appeared to let me choose whether I would like to be 18 again, but I would lose everything financially I've built-up, I wouldn't hesitate one second!

It's like pressing the reset button on your favourite role-playing game.

Would you do it?

Monday 13 February 2023

Mask Free At Last!!!


Even happier is I got confirmation this morning from my sales colleague next weekend no masks needed too!

3 years...

Nope. Not gonna wear masks on the trains and busses later on when I go out.

But I will wear a mask in public when I visit the doctor or not feeling well going forward. That's being socially responsible.

I don't want to spread my illness to others. Even if it's just the common cold.

I do hope Singapore will become like Taiwan or Japan in this regard. But I not keeping my hopes high...

I'll just do my part. I not going to Indian Chief others what to do.


Then what's with this "arguing with the STOP sign" post?

Notice there's quite a lot (maybe majority) of Singaporeans thought wearing masks can "protect" them from the Wuhan virus?

I on the other hand belong to the camp that sees wearing masks as a way to prevent us from "inadvertently" spreading our illnesses to others.

Same, same; but different.

One group is motivated by "greed". 

Greed for life... I, me, and myself come first. 

The other side is more torn apart by "fear".

Imagine the guilt to know you have caused others harm... No matter how inadvertently...

Knowing what buttons to press is key if you want to influence others.

If you're a fledgling snake oil, don't say old fogey snake oil me never support you.

I've just revealed a bit of cleavage; I don't do full nudity.

The rest you figure out for yourselves!

As always, make money don't forget to buy me kopi!

Friday 10 February 2023

To Serve Man


Can't assume all readers to this watering-hole are from my generation.

Some of the words and stories I've shared in the comments may flew over the heads of younger readers who don't share the same context and experience growing up.

I would like to share this very memorable Twilight Zone episode to you - To Serve Man.

That is why I cringe whenever I hear some snake oil proudly shares it's his "mission" to create X number of millionaires in Singapore!

I immediately think of this Twilight Zone episode. Wink.

By the way, if you are financially literate, you wouldn't want anyone and everyone to be a "millionaire" in Singapore. 

That would be pointless.

Just visit Indonesia or Vietnam. 

Anyone and everyone there are Indonesian Rupiah or Vietnamese Dong millionaires!

Tuesday 7 February 2023

This One Better Than The Monkey Trap!


I was going to write about the Monkey Trap (you can google yourself if you want).

However, I chance upon this YouTube video that's even more power!!!

I'll let you watch without commentary:


Does that not remind you of the group behaviour you see in the investment/trading community?

Notice how the trapped monkeys rushed to the smaller cage in the end?

Can you relate and link this "2nd dip" reflex action to actual examples you may know?

If you share yours; I'll share mine. 

Saturday 4 February 2023

Nope. I Not Gonna Bite


Read the physical Kopitiam discount card will be discontinued by end June this year.

OK lor. No discount no discount lor.

Nope. Not gonna be corralled like sheep. I won't bite.

I mean eat at Kofu I also never download the app for 10% discount.

Same for my favourite fast food McDonald, I also never bothered to download the app.

You mean to tell me if you hungry, got Kofu or Burger King in front, you'll make a big detour to Kopitiam or McDonald, just because you want to enjoy the 10% discount or to earn points for free meals?


My friend whatsapped me the DBS PayLah! $3 promotion every Friday.  

Huh? You want me to get up early Friday to "rush" so that I can beat the 100,000 customers only limit? 

Free? Got to jump through hoops... It works better on puppies. I too old and "cat like"... 

No. Hungry eat; tired rest.


If you really that "kiasu", don't want to miss out on every freebie or discount, then don't complain your smartphone got 1001 apps!

That's the trend going forward.

I know what big daddy is doing. Laying the groundwork for that eventuality.

It's OK.

I'll enjoy my current "I have a choice" until that day comes.


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