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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Trust but Verify lagi important for People

Sharks and wolves are the same everywhere.

When they smell "blood", they'll go for the kill.

What is "blood"?

Its when they see their clients as bei kambings (wide-eyed innocents), blank sheet of papers (what people say, they believe - easy to imprint mah), or simply as fools (you know what they say about fools and their money). 

MAS bans...

You'll hear the same about lawyers running off with their clients money too. 

How about doctors prescribing unnecessary (and expensive) procedures or medicine just because patients got medical insurance?

In sales, we encounter it everyday. 

I mean if we "fleece" or "milk" bei kambings, some of us close one eye since the silly goat still lives... (Errant doctors and car repair workshops like to milk insurance companies the best!)

But I stay clear of (and will never join) companies that sent their clients to the abattoir.

(You may want to click the MAS link above about brokerages that trade against their clients)

Its not about being cynical or not trusting people.

Its just taking the time to verify for yourself BEFORE you hand over your money.

People very strange.

They will spend time and money shopping all round Singapore just to save $50 on a home appliance or smart phone. 

But when it comes to big money? 

Just take my money oredi!

Thursday, 10 October 2019

We are no. 1?

Of course you knew!

Our nation-building media won't let this opportunity slip...

Go read and see what they want you to remember and focus on. Wink.

I prefer to read what others think of us. Especially from the one who "lost" to us:

The US slipped to third place in a ranking of most competitive economies 

OK, comparing the two, what's your spontaneous own take?

I'll put mine in the comments.

Monday, 7 October 2019

A Catalyst or Shit Happens?

Over the weekend, one of the promoter updated me something interesting about his workaholic well-to-do sister.

His sister has decided to call it quits in her mid 40s.


She's a vice-president of a global bank, had a failed relationship in her twenties, and had since focused only on her career. 

No boyfriends, no relationships. Worked from 8am to 10 pm, 6 days a week that kind...

Since she don't do small-white-face toy boys, she had earned and saved quite a bit. She owned 2 condos - one for staying, one rented out.

My spontaneous thought was it can't be she "suddenly" decided to embrace FIRE or woke up discovering she had plenty enough that kind of philosophical epiphany

I was right.

Saw the news this morning that global bank is planning 10,000 job cuts to slash costs.


That was the catalyst.

Imagine if after many repeated attempts she can't get back the role she's used to, and decided to retire early instead, she can easlly come into our community as an "instant" FIRE?

Mid 40s not "old" right? 

She's "financially free" in that she can live off her rental income.

Technically she's not fired or retrenched. She "fired" her company.


No goals, no plans to achieve FIRE...

Yet she's an instant FIRE!!!???

I wonder how would those who had FIRE goals like X amount by Y years feel?

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