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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

The Greatest Pleasure In Life

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Investing Is Not Gambing?

Regular visitors to this watering hole would know I've always equated investing as same same with trading.

And trading is no different from speculation.

Speculation in turn is just another word for gambling.

Just like associating seagulls as "good" just because they're "white", and crows are "bad" because they're "black", those who are "trapped" by words tend to believe if one ownself declare ownself as an "investor", they are holier than thou compared to traders, gamblers, and speculators?

I on the other hand prefer to focus on:

Its the adjective silly! Never the noun

Howard Marks from Oaktree is well respected and followed by quite a few retail "investors" locally. His memos are religiously read and quoted like those annual letters by Warren Buffett.

So when I saw his latest memo, I can't let this opportunity pass!

You Bet!

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

SleepWiz - Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow

Remember last year's advertorial on Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Well, the folks at my fine sponsor have come up with a new product this year!

What is it?

Its Memory Foam Pillow.

Ai yeah. Got already! Not new leh you say?

Wait. This one differerent!

Remember when phones came with the camera function for the first time? Horrible quality right?


The quality of the cameras on phones are so good today that nobody buys compact cameras anymore...


The same applies here.

Existing memory foam pillows come in one big block with that funny, funny, unnatural contours. 

That shape is supposedly to "support" the neck. But that's "optimised" sleeping position only if you sleep like you have gone to sell salted duck eggs - back flat on the bed, hands by your sides, face looking up at ceiling. 

That's not how most people sleep. 

We toss and turn all night. Sleep on our sides, face down, and I heard some even do advance Yoga positions in their sleep!? (Or is that copulation?)

This is where the new improved Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow comes in!

If you have sat in a bean bag before, you'll know what I mean,

Instead of one ungainly block, the memory foam comes in little fluffs - just like in a bean bag.

So the pillow can mould itself to your head and neck, constantly adjusting to support our necks and heads to give us a well deserved good night's rest.

You can fluff your pillow up like the roti-prata man.

Or karate chop the pillow in the middle to carve out the ideal indentation.

If you have never tried a memory foam pillow before, what better time than now?

Check out Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow.

Especially when now got offer price and free delivery!

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