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Monday, 19 August 2019

This is what makes Singapore different!

We do take action on the long term future of Singapore.

I just watched Mr Pinky's national day rally speech on Youtube. (Yesterday night working lah)

Compared to the some other countries where its max 2 terms - while I'm in office - kind of "planning" - got to say it feels warm in the belly we do care about what happens to our little red dot even 100 years into the future!!!

I know most people will say its long term planning that got us where we are.

Sure it is...

If you are in your 50s and above, I think you knew better. Wink.

Was it "long term" or "strategic" planning that got you where you are today?



As for those in your 30s and below, don't worry too much with the semantics. I'm playing with words again. 

Then again, play is how young animals and us, when we were young, learn and prepare for adulthood.  

You'll know the answer when you know! When you grow older... 

Well, there must be some benefits to maturity! No?

But I can give you a little hint.

The global warming and rising sea level threat is 100 years into the future. Big daddy has already built a polder (reclaimed land stolen with pride from the Netherlands) at Tekong island for some "crash got sound" real life experience. 

I'll leave it to you to decipher whether that's action or planning.

To those FIRE chasers and financially free dreamers who "catch no ball" what I say between the lines, where's your polders?



Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Missed the low volatility of 2017?

That's the year for passive "investors" and yield hogs.

When STI moves from lower left corner to upper right corner.


Yup, you've earned the right to tell your mom, "Look! No brains needed!"

Of course that didn't last.

2018 and this year 2019 has a lot more see-saw rollercoaster ups and downs...

The fisherman and me met up with a young doctor for kopi recently.

STI is less than -10% off its recent highs, yet we heard some are already nursing more than -20% losses on individual counters.

Mind you, not penny stocks hor. They are so called "blue chips" and dividend plays. Connected to big daddy, so cannot "fail" ones! 

I agree. But prices can definitely turn south...  

I just hope they didn't call themselves "value" investors. I mean if you bought at 5 year high prices or near cycle top, calling yourself "growth" would be more appropriate...

Still wrong. Still lose money. But with less awkward silence...

And its not any easier with trading too.

There are quite a few traders - both full time and part time - that used to visit this watering hole

Some have already call it quits. 

So much for dreams and goals.

Investing is hard.

Trading is hard.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Straight Talk About Passive Income

I got this video from a fellow blogger in the community.

I guess he knew my stance on "passive". 

So would regular readers, and anyone who can think for themselves. 

Wait. Wait. "Nanti" lah!

Ah! Got it!

My trusty maggi mee pot to protect my head!

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