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Friday, 14 December 2018

The Difference Between School And Life

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Star Dusts, Voodoo, and Business Accounting

What are some of the most common elements in the Universe?

Hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen.

What are the most common elements we are made of?
Hyrdrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen.

No. We are not "special" or unique.

We are made up of stardusts.

Once we can appreciate and understand the true nature of things, philosophically and psychologically, we may begin to see and treat things differently from before.

Its as if the wool that others are trying to pull over our eyes has been lifted...

Technical Analysis

What are the basic building blocks of voodoo technical analysis?

Price and time.

Most people would include volume too. 

But in recent years, high frequency trading has messed things up a bit. So volume analysis its not a simple read as before...

With just 2 simple price and time factors, we can create 1001 indicators and oscillators. Like the many sub denominations in all religions.

If you are confused, using too many indicators, or arguing with others your one is bigger...

What's the point?

Might as well look at the basic building blocks directly. And if you are entrepreneurial and creative, you can invent your own technical indicator!

Start your own church and your followers will tithe you.

Now that's how you make money off technical analysis!!!

Fundamental Analysis

What's the language of business?

Financial accounting.

If you want to use fundamental analysis, shouldn't you be conversant with the language of business?

No, you don't have to take up bookkeeping or financial accounting. Not everyone likes to deal with numbers...

Wait a minute. 

Can you explain to me why you swear by fundamental analysis again?

But for those who want to have the competence to read and analyse financial statements themselves, there are plenty of financial accounting or business finance courses for non-accounting professionals/graduates out there offered by our polytechnics, professional bodies, and universities.

These are usually one year part-time evening programmes with exams kind of formal classroom courses. 

Perfect for those of you who like to collect paper qualifications and put "abcs" behind your names in business cards.

As for those who don't like formal learning environments, there are numerous books like those dummies series where they explain complex financial accounting and business finance concepts in an easy to digest format.

Cannot understand as in catch no ball?

Well, there's always voodoo for you as plan B! 

You think why technical analysis is so popular? 

The "minimium PC requirement" is much much lower... LOL! (Don't hit the face!)

Exception is probably Elliott Wave Analysis. I think you need a degree to understand it!!!??? Then again, its probably just me... 

And if you still don't understand cartoon lines with crayon colours, could that be a sign investing or trading not for you?

May I introduce you to Toto, 4D, or Big Sweep instead?


How come Singapore Pools got no affiliate programme to reward me for introducing customers to them? 


Silly me...


Sunday, 9 December 2018

Death and Sickness - Spanners in the Works.

Yesterday, I've received word that my ex-colleague has recently passed away in Switzerland.

This is the third colleague from my previous life as a sellsword.

And all 3 of them moved on before age 50...

I guess now that I'm 51 years young, I would hear more about such cases as in serious injuries, major sickness, and eventually death.

Funny how when I looked back into my early 20s and 30s, I was "male chicken" sure of myself. Even when I was in that dark phase of perpetual job-hopping, I never lost hope or faith that eventually something good will turn up. 

I'm still young! Lots of opportunities ahead! I got time on my side!

That's the strength of youth! I didn't know what I knew now.

Just because we have a dream, developed SMART goals, and drafted detailed kickass plans up to 2 decimal places; none of them "entitled" us to what we think we "deserve" in life - even if you are Singapore born and raised!

No, this is not a pessimistic or fatalistic reflection.

On the contrary, its about gratitude and joy in the greatest gift I have today - life!

Its like as an atheist, its precisely I have this one and only life that I have everything to live for!

I don't have the luxury of multiple lifetimes like in reincarnations.

Nor do I have the "consolation" this present life is only a full dress rehearsal, and eternal real living is the one coming here after... 

You know what? I just wanted to poke those who are constantly living in the future by worrying and planning how much financial resources they would need if they lived till 95 and beyond...

Then I realised there are those who are more concerned with life in the hereafter than living in the present!? OK, better stop. Don't mess with those who are super confident where they will end up. For these people are even more sure where I'll end up!!!

I've no heart to tell them I'll end up to the place before I was born. I'm made up of stardusts; I'll end up being with the stars. Wink.

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