Saturday, 17 December 2022



Got retrenched or fired? 

Career stuck going nowhere...

Got diagnosed you got critical illness and can't work anymore... 

Prefer to be a stay-at-home dad and let wifey work and pay the bills?

Want to be a business owner to grab a piece of the adult financial education pie?

Hate your current job...

Don't believe in religion yet still want to "believe" in something?

You have a hole-in-your-heart...

I can go on... But you get the idea,

What's the flavour of the decade euphemism people in our community like to use?

Just take minimalism. (For those who want to read my poke on it) 

It got "hijacked" into mainstream use and in our community some years back. Now? Less popular right? 

Believe me you. FIRE will suffer the same fate in the next decade. 


After 10 to 20 years if you still can't retire "early", you got to find a new euphemism!

That's what euphemisms are for.

To own self, lie to own self.


  1. Good true.

    For most people, finding a new purpose seems hard. But that's because in their mind , they are not prepared to let go.

    It is like a house hoarded with old stuff right up to the ceiling. I remember watching one of this programme on Channel 8. The owner, after letting go of all her old stuff, said that she finally saw the house window with light coming into the house.

    We laugh at that owner, but for many people , their soul is like that house. It is filled with old emotions, past baggages, work activities, old bad habits, a narrow mindset, etc. right up to every corner of their soul. If they don't let go of those things, new purposes will not reveal itself, just like the daylight will not find its way into that house.

    1. AT_AT,

      Old fogeys hangout at that forum?

      An interesting contrast to those who wish to FIRE at 35!

      One group got chance will never retire; what are they without their jobs?

      The other can't wait to stop working early; have no clue what they want to do in life?

      Hungry eat, tired rest.

      We humans just love to over complicate things...

  2. Ownself lies to ownself brings no harm to others. No offences! LoL!

    1. CW,

      I sometimes wonder whether entrepreneurship or being a business owner is so shameful???

      Why tell your sales funnel (of course we know why) you already FIRE, but still work your ass off burning your evenings and weekends?

      I mean Singaporeans hate shift work and working weekends.... No?

      Just say it's a business or you're a business owner so hard meh?

      I have more respect to those who are willing to tell the truth - being financially independent gave them the option (and courage) to start their own businesses to chase rainbows!


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