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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Why do we travel?

Indeed. Why do we travel at all?

Let's for a moment leave out travelling due to work or medical reasons. 

Just focus on travelling for leisure.

1.  Do we travel overseas just to share how much we've saved?

2.  Or snap pictures of famous landmarks as part of a pre-planned itinerary that we monkey see, monkey do from others?

Hey! You even snap the same food others have eaten before! 

And of course you never fail to remind others you never followed those organised tours where you were herded like sheep; yours is a DIY trip OK?

Wait. Something seems off...

3.  How about shopping and eating? But then you discover when you back those stuffs and food you have purchased overseas are also available in Singapore...

But hey! They were "cheaper" overseas!

Of course. Just as long you leave out the plane tickets and hotel costs... Wink.

4.  Actually you don't enjoy or feel like travelling. You travel because of you "have to". Your significant other has been bugging you for donkey years...

5.  Eh... Because everyone has done it? Its a ritual thing? Every school holidays we travel out as a family; if not do what? 

Noticed all the above were activities?

I've some interesting conversations with friends over coffee who shared the reasons why they travelled:

a)  Due to a heartbreak. A breakoff. A divorce. They just want to get away from people they know.

b)  Because of extreme loneliness. 

c)  Sadness over a loss...

d)  To have sex. If your girlfriend says yes to travelling overseas with you as a couple, its a "yes" right? 

(Its a bit like instead of asking her to marry you, you ask whether want to apply a BTO together?)

e)  Celebrate a joyful event outside the prying eyes of others. Just you and her. Others don't matter for now...

f)  No reason at all. Just too free nothing to do. 

Friday, 12 January 2018








背心,热裤; 美眉爱穿。






Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Regret is Stronger than Gratitude

Monday, 8 January 2018

Squaring the Circle

In most cultures and spiritualities, the single-minded pursuit and obsession with money is considered crass.

It does not matter whether we are in the Earn More or Save More camps - we know in our hearts we are merely telling little lies to ourselves...

We admonish others for coveting material possessions, yet isn't it the same when we covet income producing assets and financial wealth?

Is it not just 50 steps laughing at 100 steps? The pot calling the kettle black?

Although I'm agnostic, I'm quite influenced by Oriental philosophies like Zen and Taoism.

Which does not make things easy with concepts like "letting go", "non action", "non attachment", and what not...

How do you embark on your journey towards financial freedom with anchor weights like these?

No wonder some gravitate towards the prosperity gospel... 

I've resolved my cognitive dissonance by focusing on what I can control and influence - the mastery of my chosen craft - be it for career or trading.

This way, money is just a by-product; a way of keeping score. 

For eg, in Trading, I've only goals (mostly grey and murky qualitative ones at that) for my entries and exits; there're no monetary goals like X $ amounts in Y years. 

I'll take what the Markets are willing to give me. (As if I had a choice!)

The benefit of blogging is getting to know the various snakes and dragons in our community.

Some are a lot of "hot air" (like me); while some are so low-keyed you'll miss these dragons if you only pay attention to the blinding neon lights and booming loud speakers of snake oils.

Its quite refreshing to to discover someone on the Abrahamic path has a similar outlook as mine - even though we are on different paths...

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Focus On Our Strengths

Men have a lot to learn from women!

Women intuitively know how to focus on their strengths:

Got hair; toss their hair back or slide their hair with finger behind back of ear.  

Got shoulders; show shoulders with halter tops or spaghetti straps.

Got bosoms; reveal cleavage or wear T-shirts meant for kids.

Got wasp waists; skinny jeans and tube tops.

Got miles of legs; short skirts and hot pants.

What do men do?

Comb overs. I mean you are drawing even more unwanted attention to your bald patch... Who's kidding who?

And when I were in Secondary 2, there's a male history teacher who wore platforms (3 inches high) and covered them with bell bottoms that were practically sweeping the floor... Yes, he appeared taller, but he looked ridiculous too!

Next time you're bored on the MRT and your smartphone's battery went dead, just have a bit of fun with people watching. Verify what I've said is true or not.

But there's one arena where men are as good as women when it comes to peacocking their strengths. Wink.

Yup, its the so called "financial freedom seeking" community.  

Here, its got percentages show percentages. Got money in 7 digits show the full 7 digits.

And where people who can't afford property investing (yet) gather. (Ouch!)

Yes, property investing here meant 2nd or more investment/rental properties other than the one you living in.

Monday, 1 January 2018

My First Down Year Since Turning "Pro"...

I've always taken a bit of pride in being "different" from the mainstream herd.

Me being left-handed, right-brained, and likes to play the role of the 2 dots in the Tao symbol and all that jazz...

Others lip-sync the tools shepherds impose on their flock like goals and KPIs; I sing the visions and dreams of land owners.  

That worked fine until today.

Everyone seems to be doing very well for 2017. All made money!


And I have to be the only blogger to make trading losses for 2017?

I'm not really sure about the "pro" part, but what do you call a person who starts to trade full-time since the beginning of 2013?

Amateur full-time? Weird right?

I did self-appoint myself as a nano hedge fund manager didn't I?

So "pro" it shall be then.


From $12 in 4 years, its now back down to $11 in 5 years.

I lost $1 for 2017.

Or -8% for those who prefer to count in percentages.

3 main reasons for my sub-par trading performance:

1)  Tailwind; headwind  

Last year, the USD unexpectedly strengthen after Triump's win. End 2016, USD/SGD was $1.40; now it has weakened back down to $1.34.

80% of my trading account is denominated in USD since I trade mainly futures nowadays; while 20% is in SGD for my Simsci hedges.

Last year got tailwind boost super! This year's headwind not so fun...

2)  Hedging costs money

This is the moment of truth to test my trading conviction for 2018.

If I've bought travel insurance for all my overseas travels in 2017, and I've came back safely, does that mean I'm flushing money down the toilet?

So should I continue to flush money down the toilet in 2018 with hedges?


3)  I traded poorly

You know what? Cut the bullshit! 

The 2 abolve reasons are merely contributing factors...

The main reason I lost money this year is I've traded badly. Period.

Cannot always blame the RNG (Random Number Generator) gods right? (Its a gamer lingo)

That's the advantage where client is me, receptionist is me, trader is me, buy side anaylst  is me, and nano hedge fund manager also me! 

I can spot my own bullshit as a client! 

Since my trading account didn't earn money, its a given there's no 20% performance bonus this year!

As for the 2% annual fee, I think I'll go bang table and ask the idiot fund manager to waive off this 2% fee for poor performance! Never make money still got cheek to charge me!?


I've spotted something interesting. 

If this had been end 2013, by losing $1 during my first trading year, it would mean I've busted my trading account like 90% of the traders out there!!!

You can't remove the element of "luck" in trading.

See if you can relate my reflection to this old post of mine:

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