Thursday 31 December 2015

My Virgin 10 Bagger

Now why this didn't this happen when I had a full time job?

Idiot. Trade full time and at the "lovable" age of 48 then give me.

Hey! Don't look at me.

I've no clue whether this is causation or correlation...

Never look at gift horses in the mouth.

A quick recap.

I started trading full time 3 years ago. (That's how you manipulate statistics. Which year and month you chose as index 100 is key! Wink.) 

2 years ago I doubled my trading account.

And this year?

It's up 88%. (Nice pretty numbers or what? Double happiness; double playmates! Yes, its been that long...)

You know what's better than linear compounding? It's exponential compounding! And that 2 year streak just ended... (Talk about easy come; easy go... It ended just when it started to get exciting... I think got to stop with the sexual innuendoes!)

Is your Math good?

From what I've just said, some of you may spot 1 or 2 mathematical facts that may jump right at you.

1.  Yup. It's 11 bagger in 3 years - 1x2, then x3, then x1.88. (OK, I cheated. I rounded it down to 10 bagger as it sounds more powderful as a headline. Bite me!)

2.  In percentages, its up and down like a yo-yo; but in $ money terms, its growing year by year. And that's why I don't count in percentages.

If I told you I started with $1 in my trading account, and after 3 years I made $10, would you still have a "wow" in your mouths?

1 minute celebration

There! I've already taken the moment to cheer myself and gave myself a gentle pat on the back. Especially when 2015 wasn't a walk in the park like in 2014

Now I'll let it go.

The results of this year and/or previous years have absolutely no bearing on next year.

Letting go...

No trading goal settings for 2016

Sorry, no matter how "SMART" your investing or trading goals are, don't you find it silly to set goals on consequential results we have no control over?

Me? It's still back to the trading basics of focusing on my entries and exits - that's craftsmanship.

Monday 28 December 2015

Urgh! I'm so mainstream...

I do pride myself for being a bit "different".

The last thing I want is to be associated with "mainstream"; it's just another euphemism for "ordinary".

OK, growing up during my childhood wasn't so fun as there were moments of self-doubt and wishing I could be more like others. Especially when being mocked or teased. You know how children can be...

The funny thing is once I started working, I find I have a slight edge seeing things and doing stuffs different from others. Especially when I want to stand out for the right reasons.

I thought the same applies when it comes to blogging.


Alright. I must not be in denial anymore. I'm as mainstream as anyone else. #@$@!@$^&*(%#@!!!!

I thought I'm different

Then along comes coconut. To me, he is the most interesting and weird character out there. Which makes him all the more lovable. Often I'll wonder whether is he for real!? No wonder they say insanity and genius is just separated by a thin line... LOL!

I thought I am quite open and transparent

That's until Sillyinvestor started blogging. I don't wear a brown paper bag over my head, but some of the stuffs Sillyinvestor shared makes me feel fully clothed at a nudist beach. Often I go ,"Wow! Did he really say that out loud in public?"

I thought I've eaten a lot of salt

All temperament and CW have to do is look at me and I'll go sheepishly into my shell. Sorl, sorli. Just playing with my little axe at their doorsteps...

I thought I'm in touch with my feminine side

Female jie-mei readers (I was going to give you all sweet sweet nicknames and then I remembered some of you are married. For my own personal safety, no can do) will come poke me that no amount of bra padding will make me a women. Shsshh. I'm just the great pretender... Well, it was fun nevertheless!

I thought I'm the free-spirit grasshopper

Its fun to chill out and watch the ants soldier on down below. That's until I looked up and saw the butterfly consorting with the flowers above. Idiot. And I'm down here playing with my lonesome self...

Exotic animals spotted at my watering hole

Got to know many interesting characters out there:

Sanye and Penguin are in the premier league and its so cool of them to come talk and say hello to a third division player like me. No airs! I must be wary of Penguin though. I suspect he/she is a sea slug - have both male and female reproductive organs... LOL!

I am aware of the emotions and biases I exhibit through my cultivation in awareness and living in the moment. Thank goodness for Andy! I often go after reading his blog posts, "So that's the proper name of the bias I'm displaying!" 

Yaruzi is not afraid to be different. Is unit trust investing so shameful?

Kevin invests like a turtle; lives life like the jack rabbit. Now that's what I call balance!

Frugal Daddy walks the alternative path. Who says there's only study then work? Work then study anyone?

SS is able to figure out my metaphors too quickly for my comfort.... The force is strong in him.

Jimmy? I must seduce him to the Light. Join us as Jedi trading warriors! Trust me. Girls prefer traders!

P.S.  Opps! How can I forget the oily man Rolf? Those of you a bit older may recall Orang Minyak from Ramlee's movies in the 50s. Evidently, this oily man not very good. Kenna caught by his wife and is now a doting father of an adorable girl. I guess his women terrorising days are over...

Friday 25 December 2015

May it be by Enya - A song for home based retail traders

A song for home based retail traders out there.

It's a lonely journey.

Some may join a fellowship; or hunt alone as the lone wolf.

But at the end of the day, there can only be one ring bearer (in case you don't get it, this is the Lord of the Rings song).

Monday 21 December 2015

You don't save your way out of poverty

Remember those days when air-con buses were first introduced in Singapore?

They cost several cents more over the traditional non-aircon buses.

There were a time when I would let these new air-con buses pass while I waited for the normal non--aircon ones.

Those were bittersweet days of "austerity" due to modest salary. And leaving school at 16.

Thankfully, I subscribed to the earn more motto of my fellow brethren with modest means.

The save more strategy is more suitable for those who are already in a more comfortable situation who suddenly had the epiphany that they had been a tad too extravagant or spendthrift in their lifestyles...

This is nothing new. I've written an old piece on this "Earn more or Save more" topic 2 years ago.

When I look back and at the people around me - especially those who grew up in HDB 1 & 1/2 room, 2 room, and 3 room housing estates - how many managed to escape the poverty trap by saving more?

Why do Asian families focus so much on education? Intellectual pursuit? No right? It's study hard so we can earn more, am I right?

What happens if you are born into modest means and with little or no academic papers like me?

You crack your brain and bust your ass off to earn more first!

There's all the time in the world to work on save more when there's actual real money to be saved!!! 

This is purely anecdotal evidence now what I'm going to share. Bite me if you want empirical evidence! 

I see 3 main strategies that worked for us former street urchins:

1) Start your own business

2) Go into "no basic; pure commission" sales path - real estate, insurance, remisier, etc.

3) Climb the corporate career. (We have O' levels become Colonel, CEO, MD, etc. Don't look at me! Big daddy says one hor! You never watch our National Day rally? True lah!)


No investing or trading examples?

Well, I have not met any yet. The closest I've observed are those who start their own businesses selling financial freedom courses and seminars. Can get listed some more! Wink.


My first pot of silver was from corporate life.

Making money when we have money - that's a whole another ball game.

Yes. Hidden in that little statement is something much deeper and profound. No worries. You'll stumble to the truth all in good time...

And I'll not spoil that moment for you.

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Trust your intuition

And yes, that include you male readers out there.

Intuition is not the exclusive purview of women.

Go ahead! It's OK to be in touch with your feminine side.

With practice, you may even get to understand her better...

Yup. If you think she's being angry with you, she is!!!

Saturday 12 December 2015

Eavesdropping at my broker - sentiment that bad huh?

Yesterday afternoon, I was at my broker's office to drop off this stupid W-8 form for trading US shares (I'm vested in some US ETFs; I find them good trading vehicles).

It's an annual ritual thingy.

When leaving the office, I took the same lift with one of the 70 plus Director (always smiling face gentleman) who dressed like our President - high waist pants, white long sleeves shirt with tie.

And sharing the lift with us was a remisier in his late 50s?

Rolled-up sleeves, shirt tucked out, with casual pants, and weightlifting a humongous luxury sports watch. He is built like an ex-rugby player - you know, the look that fits in well at country or yachting club. Exudes power and success.

I was caught off guard by what he said to that director inside the lift.

"Market is very quiet," laments the remisier with a tired face.

The Director smiles with a nodding head.

"During these 2 years, a lot of people have lost money until scared," continued the remisier. Shaking his head.

The Director kept his smile and continues nodding.

First thing that went through my mind...

That Director really experienced and knows the meaning of quiet strength! The current market now must be nothing compared to what he has been through!

Second thing that came to mind is this remisier must be having a really bad day.... But you don't talk like that in front of strangers. Since I entered the lift at the same floor, surely he suspects I'm a client?

All that physical image of strength and power crumbles when you lose your composure by whining...

And then a slight smile beamed on my face as I walked out the lift. Outside it's really pouring. OK, let's kill time with some window shopping while waiting for the weather to clear.

I'm glad I did what I did last year and early this year.

I guess unlike sex, being early is not as bad as over staying our welcome.

Wednesday 9 December 2015


A celebration of my new status amongst some female readers. Wink.

Monday 7 December 2015

We do better what we focus on

That's a given.

How can we be good at something we don't really appreciate or care about?

Let me take an investment mindset approach to the discussion on what is your net worth or asset.


If we don't consider CPF an asset or part of our net worth, your focus would not be how to optimise the benefits and freebies big daddy has been dishing out.

Like transferring money from one CPF account to another, making voluntary contributions, or utilising the SRS scheme, for example.

If you are a regular reader of Singapore financial blogs, you'll know the "bleeding heart" has a big following on how to milk big daddy to the hilt!

Don't complain; get even!

Then there are the financially savvy ones who know how to leverage CPF to make investments in properties or equities to create higher returns than what CPF can offer.

And yes, if you are able to generate returns better than CPF rates, you have earned the right to say - buy term insurance and invest the rest.

Try saying that with a straight face if you are leaving your excess CPF funds untouched earning whole life insurance like returns...


I think you get the drift.

Don't consider property is an asset? If you are middle-aged and above, have you caught yourself being envious of your contemporaries who are more property centric than you?

Move house every few years, end up with multiple properties or have a bigger apartment than you - yet they are earning similar pay as you!?

Got right?

Be careful now. If you capitulate, you'll likely be the ones who buy right at the property peak as you can no longer stand your subordinates living in bigger apartments or having more properties than you... 

It's perfectly OK

That's right. You can have your own definition of net worth or what is an asset. Just be aware that there's a cause and effect - that's all!

If you consider your career skill is an asset, and have no time for investing or so called financial literacy, being successful in your chosen profession and happy in what you do, what's wrong with it?

Some may focus on building their own businesses. Where got time for investing to escape? How ironic the majority are trying to buy shares to achieve financial freedom, yet the business owner is trying to IPO and sell the shares of his business to achieve his dream?

And for those who value their families as an asset, not count in dollars and cents, do I need to say more?

People reader

If you pay attention to what people say or write, you'll have a quick sense what they focus on, or what they are likely excel at.

Just like you the reader will know what I suck at - anything that I don't focus on or talk about!


And that's why salespersons encourage you to talk about yourself. The more you reveal, the more we know what buttons to press. Wink.

Friday 4 December 2015

I've gone naked! No more Life insurances!

I've just gone to my insurance company this afternoon and surrendered my remaining last whole life insurance. I ended my term life insurance policy 4 years ago when I returned back to Singapore.

Whole life insurance policies break even after 20 years. So had to patiently wait until today.

I bought this whole life policy just before my 28th birthday 20 years ago. Man! I'm now 48!?

Where did these 20 years go?

In case you forget, there's no estate duty in Singapore. If our net worth is several times the payout of our life insurance policies (doesn't matter term or whole life), pray tell why do we still need to have them?

The 2 main reasons we need to have life insurance when we are starting out in our careers are:

1) We have dependents we care about; and

2) our net worth are pretty dismal.

By buying life insurance, we create an instant "net worth" in the event of our early departure...

However, 2 things may happen to make our life policies redundant.

a) Our dependents have moved on - either through death, divorce, or acrimony.

b) Our net worth have caught up and now exceed the life insurance payouts. 

Ever wondered why we have millionaires that still need life insurance policies?

That's because they have insurance agents that can sell ice to Eskimos!

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Hee hee. I'm back!

I was distracted...

No. It's not a woman.

Although there were opportunities...


It was a game.

Brave Frontier.

After buying a new notebook, I was playing around the Windows Apps store and found this interesting free game!

Boy, was it addictive!

For the past 2 weeks, I was cocooned in my otaku (宅男) nirvana having the time of my life - slaying demons and collecting new heroes.

What a beautiful distraction!

Oh! But this week cannot be sidetracked.

This week is main event for my currency positions.

Come to think of it, trading is one of the most exciting "game" I've picked-up.

Trading is wife; gaming is just an occasional dalliance.

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