Sunday 24 September 2017

Best (and useless) Investment Advice to Bei Kambings

Only buy a stock when the price goes up.

If the price no go up, don't buy.

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Good, Better, Best Ways to be Financially Free!

1.  Born rich. Duh! This one most "passive" of all! We don't even have to lift a finger! 

2.  Marry rich. If lucky, we just need one client for our prostitution....

3.  Start a business. Rather be a dog in our own kennel than to be the eunuch at the Grand Palace...

4.  Do well in corporate. Being an eunuch is not so bad if we under one clown but above everyone else! Who knows? May even usurp the throne as history is littered with stewards that overthrew their minor monarchs...

5.  Buy Toto. Ar ber then?

6.  Investing and/or trading. What? Below gambing? Well, those buying Toto know they are gambling. At least they are more honest than investors/traders who are doing the same but pretending they are doing something else by clever use of euphemisms...

Sunday 17 September 2017






Thursday 14 September 2017


After my previous post, I chanced upon this old Chinese post at the bottom under Linkwithin:


Non-Chinese reading readers may want to stop and leave now. Sorry.

There's a reason why this post's heading is in Chinese. Duh!

This is what I meant by poetry club. Totally unplanned, unrehearsed. 

Sillyinvestor got the ball rolling with:


LP chimed in with:


I joined the fun revealing my phobia of marriage:


Endrene, the rose amongst the thorns, showed who's boss:


And added this recovery to lull us back to her sweet tenderness:


I had a change of heart:


And LP wrapped it all up by changing structure and form (rule breaker):


Of course this is not the exception. Regular readers will know some of the more scintillating exchanges happen frequently at the most unexpected posts.

Especially comments about sex, religion, and politics!

Sometimes we even babble on with weird topics like - cosmology, philosophy, arts, literature, history, anime, manga, and "char shao bao"!?


P.S. Special thanks to the wonderful and don't take themselves too seriously readers who bothered to take the time to "play" with me. 

Come to think of it, who else would bother to comment to a "blank" post?

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Friday 1 September 2017

Difference Between Being Frugal And Miserly

In my family, I am considered the "frugal" one.

During my early days, I had to be careful with money due to low pay.

Imagine this.

At 16, I was earning $450 per month. Minus away 25% CPF contribution, and after giving mom 1/2 of my take home pay, there isn't much left, is there?

Yes, that was the "glorious" days of 25% employee and 25% employer contributions to CPF. Those who love voluntary CPF contributions must be foaming at the mouths now...


CPF contributions are great for those who earn more. I remember there were quite a few desparate workers at that time who "colluded" with their employers not to declare CPF.

These workers get 100% of their take home pay; while their employer "saved" on the 25% not contributed to CPF. (Don't follow OK? It's illegal)

Of course those of you who earned more will cry stupid!

Well, what do you think of those who don't earn more but voluntarily contribute to CPF today?

Back to my small means.

I remember there was a time where I will let aircon buses pass so I can take the next non-aircon bus - just to save that few cents...

And lunch at Orchard Road not cheap. Fast food was out of the question; too expensive. Thankfully, there was this staff canteen at Goodwood Park Hotel near Metro Orchard and that's where I took most of my meals.

Why am I sharing this?

Its to give you the context and perspective before I go poking at others.

And to show I've been there, done it too.

A frugal person loves to spend less on himself; but when it comes to people that matter, he does not mind spending money on them.

A miser will not spend money on himself and others.

And yes, I stay away from miserly people. They are no fun. Especially on overseas trips!

Girls, trust what your mother says, "Don't marry a miser!"

Don't believe a word he says its because he wants to achieve financial freedom or independence earlier (for the both of you)...

What's the point if he's not going to spend a single cent from his millions on you? 

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