Friday 27 September 2019


Friday 20 September 2019

How to know you have achieved Mastery?

During my weekend sales gig, its easy to tell the experienced and competent customers apart from the "bei kambing" newbies - when it comes to buying kitchen appliances.

Experienced and competent ones go for analogue ones; "bei kambings" go for digital ones.


Don't worry. You'll understand when we reach the end of this post.

Remember the 10,000 steps walking craze some years back?

I'm a city walker. I know.

I even installed a walking app in my mobile to track my daily steps.

Uninstalled it after a week.

I easily exceed 10,000 steps a day. Why should I measure my steps again?

Let me ask a silly question to those who are anal about up to 2 decimal places. 

Are you less healthy if you've only walked 9,999 steps a day? 

How about 9,000 steps? These 9,000 steps are "wasted" if we don't hit our 10,000 steps daily goal?

Similarly, in this community, you can spot veterans who have tracked their spendings in the past, but have now stopped. 

Gee, I wonder why?

I mean after 5 or 10 years of tracking expenses you still don't understand yourself? 

If you have poor self discipline; no self control; can't entertain delayed gratifications; how would more tracking help you?

The best example is cooking. When you started out, you'll follow every steps laid out in the cookbook diligently. 10 ml is 10 ml; 1 teaspoon is 1 teaspoon. 

When we don't know; we follow.

But now that you know how to cook, its a dash of this, a sprinkle of that. LOL!


That's for newbies.

Everything now is about feeling and your mood. Wink.

We use the sampan to cross the river. Once we've reached the other end, we leave the sampan behind on the river bank and continue on towards our journey.

Have fun spotting those who still like to carry the sampan over their heads even though they are miles away from any river or lake...


Friday 13 September 2019

Hey! Anecdotal job market observations got backup by statistics!

Recession is when your neighbour lost his job.

Depression is when you lost yours...

2 weeks ago, I shared my datapoint of one observation about my childhood neighbour being "forced" to take 6 months no pay leave - Recession came early for some.

Readers chimed in with their own experiences.

Guess what?

Today's papers now got official confirmation to what most of us have felt or observed on the ground - Tougher job market in Q2.

As usual, we see what we want to see.

For me, I only see:

"Professionals, managers, executives and technicians continued to make up the majority of locals retrenched, at 77 per cent."

In recent years, this is something those of us in our 40s to early 50s know only too well.

I remember a time when there's an economic slowdown, the majority affected were blue-collar factory workers or selling floor retail staffs. 


Just walk into any shopping mall and you'll see lots of hiring posters outside the food outlets or retail shops. 

30 years river east; 30 years river west...

Who knew study hard and collect paper qualifications - like stamp collecting or boy scouts badges - have turned out like this for some unfortunate PMETs? 

I guess that's why I often see lots of mature participants in those "successful" free investing/trading workshop preview photos?

Easy sell when you offer "dreams" to patch the holes in your hearts.

But one thing often puzzles me. 

Why the hell do you sell old fogeys in their 70s to 80s attending these "FIRE" seeking workshops in the photos?

Wait a minute.

Silly me.

Its probably for the same reasons I see old fogeys buying Toto?


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