Wednesday 17 August 2022

Strawberry FIRE?


The "Strawberry generation" is a term used on those Taiwanese people born from 1980s onwards who "bruise easily".

The equivalent in the West I guess would be "Snowflake generation"?

I am not surprised.

This has happened before:

Suze Orman Criticised By FIRE

Its a bit like religion.

If you are a true believer, it does not bother you what the atheists or the scientific community say.

Those that get easily "triggered" are usually those who themselves have "doubts"... You know, the very "insecure" ones... 

They desperately want to believe what they were told were true. 

And no, FIRE is not mainstream.

At best, its a cult; similar to the crypto community.

Where got mainstream religions get "excited" by some article mentioning your "religion"?

But if you belong to a cult, of course you'll be delighted! You are the one seeking affirmation and acceptance from anyone and everyone...

Would FIRE ever get mainstream acceptance?

Well, do you think big daddy will support FIRE? (Get ready for more foreign talents!) 

If your graduating children tell you they are seeking FIRE at 35, would you jump with joy at their "enlightenment"; or be worried sick what thinking them?

How about you found out your dating partner is on the FIRE bandwagon, would you continue dating them as marriage potential? 

Imagine your significant other suddenly declare themselves on FIRE in their 40s, do you first suspect they are undergoing their mid-life crisis? Just using FIRE as cover? You know, seeking FIRE to "escape"...

Or do you wholeheartedly support? 

"No problem dear. You can stay home while I work. My solo income is enough to support you on FIRE."


My take? 

Hungry eat; tired rest.

If you feel full, stop eating. Simple as that!

I'm on the camp that believes its better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. Wink.

And nobody cares about you!

You rich what has that got to do with me? (Unless you want to share your wealth with me)

You penniless why should I care? (Provided you don't expect me to subsidise you)

One thing its clear. 

Strawberries can't take a poke.



  1. When F&B are served by robots, transportation all are driverless, factories operated by robots and etc.. we can all FIRE!

    1. CW,

      Where to find doctors if they FIRE at 35?

      Do we really want FIRE seeking teachers "inspiring" our youths? Whatever happened to chasing our rainbows!?

      Who will lead us all old fogey citizen soldiers if there's no SAF professional core above the age of 35?

      And what's the point of wealth if we can't protect it?

      Even if we have robots replacing humans, who will pay the taxes and contribute to CPF?

      To make up the shortfall, big daddy may have to impose capital gains tax on investment/trading gains, remove tax free dividends, and deduct CPF from our passive incomes?

      Don't play play.

      If people behind us no contribute to CPF due to FIRE, I'll have to change my tune to ENCOURAGE everyone and anyone to voluntarily contribute to CPF!!!

      I haven't collected my CPF yet :(

  2. Smol,

    Don't have to worry.

    Less than 1% will actually FIRE, or be able to remain FIRE'd for the long term.

    What those young ppl in the article want is actually a cushy job plus a long break. ;)

    Unless the world is so bad nobody wants to setup families, buy homes, have kids etc, FIRE will just be a passing phase for 90% of them.

    1. Spur,

      Reading between the lines, that's probably it ;)

      I'm a cheerleader of youths; they will be the old fogeys of tomorrow.

      Fortunately, I see more youths willing to take the entrepreneurial plunge to chase their own rainbows. Earn More is still alive and kicking!

      It will be sad if in the next 30 years, the listed companies in SGX are still the same same big daddy linked companies...

      We already have youths in their 30s reach multi-millionaire status. Its just that their rainbows are listed in Nasdaq or HK.

      They'll probably return if SGX is less focused on dividend paying counters?

      More animal spirits anyone?

  3. Hi SMOL,

    I think most youngsters don't really want to FIRE, they just don't know what's the passion that can earn them money.

    1. Welcome back Rainbow girl!

      Yup, when we have no clue what we want to do with our lives, hiding behind FIRE is a convenient ready-made kicking the can down the road excuse...

      I mean let's figure out what we want to do AFTER we've achieved FIRE status!

      Who says I have no goals or plans!?

      I've always envied my classmates who knew what they wanted to do when they grow up.

      I'm clueless.

      I found out what I liked through job-hopping :(

      Not very sexy with plucked out of the air "SMART" goals; or live in the future planning...

      No grand strategy or brilliant tactical plans; just blur blur ended up here!?

  4. I find life is somewhere between

    Sometimes run, sometimes rest.
    If it's not yours it's not yours. If it's yours it's yours.
    Want to earn more, but maybe not your life. But still must try.
    Even want to tio toto must still at least ownself buy the ticket.

    1. ERSG,

      Middle path.

      All the time running, got money but no life to enjoy what's the point?

      Passive until lie flat and too cheap to buy your own lottery ticket!?

      Lady Luck wants to help you also shake head walk away...

      My own life; my own path.

  5. Smol, long time no post. You okie?

    1. WTK,

      I'm alive and well :)

      I've been "distracted" by events in my life. That phase is ending soon.

      Will probably return to this watering-hole next week?

      I'll be back!

  6. Great. Miss your postings too


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