Tuesday 16 May 2023

Welcome Rain!


First of all, it's a colour photo; not black and white.

Can't tell you how happy I am to see the dark clouds over my balcony right now...

Especially after the recent 2-3 days of crazy heat!

Let it rip!

Please don't got sound and fury, then disappoint with a few drips...

Sunday 7 May 2023

Everyone Says Different Things - Who To Believe?


During my weekend sales gig, I sometimes get customers telling me it's all so confusing!!! 

Every sales promoter says different things!?

Who to believe???

These "confused" customers are bei kambings.

If you are knowledgeable and can think for yourself, of course you can separate the wheat from the chaff!. Wink.

Have you ever bought an item where you know more than the average sales promoters? 

Got right? 

You chuckle to yourself as you watch snake oils try to dissuade you from your purchase and switch to their brands instead...

Then there are also times when you walked into a store intending to buy Brand X, but you walked out with Brand Y!?

This only happens when you're new to a product category, no?

Then there are those customers who don't trust their own feet.

They go round asking sales promoters which brand is the most popular?

Others buy what, they buy what. 

Safety in numbers!

Then again, they are often the most confused customers too...

Every sales promoter will say their brand is the best selling!



Thursday 4 May 2023

Warren and Charlie poking US Business Schools


When Charlie said they "morphed" into buying better companies when they were underpriced...

I'll leave it to you to decide whether that's "market-timing". 

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Market Timing


There are 2 groups of people who would shill it's pointless to do market timing:

1)  The "too free" and no skin in the game academics; and

2)  the sell-side investment snake oils targeting mainly retail clients.



Let's start with the obvious. In your financial freedom journey, the last thing you would want is to be like them. Correct?


OK, name one academic that's your No. 1 fan favourite when it comes to Earn More/FIRE/Investing... 

I'm not a fan of Warren Buffett (I like Charlie more), but I can't help but love the humorous "pokes" Warren and Charlie often make at the expense of the academics.  

Not just the so called financial "wisdom" taught in Business Schools, but quite a lot of the management "bullshit" taught that don't quite make sense to Warren and Charlie (those that actually run businesses)!

For those who love to parrot what others say to appear "smarter", I mean, who dares to question academic thesis like the Market Efficient Theory; Time in the Market; Modern Portfolio Theory; etc?

But the awkward fact remains to top performing Hedge Funds and well-known investors (like Warren and Charlie) out there, most do the opposite!

Which makes intuitive sense... How can anyone outperform others if they just do the same as everyone else???


Sell-Side Snake Oils

I feel embarrassed to even mention it.   

I would think it's so obvious to everyone and anyone. 

But the sad reality is that many have never worked in sales before, and have no clue what talking me...

Look, if I'm a competent sell-side snake oil, and I see risks of a market correction coming, I would advise my own family members, best friends forever, and best clients to raise cash and dial down risky positions.

But to new bei kambing retail clients, what you expect me to say?

Tell them don't buy? Come back to you after a market correction?

Like that who will pay for your mortgage next month? 

Put food on the table tonight?

And allow you to bring your whole family to Europe this coming summer?

Of course, it's any time is a good time to invest!!!



P.S.   Anyone would like to hazard a guess why I left out trading for this statement below?

"OK, name one academic that's your No. 1 fan favourite when it comes to Earn More/FIRE/Investing..."

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