Wednesday 29 December 2010

Missing you

Away from home for four years and more,
my heart yearns to reach your eastern shores.
Cycling along your curves in the gentle breeze,
in your warm embrace I shall forever squeeze.
Ah! How I miss you so!
Thinking of you shall never grow old.
For eternal is our sacred bond;
never mind even if I am vagabond.....
No distance shall tear us apart,
for you are always in my heart.
My Singapore! My Singapore!

A poem I wrote in my first year in Athens (2009) to celebrate National Day - after spending 4 years in Shanghai previously.

Tuesday 28 December 2010

Boxing day in Athens

Took a walk yesterday on Boxing Day downtown in Athens.

Most shops were closed, but there were lots of street vendors and performers, together they created a bit of carnival atmosphere here.  Loads of people on the streets. Families with children, lovers, and groups of friends.  I am the lone Chinese man......

Ever felt alone in a crowd?  I guess holidays do bring out the "missing home" feeling in me.  It's a bittersweet feeling.  I miss mom (OK, I am a mama's boy.  There, I've said it!)

The good news is that soon it will be Chinese New Year in 5 weeks' time.  Have been saving my vacation days for my longest vacation to date: 4 weeks for my home leave in Singapore.  I will also take 5 days to visit my brother and sis-in-law in Guangzhou, China.


Anyone out there like me working alone overseas; away from friends family?  Do share your thoughts with me.

Friday 24 December 2010

12 months to financial freedom!

2 more days before Christmas. Time for a bit of reflection.......

Things are working well financially for me.  If I don't make silly mistakes for the next 12 months, I should be able to retire "early" by the end of next Christmas after my 44th birthday in November 2011.

My original plan was to retire at 55. But hey! 7 years of working overseas has accelerated my savings power by 3 fold.  If ah kong (Singapore lingo to mean "company") pays for housing, utilities, and mobile, it's not difficult to up-size my savings (No, I am not a high income earner; more a low maintenance guy. Any rich ladies reading this?).

Add "lucky" investment made during this financial crisis, my passive cash flow is now able to support my desired lifestyle: be a Singapore Man of Leisure (And I don't have to marry a rich wife to do that, sigh.....).

This "virgin' post is to track my journey towards the "R" day.

Wish me luck!
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