Wednesday 17 August 2022

Strawberry FIRE?


The "Strawberry generation" is a term used on those Taiwanese people born from 1980s onwards who "bruise easily".

The equivalent in the West I guess would be "Snowflake generation"?

I am not surprised.

This has happened before:

Suze Orman Criticised By FIRE

Its a bit like religion.

If you are a true believer, it does not bother you what the atheists or the scientific community say.

Those that get easily "triggered" are usually those who themselves have "doubts"... You know, the very "insecure" ones... 

They desperately want to believe what they were told were true. 

And no, FIRE is not mainstream.

At best, its a cult; similar to the crypto community.

Where got mainstream religions get "excited" by some article mentioning your "religion"?

But if you belong to a cult, of course you'll be delighted! You are the one seeking affirmation and acceptance from anyone and everyone...

Would FIRE ever get mainstream acceptance?

Well, do you think big daddy will support FIRE? (Get ready for more foreign talents!) 

If your graduating children tell you they are seeking FIRE at 35, would you jump with joy at their "enlightenment"; or be worried sick what thinking them?

How about you found out your dating partner is on the FIRE bandwagon, would you continue dating them as marriage potential? 

Imagine your significant other suddenly declare themselves on FIRE in their 40s, do you first suspect they are undergoing their mid-life crisis? Just using FIRE as cover? You know, seeking FIRE to "escape"...

Or do you wholeheartedly support? 

"No problem dear. You can stay home while I work. My solo income is enough to support you on FIRE."


My take? 

Hungry eat; tired rest.

If you feel full, stop eating. Simple as that!

I'm on the camp that believes its better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. Wink.

And nobody cares about you!

You rich what has that got to do with me? (Unless you want to share your wealth with me)

You penniless why should I care? (Provided you don't expect me to subsidise you)

One thing its clear. 

Strawberries can't take a poke.


Monday 8 August 2022

Finally! We are back to using Hawker Centre!


OK, I'm not into precision at 2 decimal places when it comes to numbers, but when it comes to words...


Quite a few years back, I was lamenting at this blog on the use of Market and Food Centre when naming our hawker centres!?

I mean why use a word so "generic" and "bland"?

I suspect someone deep down has a complex... Hawker so shameful meh? Why deny our heritage? 


Someone got the memo it seems.

You can't on one hand talk about keeping our Hawker Culture alive, and on the other hand, deny our shared heritage...

Thumbs up to whoever decided to bring back the use of Hawker Centre!

I hope it doesn't stop at our Margaret Drive Hawker Centre. Wink.

Thursday 4 August 2022

I Don't Feel The Pain Of Inflation Anymore?


SF Fed President Mary Daly: "I Don't Feel the Pain of Inflation Anymore."

I know, I know.

I'm on the Earn More camp, but even I cringed upon reading what that SF Fed President said too!

How can she make my humble "I have enough" sound so arrogant and so insensitive!?

Those of you older ones may remember this similar incidence in Singapore during the 2009 GFC:

Tan Yong Soon Rapped By His Boss For Insensitivity

Who knows?

Maybe one day FIRE will be out-of-fashion, and it gets replaced by WHEN can we reach our INFLATION PAIN FREE stage?

How much in dollars? 

Well, as a start, it would be around SGD $450K annual income - doesn't matter whether its active or passive.

If passive, even better of course!

You know why there's a bit of schadenfreude from the general public when cryptos crashed?

That's because of those insensitive crypto "millionaire" influencers who mocked those who didn't follow them, "Have fun being poor!"


I'm looking into the mirror now.

There's a reason why the general public also cannot stand the FIRE community too. Wink.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Thatcher's Last Stand Against Socialism

Just glad our big daddy is on the Earn More camp!

Imagine one day if they ran out of ideas on how to Earn More, and all they do is focus on redistribution of the shrinking pie I think that would be the time for regime change!

I mean austerity, as in Save More, can only work for so long until the people are fed up and begin to revolt!

Socialism and communism can be so seductive, especially if you are spending other people's money!

The problem is whether our Opposition parties have the competence to help Singapore Earn More?

This is something I hope to hear more from them in future elections.

Look, anyone and everyone can also propose policies if all we need is just spend other people's money!


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