Sunday, 30 April 2017

Why Goals Are Not Enough

Read this article here:

Just yesterday, one promoter was teasing another "otaku" promoter and interrogating what the "otaku's" 5 year goals were... In another words, where this "otaku" promoter sees himself in 5 years' time...

You know, the classic question you get during job interviews or annual performance reviews.

Its basically a "veiled" attempt to put down the "otaku" promoter after discovering he was a polytechnic diploma holder.

People can be "unintentionally" cruel.

This after knowing the "otaku" promoter wanted to be a pilot in his 20s...Rejected. Wanted to sign on in the Navy as IT specialist... Rejected.

The promoter asking the question is in his early 30s. Before joining this sales line, he was a shift manager at McDonalds in Malaysia. 

I see it as a case of 50 steps laughing at 100 steps.

The "otaku" promoter understandably - after many career setbacks - replied he has no goals. He lived one day at a time. (I always see him smiling and joking on the selling floor; while his tormenter is always under self-imposed stress)

I knew the "if you fail to plan; you plan to fail" bayonet twisting will come soon. So I just casually chimed in that I have no goals too!

This shut-up the promoter doing the "bullying".

He knew my "pecking order" at this selling floor. Many things he can't do; I can do.

Sales is very realistic. Those who can sell; talk louder.

This promoter is struggling at the bottom of the 4th division himself...

Notice a similar pattern in our community?

Those who struggle are the loudest parrots of conventional wisdom that everyone already knew.


  1. Hi SMOL,

    Maybe if you shout audibly louder, you can drown out the inner voice who is telling you something else? LOL

    1. LP,

      That's what the promoter with hole-in-heart is doing.

      Month after month, he missed his sales targets.

      Just as long he can bring another happy-go-lucky person down to his level of unhappiness, everything will feel better.

      Life is serious! Must stress! Must benchmark against your peers! Be kiasu! Don't fall behind! Be No.1 !

      But are you happy?

      Doing what you love?

      By the way, this promoter is betting crazy amounts on football and 4D...

      Not much different from using investing/trading to escape; only the vehicle differs.

    2. temperament,

      I love watching animal documentaries!

      The politics and pecking order in higher mammals are quite similar to humans.

      There's an alpha male and alpha female (matriarch).

      After a kill, those higher on the pecking order get to feast first. Those at the bottom can only nibble at the leftovers.

      For monkeys, the females will raise their asses towards the alpha male whenever he passes by as a sign of "submission".

      Wow! Its like saying I am your bitch just as long you provide me with your "protection".

      That's why its good to have real friends outside of work.

      Those who spend all their time at work will have a rude shock when they retire...

      All of sudden no friends!?

      You think those who "pretend" to seek your advice at work will still care about you? Now that you have little say on their ascent back the corporate world?

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Maybe next time we meet for coffee u can share some of your "consultantive selling".
    Maybe can be transfer into counseling.

    So scary... what u described.

    I share something the opposite, I got a friend I know recently, for many reasons, have infinity. He ask me to teach him investing, I did. I ask him to do homework and ask him many questions to learn. As with every beginner, he quite nuan. I told him, learn properly la, dun want to learn up to u. But dun come to me without doing homework. The funny thing is this: i ask him to look at a few companies' announcements over the last 5 years and try to see pattern. Pattern that says a lot about management. Then share with me when we reach. I am not sure if he done his homework but he replied like this:
    Sabana nobody will buy cos the name is so suay already.

    Sabana sounds like 扫把拿。So unlucky. Give people broom to sweep all the shit lah.

    Ascendas can buy. Name so good.

    Ascendas sounds like Ascent 的 = Keep increasing.

    Mapletree can buy. Cos Mapletree produces Maple syrup. Very sweet. Can sell for money.

    This is called 风水 study of Stock Market.
    Keppel can buy cos Keppel sounds like 给本. So yout capital is guranteed. Even if the price falls, the dividend will make up for it.


    I die laughing lol

    1. Lol. Investing made very simple

    2. Lol. Like that also can. Gonna buy Viva Industrial Trust for my mum liao. Then she'll always have youthfulness and VITality :P

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      These few weeks I very free. STI between 3100 and 3200 I do nothing ;)

      Jio me anytime except Friday afternoons. I just signed up for Zen drumming at Bright Hill Temple ;)

      "New friend" and you never put him to the Trust but Verify test?

      Chefs will put new cook apprentices to wash and cut vegetables.

      Spiritual gurus will ask those seeking the Truth to do menial tasks like cleaning the courtyard...

      They do so to filter out the say-say crowd. Only those who are willing to put in the time and do so without complaints will the Chefs and Gurus share their secrets to this smaller group of "verified" students :)

      At least now you know your new friend is say-say only when he asked you about investing ;)

      Tame your "ego". Don't get too excited whenever someone just casually ask you about investing ;)

      When "bei kambings" write to me, I always send them to the bleeding heart and the fisherman.

      Both of them seem to enjoy it; I don't.

      I rather spend time with fellow Jedis like you.

      You Jedi in your education field; I Jedi in my selling field.

      So when we meet to exchange pointers, I don't go home empty-handed ;)

    4. Lol. Smol,

      I have no ego when investing la. If there is, it's a bruised ego.

      I usually dun even like to let people know I do investing. It's a long story about him. Maybe when we meet, we can share. I told him his is the first for various reasons I am willing to share.

      Yup. I did verify. First day I ask him to wait as I finish my work in the library. (Not deliberate, but I do want to clear 1 report) he waited without complaint.

      I ask him to look at financial report and ask what he dun understand. He did too. He is funny, but he is not stupid. He should do better than me on future.

      I defintely better or at least spent more hours in educating than investing ... lol

      Sure will text u.

      Drumming ? So happening

    5. Sillyinvestor,

      Yup, playing the Taiko is another form of mindfulness training ;)

      Lucky they never asked me to wear loin cloth!

      Ah! You new friend is an interesting character!

      Do share with me. I can steal with pride too ;)

      Offhand, my guess he absorbs but does not reveal how much he understands to you. Humour is just a smoke screen ;)



  3. Sillyinvestor,
    This is how the old aunties and uncles in China invest in their China stock markets, so I read.

  4. When I hear something, I listen. Then I know whether conventional wisdom is all they know, or is it a case of still waters run deep - and I'll leech for knowledge lol!

    1. Kevin,

      Its like the 108 outlaws from the Water Margin.

      If we don't bring a uniquely skill or craft to Liang Shan, why would anyone accept us?

      A duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate?

      At best we can be accepted as cannon fodder?


  5. Hi Smol

    That's why i always keep quiet, haha cause nothing to show also. Better to keep quiet.

    1. Small Time Investor,

      Silence is golden.

      But when the opportunity arises, must strike!

      There is always a balance.

      On one hand, you don't want to open your mouth and let the world know for sure you're an empty vessel.

      However, without the practice in speaking up, getting poked, returning a satisfying riposte, how would you clock up the 10,000 hours required to "shine" when the opportunity pops up?

      The secret?

      Practice your craft OUTSIDE of work ;)

    2. Hi Smol

      Talking about practice.

      Just met a stranger, uncle business man. Had a good chat, but alas forgot to get number to "verify" each other for prospect discussion.

      Well, guess leave it to fate if we're meet again in the same place. Haha

      养兵千日 用兵一时

    3. Small Time Investor,

      We meet the most interesting people when we least expected ;)

      Yes, the purpose of 养兵 is for 用兵.

      Some keep collecting money, but have no clue what's it for?

      Enslaved by their own goals...

  6. Hi SMOL.

    Maybe should 'lethal tongue' that fellow by giving it back to him.

    'So 5 years ago, your goal must be to become a floor salesman, is it huh? How were you so sure this is what you want? ... Oh, not your goal ah? Then what happened to your goal?'

    For people who take our kindness as weakness should taste their own medicine.

    Maybe I need to work harder on my Zen cultivation. LOL!

    1. Endrene!!!

      Must put mental note never to mess with you... Pah, pah!

      Lucky in England not so painful. If you poke in Cantonese, I think anyone that cross you will shrivel into his foetal position and suck thumb!

      Stephen Chow has already demonstrated in his movies that Cantonese are world class when it comes to "sending regards" ;)


    2. No scared, no scared! Me no cobra. My bites not fatal one. When I'm still a public servant, won't anyhow 'send regards'. Wait till I redeem my freedom... (*Evil grin*)


  7. temperament,

    It "pak lor gor".

    My one is for those 40 and above - called Blissful Drumming. There's another one called Zen Drumming with no age restrictions but on Saturdays so I can't attend :(

    Here, see the link:

    Got yoga, got healthy living, got "banyak, banyak"!

    No need to be Buddhist. Buddhists don't care about "labels" ;)

    You can join us or wait for the next class.

    Finished my Conversational Malay last year at Kampong Glam CC.

    Its so nice to take courses for the fun of it and not for that piece of paper ;)


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