Tuesday 25 April 2017



  1. Depending who say it!

    When I say it, nobody believe!

    1. CW,

      You too honest lah!

      Go dip yourself in snake-oil, then everyone and anyone will believe!!!


  2. temperament,

    Shepherds delegate work to sheep so they can spend more time "thinking for themselves". (Yes, got double meaning)

    Sheep delegate thinking to shepherds as they prefer to be told what to do.

    Thinking is too damn hard...

    Who wants to be responsible for our actions!?

  3. Hi SMOL,

    The last post is about "人家做,你就信?". We can't believe what others do because of survivorship bias. Now, this post is about "人家说你就信?". I guess you're still on the same theme.

    When pple say something, they could:
    1) Say the wrong things purposely (lying)
    2) Say the right things, but leave out the important things (diplomatic)
    3) Say the important things. but not the right things (honest to a flaw)
    4) Say part of the important things to better represent his views (half-truths)
    5) Say not important things (talk cock)

    I'm sure there are more. If we analyse all these situations, most of it seems to be more about the person than the message. Hence, the important part of the message is the messenger. Everyone has his own agenda, and the better we understand the messenger, the better we understand the message.

    So, what's next? 自己做,自己说,自己也不可信?(we can't even trust the things we ourselves do or say) LOL

    1. LP,

      You are definitely the few who are both right and left brained!

      99% of the readers here will not spot the link between this post and my previous post ;)

      Actually, there's one post on "Half Truths" that I've been meaning to write for several years now... I guess its about time...

      But first, I think I would like to take up the challenge to write "we can't even trust the things we ourselves do or say" to complete the trilogy!

      We are all guilty of it!

  4. Hi SmOl,

    My think is this:
    (Almost) Everything also dun believe, u become cynical or paranoid

    (Almost) Everything u also believe, u become Bei Kambings

    (Almost) Everything u also trust but verify? U giam gana or sweating the small stuff too much?

    Believe in yourself. Your value navigation. ( some people call value navigation - religion, some said character)

    Whatever la. Focus on believing the essential?

    The rest happy can olreadi

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Yes, its always about balance.

      I've just wrote a post how I've completely forgotten to cancel my CPF DPS... LOL!

      It like the analogy about the jar with big stones, small stones, and sand.

      Put the big stones in first, if some small stones or sand can't fit in, that's OK.

      We won't have big regrets ;)

      As for believing in myself, I'm not so sure about that... Often I am my own worst enemy!

      Your cultivation higher.

      I already have quite a few examples what I do or say I don't believe myself!

    2. Hi Smol,

      Just like investing, I believe in my value system until I dun believe them anymore LOL

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      That's better ;)

      Never paint ourselves into a corner.

      Many things I thought I knew or believed in, now with the wisdom of eating more salt, I am laughing at my younger self - stupid as stupid does!


      That's why in Trading, those of us who don't trust ourselves employ Stop-loss orders ;)

    4. temperament,

      To be precise, its not to "max" profits but to "protect" our profits when using stops for profitable positions ;)

      We two "young at hearts" share the same view - we are ALL traders :)

      The skills of trading can apply to investing; but most retail investors may find it hard to apply the skills of investing to trading...


      Competent traders know how to BUY and SELL.

      Most competent retail investors are good when it comes to buying, but when it comes to selling...

      How to be competent at selling when you lack practice?

    5. temperament,

      A stop-to-sell order is set at LOWER price than the market price. So it can't be to maximise profit ;)

      Your example is technically not a stop order. Its just a plain vanilla LIMIT order to sell at a HIGER price than the market price ;)

      Ah! I see what you meant!

      The reason we sell at a certain price is because we don't think the price can go any higher. If not why sell at that price right?

      Often we suffer from seller's remorse when the price keeps going up, up, and away after we've sold!

      To let our profits run, Trend Followers use trailing stops. We let the market tell us when to get out. Trend Followers are generally not smart.

      Meanwhile, we try to hang on to the trend as long as possible without being shaken out by false reversals.

      Which method is better?

      That's why we need our investing diaries and trading journals - let our track record do the talking!

      If I am good at guessing the bottoms and tops of a given move, of course I should do what you do!

      Why leave money on the table by having a stop-to-sell at LOWER than the current market price?

      But if I am lousy at picking tops and bottoms, then using STOPs to protect my profits can be better than letting a profitable trade turn into a "long term investment" (salted fish losses)...


  5. I think that different individuals have different sets of thinking. For example, one will view an orange as manadarin orange while the other views it as an orange. This goes to show that the same type of rice can feed different category of people.

    The most essential point is that one trust our own instinct and feelings after gathering all the available information and make the decision accordingly.


    1. Ben,

      If we make our own mistakes, at least we still can profit from the lesson learned...

      If we make the mistakes of others, we'll only blame. How to profit from the lesson like that?

      The more we practice making decisions, the better we become ;)


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