Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner & Conditioner (ShoeTree Project)

During my retail selling days at Metro and Robinsons, we do get rotated amongst the various departments.

And one of them was the shoes department.

No, I'm not going to share with you the unexpected perks of "downblouse" moments!

Then there were my IMM leather sofas selling days with Melandas Casa Mobili (Closed shop liao... Don't look at me! Not my fault!)

So I guess I know something about leather care. Wink.

Often while taking long MRT rides, I like to look at the footwear of the passengers.

OK, I think I got a shoe fetish of sorts...

Whether they were colour matching and well co-ordinated with what the person was wearing?

Were they scruffy and worn out; or were they well taken care of and polished shining?

All these can tell a lot about the person wearing them.

Two weeks ago, I received a complimentary sample of this 2-in-1 leather cleaner and conditioner.

Tried it on my leather shoes, belts, wallet, and satchel bag.

It worked well. I'm impressed.

You can check-it out here:

Also, they have other shoe care accessories that you may want to explore.

Own time; own target.


  1. Hi Smol

    This reminscene me of my 2 week job assignment as shoe promoter with my friend after the o levels back then, at Albert OG.

    Just nice it was also the one week school break on march.Our booth were stationed at the good location of direct infront of entrance, and beside were the giodarno girls( back then I think giodarno really got standard in selection of sales girl).

    Our brand of shoes were selling like hot cakes during that 2 weeks.( back then the commission for shoes is 1% ranging from price of 19.90 to 149.90)

    The earned commission is even on par with our basic haha, and they had to review the % commission structure because of our "record".

    On the weekend, the selling was so busy until the og supervisor has to come and help out. And we did not even notice that one of the shoes had been exchanged! We are like the "stars" on the sales floor during that 2 weeks. Haha

    1. Small Time Investor,

      Good times right?

      When we were young, we really had our priorities right!



      My time at Metro, the pretty ones were the Santarinas during Christmas.

      There's something "magical" with girls between 16-18... Ephemeral beauty?

      Before the older jie jie readers knock my head, I must quickly add at Robinsons, I like to hang around the older jie jie cosmetics promoters ;)

      That's when I discover the sensuality of tight skirts, black stockings, and heels. Ma ma!

      Sales commissions very fun right?

      Its very typical. If we earn to much, management will either reduce the commission rate or increase the sales target :(

  2. SMOL,

    I have a very different experience with sales. It is charity lunch tickets. We are volunteers then. We were at suntec area asking passing by if they would like to buy a seat for charity. The organizer gave us 2 tables each (20).

    After 2 hours I manage to sell only 1. My wife sold 6/7? She can so easily talk to people!

    No commission la. Maybe she look cute any I got the "qian Bian Lian"

    Even until now, I dun like to go on stage to talk. Dun know why in classroom I am ok? Hahahaha

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      It's the classic question whether salesmen are born or bred?

      Some cannot sit behind a desk all day; while some are terrified if they do not have a fixed routine to stick to...

      The Mind part is the most interesting of all endeavours - be it selling, entrepreneurship, investing/trading.

      In class can talk, sing, and dance like dragons and phoenixes; on stage totally freeze up.

      The same goes for a corporate CFO or treasury manager - at work can invest and make lease or buy decisions effortlessly; at home personal finance a complete mess...

      That's why its good for the young to try different vocations during school holidays to see which will crash got sound.

      At least you know sales is not for you and move on.

      But then people are funny.

      Listen to stories of how young entrepreneurs make millions with their startups or top snake-oil making hundreds of thousands per year - we are lucid and tell ourselves we are not cut-out for them.

      But when it comes to investing and trading stories how we can just use 5 minutes per day to make millions, we suddenly switch to:

      If they can do it; so can I!




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