Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Employment and Employability Institute - e2i

Yesterday, I was invited to a e2i talk at a very cool restaurant.

Not going to bore you with the details but long story short, 2 target audiences for this post:

1) Small and medium sized business owners.

2) Professionals, managers, executives, and technicians - PMETs.

SME business owners

You got pay taxes right?

That makes big daddy a vested partner in your business.

The more you make; the more big daddy earns in taxes.

But if you don't make money; big daddy got nothing to tax... Bummer!

So don't be shy!

Take a look at the programmes and productivity solutions that e2i offers to help your employees help you EARN more and SAVE more!

That's what really matters, doesn't it?

And remember our 5,000 years of Chinese wisdom: 


Don't take wasted!

PMETs (and lost young graduates)

In the days of old, when it comes to retrenchment, job disruptions, and/or career displacements, its usually the "blue collar" workers that bear the brunt of the pain.

Most PMETs just shrugged since it doesn't affect them - the pin no prick them no pain.


Still think just as long you got a degree or diploma, big daddy owes you a job?

For those who are "warm-blooded", it can be good to know where to access the resources you can tap on, way before you may need them in the future. Wink.

By the way, if you are a lost young graduate who have no clue what you want to do, no harm to visit one of these e2i centres near you to get a feel for the industry or job sector you may be interested in.


I am a believer in small government. I never liked it when people try tell me what I should do or not do.

There is a big difference if you visit e2i as a sheep - people tell you go where you go where; versus you go as a shepherd - you merely looking up for support/resources that may help you do what you like

Don't believe?

Just ask your older cousins who are engineers.

Or talk to those who took up IT Computing in the late 80s because everyone says computers will be the next BIG THING!


  1. .. Or those who those who took up IT/CompScience degree in the 2000s when IT was already a big thing! It doesn't really matter what is the next big thing if we are the ones who cannot make it. :D

    Regardless of job, two areas that will help people greatly over their lifetime is fundamental finance and IT knowledge. Just my opinion!

    Psst. So free to go attend talks? Good good. Share more.

    1. Kevin,

      I went for the FREE FOOD ;)

      Its so wonderful to know someone in NTUC who don't mind a freeloader like me who writes irreverent posts on the events I've been invited to.

      I guess they know I'm cat like - thus can't be herded.


      Just as long its weekdays, time is on my side :)

      My fees are simple:

      Individuals - just one free drink.

      Corporations - one free meal.

      And I'll sing like a canary!

    2. Hi Smol

      You'll influence readers along the way, see the post below you? Hehe nothing is "free" after all.

    3. Small Time Investor,

      That's why I "charge" a cup of kopi ;)

      Free can be most expensive as some "bei kambings" have found out.

      If you ask the veterans who have done well in investing/trading, who have shared its because they taken this or that course that changed their investing/trading journey?

      The ones who do are the ones conducting the courses themselves ;)

      New investors/traders are like young turtles that just hatched.

      Before reaching the ocean, most would have been poached or eaten by predators on the beach...

      Those who finally made it to the open ocean - that's when the harrowing journey begins!

      Only a minority few will make it do adulthood and return to the same beach to start the cycle again...

      I not afraid to express my opinion is not the same as "wah kali kong" ;)

  2. I am 1 of the pmet. Just wondering is there any short courses that is suitable for beginner who want to start to invest or learn some trading skill? If can use my skillfuture funds is the best!!! Hehehe....

    1. sy sy,

      You can explore the SGX academy courses for beginners:

      Some can use SkillsFuture Credit to pay.

      Mind you, most of the free-of-charge courses are actually course previews.

      If you look at the trainer profiles, at least they are NOT trainers with just one or two years trading/investing experience who have never worked a day in the industry as insiders. (Hope you can read between the lines)

      I've never taken any investment/trading course personally.

      Have attended lots of course previews though. That's to get in touch with the latest snake-oil techniques they using to entrap "bei kambings". I very free mah!

      I learn better from reading investing/trading books at my own time, own pace. But that's me and my learning style ;)

      Ahem. That will be 1 cup of kopi. Thank you very much!

  3. I no problem buy u kopi. Just that I am that kind of person prefer to have a physical teacher to teach me ... hehehe.... I always give problems to my teacher... I am the type of slow learner...

    1. sy sy,

      Ah! Then I'll recommend you jio CW the fisherman out for kopi. He got the patience to explain with pen and paper. Got class handouts one!

      I'll just tag along for the free kopi :)

    2. I don't really know him... paiseh

    3. sy sy,


      Never mind then.

      After you had attended some of the SGX courses, if you feel like it, can jio me out during weekdays for kopi.

      You can use me as sounding board if you need verification to know how much you've grasped the basics ;)

    4. I got problem to attend sgx weekday class. Weekend also I got my yoga class. Is not easy to find a time slot to attend sgx class... sigh
      Some more I only looking for those foc class... hehehe

    5. Btw. Just curious. U no need to work during weekday 1 meh? Is ok if u not comfortable to answer... I just kaypoh only... hehehe

    6. sy sy,


      You typical - I want cheap, I want fresh, I want big big ding-a-ling-ding-ding!

      You har! Never read my profile way at the bottom below and "My Story" at the top near my blog Masthead.

      I took sabbatical from full-time work at age 44 so that I can let the person that matters the most to me take care of me :)

      After 1.5 years, I got bored. So I went back to my retailing roots by working weekends on the selling floor. Who knows? I may have served you before!?

      Weekdays, I am running my own nano-hedge fund (You got read Walter Mitty?)

      P.S. You guy or girl? If you girl and have 36,24,36, even age 80 I'll come to your mountain for one-on-one coaching!

      You have leather and lace? Or should I bring mine?

    7. sy sy, sgx weekdays classes are usually in the evening. You don't work office hours?

    8. Rainbow girl.

      Naughty! You twisting the bayonet...

  4. Hi smol

    I reply u something but didn't show in ur blog... weird

    1. sy sy,

      No worries. The mysteries of IT and computers...

      At least this comment got through!

  5. Hi smol

    Paiseh ... didn't read.ur story...will read when I free...

    I aunty liao... that's why like cheap & good & fresh stuff...

    Those number will make me feel sad... what make u think I go watch Dana falsetti youtube?

    Btw, I didn't watch the Walter mitty movie... so what is it related to U arh?

    1. sy sy,

      Oh! You are mature mei mei ;)

      Never mind. I see you not into England literature...

      Walter Mitty is a short story about a man making up fantasy characters of himself as a means of escape from reality ;)

      Sy sy. Think about what you are saying...

      You busy, too tired, no time, must sleep early.

      Even if you have the knowledge, how will you find the time to invest???

      If its passive investing, you may want to look elsewhere. I'm not exactly a "fan" of passive investing.

      I'm more a trader, a speculator, a gambler. All those swashbuckling sexy stuffs!


      But if you want to flirt (no touching), welcome!

      There's quite a lot guys here at this watering-hole ;)

    2. My England no good... only good at makan... hehehe

      yes, I am more interested on passive investing or dividend investing... my shifu said trading not suitable to me... hehehe
      I just want to know any short course that offer basic knowledge on investing that I can use skillfuture funds...

      Different people, different way to do their investing... I understand this... and I respect ur way of trading, not every1 can do trading & so enjoy like u... ;p

      U talking about the e2i & pmet mah... I though maybe u might able to give me some advice...
      I will slowly go explore & look for myself... np and thanks for explain to me :)

    3. sy sy,

      You're welcomed!

      I not the "wah kali kong" kind of blogger ;)

      If you interested to know about Passive Investing, I would recommend you take a look the right side of my blog under "Ebony and Ivory".


      1) Taking Care Of My Own Business

      2) The Turtle Investor

      As for Dividend Investing, that only makes sense when we have several hundreds of thousands, or even better, millions ;)

      Good luck and have fun!

  6. Hi 22c,

    Thanks for those links...
    I work office hour but not at cbd area... so not that convenient for me to travel also... plus due to ageing bah, I feel easily tired & sleepy especially after work... so have to sleep early... not really got time to go class after work... hehehe

  7. I don't have so much $$$$$ ... then can not do dividend investing arh???? Sigh...

    1. sy sy,

      Its simple math.

      5% of $10K you can go enjoy a weekend in JB.

      5% of $100K you can enjoy a holiday in Japan.

      5% of $1 million you can consider retiring since its more than what CPF Life under ERS oredi...

      Of course you can do dividend investing. But you have to find another way to grow 10K to 100K and then to 1 million.

      Dividend investing is great for those who earn a high annual salary and can fund their investment portfolios with annual cash contributions of $50-100K.

    2. Understand :)
      the base amount got related to the div investing... the more I have the better for investing div...
      but I really don't have much $$$ as I just started to buy share few months ago... me last time only do dca from fundsupermart... not much monitoring or study...
      Guess i really no luck bah for div invest...sigh...


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