Wednesday 19 April 2017

How to check how much CPF housing grant you eligible for

Confuse as to what CPF grants you eligible for?

Now here's a simple quiz to help you find out in a breeze!

Stacked Homes CPF grant quiz

Mind you! Its just for CPF grants only.

It does not tell you whether you eligible for HDB flats or not.

OK, own time, own target.

Carry on!


  1. SMOL

    Can I trust it that say not endorsed by HDB or CPF?

    1. Blursotong King,

      You are correct.

      Its clearly stated at the bottom of the quiz its not endorsed by HDB.

      This quiz is an aid for those who find reading HDB and CPF websites too confusing ;)

      Many have wrongly assumed they qualify for some grants when they don't.

      And some may not be aware of some grants they may claim.

      By taking this quiz, one can have a quick overview to start their in-depth conversation with CPF or HDB ;)


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