Thursday 27 April 2017

I don't even trust what I say or do!

First, a shout out to the butterfly who spotted a pattern that 99% of the readers here would have missed...

My previous posts on Survivorship Bias and "人家说你就信?" have something in common:

One is don't believe what others do; the other is don't believe what others say.

I am part of the 99%.

I did not plan it to be so. Honest!


But once alerted to it, how can I not complete this "unplanned" trilogy?

Don't believe what I say

I think most of you can relate with me here.

I often say things for the sake of say, say only.

Like eating healthy, do more exercise, read more, I would visit this place one day; etc...

How about in investing?

Stock we eyeing is $1. Too expensive! We tell others we will nibble at $0.70.  Right...

Remember Jan 2016? When STI dropped near to 2500? What did you do? Now price back up to $1, we say next time the price drop back to $0.70 again we will surely buy this time! Right...

When colleagues are bitching about management at the water-cooler, I nod my head and say, "Yalor, yalor." All for the sake of blending in.

What do I do when management shouts, "Jump!"

I echo back, "How high?"

Hello! You think I want to be sheep all my life? Of course I want to be shepherd!

Not because I enjoy being a shepherd; I want to gain access to landowners.

Now that's networking with people that matters!

At kopitiam, its a national sport to knn big daddy. What? You expect me to defend big daddy and risk being ostracised?

I think I should get an Oscar for my Hollywood skills!

I'm so fake I'll make a Mainland Chinese counterfeiter proud! 

What do I do during elections?

Of course I not stupid. I got own assets one hor! Even though its nano in size. Nano landowner is still landowner what?

Sheep will complain HDB 99 year leasehold is not an asset; we don't own it. Yet what do they do? Go apply HDB BTO... LL.

Yup, we all like to say, say only. Wink.

Don't believe what I do

I take pride that I practice consultative selling - I help my customers make their own buying decision themselves.

I'm not Sim Lim; I don't push products out.

Its all very nice posturing; I do so because I am confident most customers will buy from me. 

I am competent in selling.

If friends in sales say to you to support a friend leh... That means they are not competent yet in their craft of selling. They are using emotional blackmail to make a sale.

Back to my pride in consultative selling. 

The $64K question is - am I doing it for myself (one of Maslow's hierarchy of needs); or am I doing it more for my customers?

Last month, I found a purse on the bus and returned it to the rightful owner. Inside a few hundred dollars.

I was thinking to myself. Would I have done the same if I've found a million dollars?

I definitely would pause and think about it for a while. (My cultivation not complete yet, but at least I can question the reflection in the mirror)

All of us has a "price".

What would you do if you "found" a million dollars?

Careful now...

Do you honestly believe what you say?


  1. Replies
    1. CW,

      If not on bus and we very sure no cameras?

      No one knows except you and the big guy upstairs?

      So do we do the right thing because its the right thing to do, or we do so because we fear karma and/or punishment for eternity?

      Do religious shepherds "take" money and "touch" boys because they think they can't be caught?

      Surely they know about the "consequences" for the life hereafter?

      Or maybe they don't really believe what they say all these time?

  2. Hi SMOL,

    I don't trust what I say either, but I've learnt to work around from my own observations of myself. I know what I start out to do, I'll finish to the end.

    Hence, before I can second guess, I'll do it first. Most of the best ideas I have comes from the spur of the moment, but I capitalised on it by doing some action. After that I know my discipline and duty will force myself to continue. By converting ideas to action, I'm more firmly aligned with what I say.

    Regarding the money in the purse thingy, I had this thought experiment many times already and my conclusion is this: If it's small money, likely I'll take it. If it's big money like a million, no way I'm going to take it. The reason is not because I'll get caught. It's more because if I can feel the pain of losing 1 million, the person losing it will also feel the same pain. I cannot do it...I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

    If it's small money? Take it as tian gong treat me kopi! lol

    1. LP,

      Very nice philosophical mind fxxxing right?

      Yes, some of my best decisions were spur of the moment too!

      Least the goal setters and planners choke on their water, I must stress these "moments of brilliance" were built up from the daily grind of sharpening our saws.

      So its not do nothing and expect miracles that sort!


      Fantastic! Another example where we differ ;)

      I won't be tempted with small money as I consider myself as worth more than a few hundred dollars!

      But if its a million... I would pause and think about it... Shame right?

      What if I have access to some stock insider information, should I take advantage of it to make an easy million dollar profit from trading the leaked info?

      Or do I report to MAS that someone is leaking insider information? Do the "right thing" as whistle blower?

      What if the one leaking the insider information is a relative who meant well?

      If the million dollar is a bosom friend running away from the law. Should I harbour him? Or do I betray him to the authorities?

      If I don't even trust myself, can I trust what others are saying?

  3. Hmm.. SMol

    Why 64k question?

    Regarding the bag, (purse how to hold 1 million? Singapore no long er has 10k note in circulation) I think I will call the police too. Too much money I scare. Or I just walk off.

    But that is like what temp says la, only when it happens u know for sure. Now I see a mio, most prob call police. When I am worried about medical fees of someone, I will take it lor

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Hello! See the purse or million dollars as a metaphor lah!

      What if you (or your love one) are suffering from kidney failure, and the million dollar is a kidney?

      Would you buy one from the black market and do your best not to ask where the kidney is "harvested" from?

      Or would you "bribe" the hospital or doctor so as to move yourself up the waiting queue?

      Telling yourself you have more reasons to live than that penniless peasant you are cutting queue from?

      Walk off?

      No empathy for the one that has lost a million?

      Not making a decision and avoid taking action is what most people are good at...

      That's until we lost our child and would have wished some kind soul would approach our crying child and not just walk away to avoid "trouble"...

      All of sudden, its not so easy to pass through the eye of the needle, isn't it ;)

      By pausing to think about it, I've failed :(

      Much work remains to be done...

  4. temperament,

    Rightly so. We won't know until it has happened to us.

    St Peter, denial of Jesus 3 times, became the "rock" and a martyr.

    Who knew?

    Nowadays, with online internet vigilantes, everyone is judge, jury, and executioner...

    Sad when the first thought before we do anything... Is someone filming me?

  5. Smol,

    Wo, 1 million and kidney where got same wo. Metaphor also pushing it. But I see your point

    Me? Personally I am quite sure I won't tab on black market for anything, let alone kidney.

    But can I be cork sure? I can't. Like investing, u can be cork sure if Market has peaked after it peaked.

    Just like my army friend who is cork sure he won't betray his wife. I think he won't too, but I poke him and say wait until a pretty girl strip in front of u and u walk off first then say la

    I never pretend to be standing on moral high ground. I will walk off. Surprise u get so work out especially u are someone who said we are not the center of universe. I have no part in the money, why would I think I can make a big deal of difference. U can call me coward and it doesn't disturb me a bit.

    We are all walking off everyday

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I was scratching my head what gave you the impression I was worked up???

      When writing the comments, I was grinning from ear to ear and chuckling to myself silly at our kopitiam talk "male chicken" :)

      Then I remembered!

      I did bitch slap you, didn't I?


      You deserved it what?

      1. You not new to this watering-hole.

      2. I just bitch-slapped XX not so long ago...

      3. And you had to be that 2nd person in the class...

      No hard feelings OK? I equal opportunity one!

      Next time I ask a rhetorical question like, "How many elephants can we balance on the tip of a needle?"

      And the 3rd person come saying the obvious that its physically not possible... I'll bitch slap that person too!


    2. Starting to catch no balls...

      No la, not the bitch slap.

      U talk about no empathy blar like bleeding heart until I also scratch my head LOL

      Nvm. Enjoy !!

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      Have a super weekend!

  6. SMOL

    Small or big money. As long as it not my money, I wouldn't take it.

    Small money I will donate it. Big money I will bring it to the police. I once pickup $400 in the car park and I donated it to charity. Treat it as doing a good deed for the owner.

    I believe what comes around goes around goes. This makes my decision making simple.

    1. Blursotong King,

      Good for you!

      Your convictions are on firmer ground than mine.

      I not so sure I would do the "right" thing when that time comes...

      Some of us are not tempted by money.

      Hmm... Would I be tempted by lust?


      Or fame?


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