Thursday, 20 April 2017

Stacked Homes - DIY Property Platform

Some people just love to assemble and pimp-put their own furniture or PC.

It gives them a sense of accomplishment.

While some just love the cost savings that goes with Do-It-Yourself.

Same for investments.

Most of us would prefer to do it online ourselves than dealing with a remisier or private banker.

It seems more and more HDB transactions are being transacted by owners and buyers themselves nowadays without the engagement of property agents!?

Not I say one hor.

You can verify yourself with our nation building press:

More buying, selling flats the DIY way

Come checkout this DIY property platform:

Stacked Homes

Is it me or what?

But do you find the 3D thing very cool and smooth?

Even not buying or selling, I don't mind browsing around to get some "inspiration" on home decorations.

Or maybe to be precise, what NOT to do when it comes to home renovations...


P.S.  I am surprised to see condo and private properties listed there. One would assume rich people can afford a property agent...

I guess when you can save $10-30K, money is still money!


  1. Wow!!

    Smol, u also bleeding heart now. Muhahahaha.

    Jokes aside. Are they entrepreneurs with dreams?

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I no bleeding heart; I cheerleader ;)

      Met one of the co-founders Tuesday near Orchard Towers for coffee to do my Trust by Verify thing.

      I used to work next door at Palais Renaissance with Montgomery Ward as a purchaser.

      Ah! Fond memories of Orchard Towers... Took the opportunity to "tour" my old workplace :)

      I see the basement escort agencies have now been replaced by "massage" parlours ;)

      This watering-hole is bringing unexpected benefits.

      Its nice to talk to young entrepreneurs in Singapore sharing with me their dreams and visions.

      I think my "sponsors" tab above will grow a bit this year.

      I am merely paying it forward ;)

    2. Hi SMOL,

      My thought is that things keep changing all the time. The only constant is change. What's relevant today, is unlikely to be valid in the years to come. It's best to maintain an open mind by embracing changes.


    3. Ben,

      Putting my Science cap on, we can only measure and tell TIME if there are changes.

      A big rock may appear not to move. However, the erosion of wind and rain will create the "motion" for us to perceive the effects of TIME on it.

      Change is Time itself ;)


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