Monday, 3 April 2017

Do you drink beer?

Saw this great parody video in Facebook!

Especially when you have seemingly "financially literate" friends who like to bug you with silly exhortations to do away with the little things in life that make you happy.

Do you drink beer?  (You may need Facebook access)

Focus on ruining your own happiness (in the here and now) by skimping and scrounging before you try to make others as miserable as you.

This is the little test to see if you have conviction of your beliefs.

If you don't drink beer and all your friends do, and it doesn't affect you one bit, then that's conviction!

But if you need to mould others to your image, or will only mix with other friends who don't drink, well, your conviction may not be as strong as you think... Wink.

Perhaps that's why someone long ago don't mind to mix with prostitutes and tax collectors; and why the lotus flower has no issues with blooming in the midst of mud.



  1. I am frugal as I mostly drink beers and wine from DFS and don't unnecessary tax.

  2. One reader asked me: Are you okay with Starbucks lim kopi session and not Ya Kun?

    Nothing wrong with Starbucks. Going to Starbucks is not frugal meh?

    1. CW,

      Remember our Starbucks "lim kopi" where I ordered the E-cup sized kopi black kosong?


      I always ordered the Frapuccino Venti at Starbucks.

      Didn't know Venti for hot drinks is that big!!! Can make Amy Yip blush...


    2. Lifetime memory when finishing kopi is a chore!

    3. CW,

      Crash got sound. Now I know!


  3. why the lotus flower have no issues with blooming in the midst of mud?

    Why catfish survive well in muddy water? LOL!

    1. CW,

      Those who shriek, "Yee! Kotor (dirty)!" will not come near the lotus flower or catfish.

      Which suits the lotus and catfish fine.

      More room; less crowded :)

  4. Hi SMOL,

    I think not drinking the beer gives you the potential to have that aeroplane, but there's a series of things that must go right in order to own that aeroplane.

    Step 1: Save up on the beer money
    Step 2: Invest properly at x% per year
    Step 3: Buy the aeroplane

    I think the guy didn't do step 1, so step 2 and 3 will be hard if we solely base it on the amt of money saved from not drinking beer. The girl most likely didn't do step 2, so the amt of money that is left rotting in the bank is just there.

    So therein lies the moral of the story: Save the money AND invest it properly.

    1. LP,

      Your example no fun one. Boo...

      First things first, let me poke the girls:

      Want men to give up beer? You give up buying new shoes first?

      Now how you feel if your boyfriend do the math on you skipping buying new shoes every month... He insect right?

      Since its about day-dreaming or fantasy making, might as well make it sexy and fun!

      Scenario 1
      The man drinks beer to unwind after working 12 hours days at a start-up, 6 days a week. After the gruelling 5 years, he became a multi-millionaire after cashing in his stock options during the IPO. Man buys aeroplane.

      Scenario 2
      Man drinks beer, career going no where. Buys 2 dollar Toto quick-pick, hit the first prize. Invest some of the winnings with friends to fund a start-up together. Friends do all the work; man drinks beer. Man cash-out at IPO. Man buys aeroplane.


    2. Hi SMOL,

      Ok, you win! If we have nothing to give, at least must give hope! HAHA

    3. LP,


      Life is never a straight-line extrapolation ;)

  5. Hi SMOL and LP,

    The moral of the story,IMHO, is this: KNOWING is one thing, DOING IT is another story. If you know it but don't do it, it is as if you do not know it.


    In the book of James (4:17), the Bible says:"If anyone,then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn't do it,it is sin for them.

    We are all guilty of this, aren't we?

    1. Sanye兄,

      I've noticed that those who are skilled in Buddhism are less "evangelical" than those novices who have just started their journeys.

      I guess when we realise we have our own issues and demons to address, where got time to worry and mess with others? LOL!


  6. Lol, Smol,

    Nice! I dun mind my friends eating meat while I keep to my meat free diet, must say I got some covictions LOL

    however, from my observation, those who persist in scrimping for the future, most of them really enjoy it. Of course, there are sad sheeps, but most of them seem happy accumulating cash, and I just trying to pass the happiness.

    They perhaps are. No difference from me, who try to pass happiness by asking people to chill la.

    Different folks different strokes.

    U know what SMol, peer "pressure" is very real! My relative recently change car change house !! U say I stress a not? Hats off really too my wife, I know it's a hole in her heart, she brought up things like, "is xx really buying the condo at our place?" I said "not sure if confirmed" she stopped.

    I do wish to give her what she wants. But I am just not ready ... I think she understand too. She just stop there and then...

    Talk about 默契

    1. 15 years later. Your wife may say lucky hor; we didn't buy that condo. You see XX still struggling with the mortgage payment . Like that how to retire arh?

    2. please lor. CW,

      15 years later, she will say "see la, they got something for their children, the property price is twice of what it is 15 years ago! You selfish giam gana!"

      I do think people get rich playing property, they should! They are either lucky, got balls, got knowledge or got money!

      I got no money, no balls, no knowledge, and didn't want to try my luck.

      Gam sia

    3. CW,

      Just like what you've shared about people chopping their fingers from getting burnt from stock investing, the same goes that if we get our entries and exits wrong with properties, the result won't be pretty...

    4. Sillyinvestor,

      You are not anonymous. You've showed you and your wife's pic in your blog.

  7. temperament,

    Everyone of us are unique individuals when it comes to risk taking.

    All the more respect to married couples like you and sillyinvestor where someone has to give, someone has to take...

    Its a lot easier for singles like me - I just do what comes naturally to me :)

    Contentment is one of the corner stones for happiness.

    Live and eat well.

    What more can anyone asks for?

    Peace be with you.

  8. Hi Jared,

    So after all this, what is your ultimate indulgence? You don't look like those everyday-drink-beer kind of person!

    1. Jes,

      I don't drink.

      My indulgence is soft drinks.

      That's probably where my pot-belly comes from ;)

      Love them since young.

      I have a sweet tooth. I like all things sweet and nice ;)

  9. SMOL,

    Something like desserts?
    I love desserts too!

    1. Blursotong King,

      Yes, desserts are sweet, aren't they?



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