Friday, 14 April 2017

Practical Business Finance for Non-Financial Executives - (yes, got subsidy)

I am constantly bemused by new investing enthusiasts who were inspired to start their (harrowing) financial journeys and jump blind into the investment pit of snakes and dragons (龙蛇混杂).

If they come from a non-accounting or business finance background, one would have thought they would want to learn some basic accounting first - for accounting is the language of commerce.


They go pay $3K for some voodoo investing course that's nothing more than A is for Apple level kind of education.

Of course they can't tell the difference! Only "bei kambings" will mistake A for Apple as the "holy grail".

They will get a rude shock when they pickup an "Investing for Dummies" book only to realise that's where their "mentor" has stolen with pride from!!!

OK, enough of foreplay.

Now click here:

Under point 3 you'll find this Practical Business Finance for Non-Financial Executives.

Notice something interesting?

Nanyang Technological University - power or what? Not some unheard of "self-proclaimed academy of sorts".

Academic of substance - not someone off the street (that would include me).

There are also other interesting courses - like leadership skills, critical thinking, and of course this one close to my heart - coaching.

P.S.  Those of you who are warm-blooded with your own internal combustion engines would have gotten the hint and now exploring the continuing education websites of NUS and other local universities, Polys, and ITE (举一反三).

Some are part-time courses with vigorous examinations for those who are into collecting boy scout badges. Yes, can add more ABCs behind your name. Wink.


  1. Hi SMOL,

    As I get older, I realize I dun want long titles behind my name, I want a long break. I dun want a fat tummy, I want a fat wallet.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      You guys so good! Can put ABCs behind your names. I cannot :(

      But then, people just take things at face value; they never verify one.

      Maybe I can sneak in:

      Jared Seah - Bachelor man, Masters of nothing, Doctor not me lah!

      Would that impress the gold diggers?

    2. SmOl,

      Dun anyhow say ok. I dun have ABC behind my name ok. LOL.

      I dun MBA ...NBA CFA CFC whatever not ok

      BUT I do like nick,

      Silly investor, Yandao eh, wu say eh.

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      Some young graduates like to put a B.Sc behind their names. More powderful ones add a (Hons).

      Nowadays, when people emailed me through my blog, I like to end my emails with: Jared - SMOL

      I guess that's me making up for the hole-in-the-heart?


  2. Hi SMOL,

    Haha, i'm not into collecting certs :) If I need to study, I'll just pick a book or learn from youtube. So many things out there, we don't need formalised teaching to learn something useful, unless the whole point is the cert itself! lol

    I think I'm going to be a uncertified early childhood expert soon...going to bore through that thick textbooks plus scheduled practicals lol

    1. LP,


      The good news is that big daddy has wised up ;)

      Now they talk about skill sets; not paper qualifications.

      Talk about learning; not teaching.

      Makes life more inclusive for cat people that come after us ;)

      I am damn lucky things turned out alright for me.

      At 16, my strength is I don't know what cannot be done. Looking back, I'm surprised where I got my from?

      I abandoned Pre-U to find my own way; you never worked a day in corporate.

      We both not very good at following the yellow brick road hor?


  3. Practical Business Finance for Non-Financial Executives - the topics can be found in books. It's just a matter of whether one likes to read or likes to listen to learn. ;)

    1. Rainbow girl,

      Yup. Knowing our learning styles is key here. Can save us lots of unnecessary stress and learning angst...

      I learnt mine in corporate where we have lots of workshops and team building exercises to help us discover ours and our co-workers.

      Do we do them in Uni and Poly?

      I don't do well in lecture settings; I suspect I will enjoy tutorials though! I like to challenge and debate!


    2. I missed out your style - learn by doing and asking.:)


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