Thursday 29 December 2011


1 more day to go!

Today I will return my office pass and other identifying documents back to the HR dept. There goes my beloved DELL notebook, and other tools of the trade. Books to return... Sigh...

There is a sense of loss and nakeness.

Man identify himself in society by stating what we do:

1) I am a lawyer
2) I worked for so and so
3) I am the husband of xxx (I am not a MCP even though I am Teochew)
4) I am the son of xxx

How shall I identify myself to strangers in the future? When I'm asked what do I do, how should I reply?

Interesting... Need to reflect and ponder about it at a later date.

Not today. Today lots of things to do. Files to delete, stuffs to throw and return, things to pack!


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I think you got to identify yourself by the name of your blog. Call yourself a man of leisure. Work? nah, those are for pple still waiting in queue to be a man of leisure.

    You have a good trip back to sg!

  2. Hey LP!

    "Involved party blur; outsider clear!"

    Thanks! Why not? I am indeed a man of leisure! So be it!

  3. I measure the road. Got hear this from your father or not?

  4. CW8888,

    ??? This lingo I did not hear before. I go back and ask Dad ;)

    I only know: "You think this your father's road?"

  5. Hi SMOL,

    Welcome you to come back to the $$$ minded sg with many elites!!


  6. Thanks OT83!

    I guess I'll do my bit to ring the bell of the simple life and hammer the tune that living in Singapore on a budget is not all that bad.

    A song and a book I can be happy like bird already!

  7. Hi SMOL

    Just tell strangers that you are on sabbatical. You can save some saliva.

  8. Thanks YJ72!

    I guess you had more experienced on this regard here ;)

    OMG, CNY time lagi more headache... Will try your method - I on sabbatical for not so close friends and relatives.

    For closer friends and relative, I'll tell them I now man of leisure :)


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