Friday 16 December 2011

The pleasure of naked skin over leather...

During sofa selling days, when I have newly wed couples visiting the IMM Jurong showroom I was working in during weeknights, I love to use the above close.

This works best when we have the showroom all to ourselves, without other prying customers J

While we are all sitting down on a sofa, whenever the young newly weds were having their moment of “indecision” whether to go for fabric or leather, I would look at the young wife and gently stoke the back of my hand over the leather sofa and whisper softly:

“Can you feel the pleasure of naked skin over leather?”

And for the kill, I would give a naughty wink of the eye – ever so slightly that it’s hardly noticeable.

Most of the time, the young wife’s eyes will light up and she will give the excited “look” to her hubby. If the guy gets it, he will smile and they will decide to go for the leather.

Kaching $$$! Leather sofas cost more mah! Trade them up means more commission for me ;)

But sometimes, we get hubbies who are very “tood, tood”. I can see the frustration of the young wife who tries very hard to “explain” without being too explicit. Especially with me around…

So I would pretend that I need to make a phone call and leave the young couple alone. While walking away, if I hear the hubby laugh, I would smile. Kaching $$$!

Of course it does not work all the time, but it sure is fun when it works! That’s how I kill time and have fun during those long and boring weekday nights at IMM.

If you are clueless and very married, may I suggest you get out of the bedroom and experiment a bit? LOL! (Don’t get me started on the dining table…)

There is a reason why I shared this story of my salesman days. It’s about “trigger” words. They are powerful!!!

Be aware of them when you are making a financial decision – whether reading an IPO prospectus or evaluating a financial product with a “salesman”– these “trigger” words affect us all.

But first, you have to figure out what words – when used on you – is like stroking the back of a woman’s neck that makes her knees go like jelly.

Proof you say? If we are all so logical, why do we see people buying insurance products first, then ask Tan Kin Lian whether they good or not? Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

We liked to think we’ve bought; but it could be we were sold…

How about stocks? Did we buy or were we sold?

Sold by the ideas of the opinion leaders you respect? Sold by the “talking heads” at CNBC, Channel News Asia – are they really there to give “free” advice or to plug their firms’ services or gain exposure for their funds?

When I in sales, I am in it for the commissions. Now that I am into blogging, what’s in it for me? Friend, I thirsty…


  1. Too bad I didn't live in my flat alone as there were parent and sibling living together.

    One of my friends told me they had so much fun on sofa and rolling down onto the floor. LOL

  2. sorry for being anal..
    but your sales pitch with the caress and the whisper to the wife about "feeling naked skin to the leather".. sounds too much like hitting on my wife... Your trigger words sounds more like that of an impending sexual harassment lawsuit :p

    I'm surprised none of the hubby even got displeased.

  3. Haha I agree with wealth journey there! Tread carefully my friend! Or were there other stories you missed?!

  4. Hi SMOL,
    Naughty! Naughty! You were very fotunate you "picked" the correct "victims".

  5. 1) CW8888,

    That's why nowadays young brides don't want to stay with hubby's parents...

    We can follow the Japanese with their thin walls - we go outside! Their love hotels are more for married couples :)

    2) WJ, sm@ll.fry, Temperament,

    Of course I got check "face colour" first!

    Most of the time the hubbies know whether their wives are the "flirty" kind - so safe!

    One time this lady bent forward and ask me for discount in a very "suggestive" way.

    I pointed to the husband and said, "Cannot! You husband looking at me..."

    The husband and I had a good laugh together and the husband poked at his wife, "Dear, your trick does not work on him lah!"

    But of course there are the "possessive" guys who just by talking to the wife their face black black... Blacker than Justice Bao!

    I quickly switch on my MCP face. Whole time see the wife as "transparent". LOL!

    Sales is a good way to undersand people (and myself)!

    If not how to "hollywood" at work?

  6. Hi SMOL

    You have an interesting background, have even done stints selling sofas :-)

    Absolutely spot on, more people should read "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Dr. Robert Cialdini where sales people, financial advisors, car sellers, waiters and other people who make use of such techniques to close the sale/transaction :-)

    Be well and prosper.

  7. Hee hee Panzer,

    We all have our different learning styles.

    I studied at the University of Life.

    I learn best by observing, discussing (some call it debating), and reflecting.

    14 more days and counting!


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