Friday 9 December 2011

甄妮 - 明日話今天 (The song for my speculation philosophy)

无论有几多变迁 何必诸多挂牵
过了今天 再有一天 仲有几个十年
愿望系做个预算 梦幻系自我去编

命里系注定从前 梦境系一片胡言
唯有我永远面对目前 明日话今天
昨天亦提到 想到旧年 更多挑战

迎面有几多变迁 谁知道边一个
这里高山 那里沧海 在那天边良田
实在系话变就变 预伏在乐趣前面
前面有千变万化 不会睇见

Seems like 2008 déjà vu all over again… Now that “winter” approaches us again.

Having survived Lehman 2008, SARS 2003, 9/11, Nasdaq dot-com crash, I don’t fear the “cold” of this winter. I fear more the “duration” of this winter…

Somehow, my feeling is that this winter won’t be as cold as 2008/9; but I have a strange feeling it may last longer than past winters. I could be wrong, but no harm in stocking more food and buying some new thermal underwear!?

More “senior” investors who have braved through more severe winters - like the Clob saga and Pan Electric collapse (that’s our Singapore’s equivalent of Lehman and weapons of mass destruction event. Imagine most Singapore brokers going bust!? Talk about counter-party risks!!!) – may have another perspective than me. I suspect they would be more sanguine ;)

And I am sure “new” investors who only started investing from end 2009 or early 2010 may have a totally different perspective from us “old” and “mid” timers… And it should be.

We are the result of our past experiences. Some see stars; some see mud.

This song by Jenny never fails to inspire me. The lyrics have beautifully described what I’ve gone through in my speculation’s journey and my philosophy on life. I’ve copied paste the text in simple Chinese script just in case younger Singaporeans can’t read the complex Chinese script in the video.

P.S.  The intention is not for you to follow my song choice. You have to find your own song ;)

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  1. OK, no one wants to talk to me so I talk to myself lor!

    明日话今天 - Reflecting on today in the future.

    I am now "young" enough to start reminiscing and longing for the good old days...

    How life was simpler and better than. More opportunities, less stress...

    However, I am sure 10 or 20 years from now, I will be reminiscing how life was so wonder during the 2010s... Kicking myself for not loading more when stocks and property prices were such a bargain now!


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