Monday 26 December 2011

My first article published! Another virgin experience!

I would like to share a most wonderful experience with you all!

Last week, NextInsight -  a hub for serious investors, invited me to write an article about my experience in Athens. Having a first person perspective here as the Greek tragedy unfolded...

Guess what? I wrote from the heart and it was published yesterday on Christmas day!

You should see me jumping around with glee! Laugh all you want. It's my very first time! And every "first time" is special. Don't tell me you forgot your first kiss?

Will print it out and show mommy.

I need your encouragement and support. And as always, constructive feedback is welcomed. Eh... it's the holidays, do honey-glaze the poke? A Merry Christmas to you too!

Do leave your comments at the bottom of the article what you think:

"My Experience Living In Athens As The Greek Tragedy Unfolded..."

I've learnt a lot from this writing experience. And will share my learnings after I've collected all the feedback :)

Stay tuned....

P.S.  Don't just look at the babe with the yellow Ferrari leh! (Click on the NextInsight homepage for the ice-cream)


  1. all i can think of is the money that you will bring back after so many years haha.

    merry christmas.

  2. great article, makes us appreciate the life here little better yeah, and yes, the ferrari lady was distracting :P

  3. Hello Coconut,

    They are in Euros...

    I left 3 years ago when 1 euro = 2.13 sgd

    Now I return 3 years later and now
    1 euro = 1.70 sgd

    Ouch! Talk about pay-cut! Lucky I got hedge my pay 50% by locking at the fixed rate of 2.13 sgd.

    Hey! That's how I learnt forex and became aware of currency earnings risks of SGX companies - even if the shares are in SGD.

    SGX stocks denominated in USD don't scare me liao :)

  4. Hi Jared,

    Articles based on first-hand experience are usually more insightful than copy-and-paste articles garnered from other people's writings.

    Nice piece of article at NextInsight! You can write pretty well too:)

    I am not sure whether to congratulate you or not. In your own words, you are going to join me in "hanging my head in shame". Mine was forced. Yours is voluntary because of your hard work working overseas. So, I guess I should really congratulate you! You have made it!

  5. Ha ha Guru,

    I knew I couldn't compete with the babe. LOL!

    I count my blessings to be born in Singapore, but I remind myself everyday not to live life as if my red passport is an "entitlement" ticket to something.

    I pay my own way.

  6. hyom,

    I share you sentiments as twice in my career I've been through what you have gone through - although not "forced" technically - but hey! It'semantics.

    In both times, when I saw the signs on the wall, I took first mover action on my own. I just have to be 1 step quicker.

    I'll write about them in the future as part of my "Peeling the Onion" posts.

    1) Montogomery Ward went chapter 11then bankcrupt. (This one can understand)

    2) IKEA relocating our Regional Headquarters from Singapore to Shanghai. (This one buay da han!)

    Thanks for the kind words. I am still on my journey. I guess I am now more into my self-actualisation phase.

  7. Hi Jared

    Great article on NextInsight :-)

    I've posted a comment at the article there.

    Be well and prosper.

  8. Panzer,

    As always, I appreciate your support and kind comments.

    I guess you know how I look. No need to wear a red rose when we meet?


  9. Hello Anon 5:29,

    You have to click the NextInsight homepage :)


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