Monday 2 January 2012

I achieved my 2011 New Year Resolution for the first time!

Aloha! I'm backed in Singapore! Came back on New Year's eve on Saturday morning.

I've managed to achieve my New Year resolutions for the very first time in my 44 years! And that's by not making any!? See my 2011 New Year Resolution.

I am moving towards another path when it comes to setting life goals. I stress again its about life goals - not financial or career goals. For task oriented activities, MBO and goal settings maybe useful - although I am beginning to question them too...

Back to life goals and experiences. I am now focusing on living in the moment. Tomorrow may never come, yesterday is for reminiscing, but today is here and present!

If I feel like doing something, do it! Don't feel like doing, don't do lor!

And that's how it's been for 2011. And that has worked out not too bad. If it ain't broken, I don't change it for 2012 :)

Wishing all a wonderful 2012! Let the roar of the dragon be heard!

No matter whether you have direction in life, or if you're similar to me - where the wind blows, I will follow just like the fallen leaf.


  1. Wishing you success and happiness on your journey to fulfilling your life goals!

  2. Hi Jared

    Welcome back to Singapore.

    Have a good time re-discovering Singapore as much has changed since you were based in Greece for last 3 years.

    Many new parks have been developed at ulu places like Punggol and Sentosa has really gone through massive facelifts with Resorts World developments.

    Be well and prosper :-)

  3. Hi SMOL,
    Sure or not, where the wind blows you follow? You are what the Chinese say,"if you are not a fierce dragon you won't cross oversea".
    So how many followers have you?
    Don't be modest and admit you are the leader.
    Now you are back home, what are your "new impressions" of Singapore in total? i am sure many of us like to know what you think of our present Singapore.
    Welcome home and be healthy and may you prosper in whatever you think and do.

  4. 1) Thanks Guru!

    By the way, just so you know, I often "poke" at so called "gurus". So do look out - got "s" in plural means I am being naughty. Not poking you OK? LOL!

    2) Panzer,

    Yup! Will defintely explore all the new and not so new parks. Hey! Labrador trail just opened yesterday! Got the old KTM railway track to explore too!

    Queenstown got lots of new stuffs popping up. Must record all the nostalgic places before they are all torned down...

  5. Temperament,

    I where got followers? I choose my words carefully one ;)

    I only have journey companions. I am neither a sheep nor a shepherd.

    I liken all of us to be heroes of Water Margin (水滸傳), and our common meeting place is at LP's taven.

    All of us have our unique skill sets and we role play different characters (I play the jack of all trades D&D Bard's role) - and that's what makes it fun!

    LOL! You may want to ask your kids what's D&D? Hey! Maybe you are already the level 99 Paladin in WOW!?


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