Friday 23 December 2011

365 days ago today, I embarked on a journey…

From that first shamelessly self-indulgent post, my journey as a blogger has begun.

Along the way, I’ve picked the flowers of humility; swam against the tide; glided with the wind; crashed into trees; and most of all, showered myself silly with the joy and pleasure of abandonment fun!

A gentle poke here, a satire there – always sugar coated with humour to dull the sting. Oh what joy to be able to let my heart roar! Hush to my brain, quiet now.

Manly words are lonely without the mistresses of melody, rhythm, and beat of music… What is life without song and poetry? All the glitter of gold will not light up the soul that’s empty, always seeking numbers to fill the void...  

A quick glance at my portfolio gains and misses for the past year:

1)     After 6 months of walking 2 hours to and from work, I’ve lost 3 kg. Still got a tummy, but at least now I don’t look like I am having my 2nd trimester!

2)     I still look great! You sexy thing!

3)     No major injuries or illness, touch wood! I guess rubbing my head often helps! I blockhead?

4)     I’ve got to know a dozen and more “closer” cyber-friends. Some are very shy and I respect that. Let’s see how many will meet me for coffee next year? Lucky they include 1 lady! People may talk if I only meet men…

5)     My family wants me back. Phew!

6)     Oh, I’ve lost a job too.

If success is measured by what we have to give up achieving it, I think I’ve got a bargain!


  1. Wah SMOL, you sure you dont have some phD in eng lit???!! :p

  2. The smol man thanks the sm@ll.fry
    For your kind words and tease
    Just mere words written on the fly
    I wish you wonderful joy and peace


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