Tuesday 20 December 2011

Countdown and Trading Opportunities?

Last Friday, the movers came and packed all my "stuffs" - mainly clothes (did I really buy all these?), shoes (I have 8 pairs!? Man, must stop my shoes fetish...) and books (they are more for decoration and impressing people). Altogether 5 big cartons full.

I am now living on 1 suitcase of clothes. 1 week's inventory in winter's clothes, 1 week's inventory in summer clothes.

Guess what!? It's cheaper to send by air than by sea this time round for my "stuffs"!? We've used sea for my previous relocation from Singapore to Shanghai and Shanghai to Athens.

Trading Opportunity?
It could be just this Athens to Singapore sector, but I would spend sometime investigating it next year. With the over capacity in shipping... It can't be that the sea freights are more expensive than air freights...

Can it be the air carriers are also experiencing... Hmm...

Either way, it can't be good for the shipping carriers!? Cut-throat competition amongst shippers was not enough. Now got extra competition from the air carriers too!

I don't look at trading screens; but I do look at "goldfishes". LOL!

Travel light
I've left behind 1 box of cutlery and pots and pans. They have served me well for 7 years now. My "gift" to the next tenant in Athens!? On further reflection, I could have left 1 or 2 more boxes of clothes behind too... That’s if I want to. I guess "letting go" can be hard....

Baby steps... I need to slowly exchange "stuffs" and "life's baggage" with more "experiential memories". On my last journey in life, I guess there will be no space for extra luggage except the space between my ears ;)

Turkey looks interesting!
I so glad I will be taking a SQ flight home next Friday 30th Dec 2011!!!

All thing being equal, I would prefer to support a Singapore company. I am a self-declared patriot! (OK, calm down and stop using the cultural revolution red-guard "look ahead" posture... Wait people think I communist!)

We used to have Athens to Singapore direct SQ flights. Now I have to transit Athens - Istanbul - Singapore.

Interesting... Mental note to myself: I must investigate opportunities to invest in Turkey. It's showing economic tell-tale -signs of the 4 Asian tiger economies that I grew up with ;)


11 more days to go.... Feels like my Army National Service ROD days!


  1. Hey SMOL, have a safe journey! So many years overseas must have been very impactful and meaningful in many ways.

  2. Thanks sm@ll.fry!

    Looking forward to surfing the waves of volatility next year!

    Story of my life (bad market timer)... Of all the years, I choose next year to be a free agent!?

    Now really have my back against the wall - no way to go but forward! Onwards!


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