Monday 5 December 2011

To Serve Man - It's A Cook Book!

The world waited with abated breath as the alien spacecraft touched down outside the lawn of the American Whitehouse.

Out came a tall and slim humanoid figure similar to what the sci-fi movies have portrayed as “aliens”. It’s about 7 feet tall, with elongated fingers and slender arms and legs. Its movement was almost “elf” liked - gentle and graceful, with small measured steps; as if it’s afraid to disturb the fallen leaves on the lawn.

The alien carried a small tablet made of crystal like material. On it, there were strange alien markings; but on the top, the bold letters in English can be observed clearly: “To Serve Man”

The world breathed a sign of relief as we discovered the alien visitors were benign and benevolent. They have come in peace. Earth’s united military stood down. Nothing unites all the warring factions of Earth’s humanity than a common “threat”…

The aliens brought with them new technology to aid the humans. Within a few months, many of the diseases that have plagued Man were eradicated. Bountiful crops and harvests ensured with the aliens’ aid. New clean energy resources were introduced, and Man learnt how to clean up the polluted rivers and how to turn the barren deserts into farmlands and green oases.

War and strife were soon forgotten and obsolete. Man has enough.

Man can finally relax and enjoy life. They “worked” four hours a day and 3 days a week. Man relied on the advanced robotics and computer technology   the aliens so kindly shared with them. Man was so grateful to the aliens!

As the months and years passed, Man’s population mushroomed… The alien visitors were ever so kind to invite Man to visit their home planet. Regular shuttles of these inter-galactic flights were introduced at all major cities on Earth.

No one ever questioned why those humans that visited the alien’s home planet never returned. The conventional thinking was that if Earth today is so pleasant, the alien’s home planet must be paradise! So no one wanted to return back to Earth. Yes, that must be it!

Deraj, an amateur code-breaker has lots of time on his hands and was bored to death with the life of “no challenges”. To satisfy his intellectual curiosity, he took a copy of the “To Serve Man” tablet and tried to decipher the alien markings.

It took Deraj many months, but he finally cracked it!

As Deraj read and re-read his own translation, his face turned paled… Without a moment’s hesitation, Deraj rushed to the nearest inter-galactic shuttle flight station in his city of New Delhi and shouted wildly at the boarding humans – who were all full of smiles and laughter:

“It’s a cook book! It’s a cook book!”


  1. This story was inspired by an episode of the twilight zone black and white TV series that I've watched as a child.

    Several weeks ago, a butterfly and a master chef were commenting on a photo with dark clouds that looked ominously like an alien invasion.

    Somehow "alien" and "chef" made me recall this story. Hmph! The butterfly even super poked me when I told this story in draft...

    Oh yes! In case if you are wondering, the moral of the story is:

    If it looks too good to be true; it probably is!

  2. And as Robert Heinlein put it so aptly... TANSTAAFL!

    There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!

    ... unless you're part of it. hurhurhur

  3. Hi SMOL,
    If i can't figure where is the risk i don't get involved. Called me stupid if you like. It doesn't change a thing or two.

  4. 1) Patty,

    I hope you are vegetarian! Your laugh very de scary... LOL!

    2) Temperament,

    I remember one elder told me this:

    "You smart; others not stupid too!"

    Most of my investing mistakes were made when I am too clever for my own good. I thought I knew all the answers/risks... Ouch!

  5. We like to think when we are smart and other people not smarter.

    We like to think when we are stupid; then other people are more stupid.


  6. CW8888,

    We've all paid our school fees the "reality" way...

    Slowly but surely, I am beginning to understand your: "More investing; less analysing"


  7. Hi SMOL

    Reminds me of the TV series "V". :-)

    Be well and prosper.

  8. I never ceased to be amazed at how you always link up seemingly unrelated stories into investment principles. I like it!


  9. 1) Hello Panzer,

    I wonder if the farm animals see us the same way... We may be the "aliens" to them. I should be talking... I am a meat lover!

    2) Hello Blackjack,

    I so happy you like it! It's fun writing all these stuffs up ;)

    I provide some comic relief and light entertainment. Glad you didn't take me too seriously :)

    You made my day! We all need some compliments from time to time. LOL!


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