Sunday 4 December 2011

Tokyo Buildings - July 2008

When I travel, I've always been fascinated with 2 things:

a) Architecture (I see them as sculptures for the masses)

b) People (I call it bird watching)

Was reorganising my photo archives and found these interesting photos from my Tokyo trip during July 2008:

This is at the Funabashi city where my Tokyo office is located. Part of the Greater Tokyo area in the Chiba prefecture. The flats looked like those 3 room HDB flats at Beo Crescent?

A contrast of the old and the new. The walk-up apartments reminded me of ours in Singapore.

The green green grass of home. To the left is the metro station. It's interesting to see how suburbia looks.

OK, now we are in the Tokyo central downtown. Space is indeed a premium in Japan! On top are the shoe-box apartments. It's real cool to have a quaint coffee shop at the bottom. OK, our Singapore HDB kopi-tiam (coffee shop) not as stylo, but it's same same - convenient!

Talk about living in small spaces! Is this building cute or what!? Cute is cute; but I hope Singapore don't become like this one day...

Tokyo's Shinjuku business district. I thought this sky scrapper is nice! Then discovered London has a building with similar style. I guess when someone have a good idea, its "borrow with pride".

At the top of the Roppongi buidling overlooking Tokyo. Nemo was there too!

The first Apple store in Ginza, Tokyo. Something for Apple fans!

I like this photo the best! Especially the geomatric lines and its stylistic effect. It's Ginza with all the big retail names.

On the side streets of Ginza, I found this super sweet florist and coffee shop. Too bad I alone. Would be nice to sip coffee and watch the rain with a female companion. Aw....

Stones outside the Imperial Palace. Reminded me of the Japanese. Everyone is the same; conformity.


  1. Hi SMOL,
    Hey! i don't know you are a photo-journalist too. Is that going to be your hobby/job when you are financial free?

  2. And oh i forget; Where are the birds watching you promised?

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Wah, your photos are all stylo mylo one :) Well done!

  4. Temperament,

    Yes! I would probably bring my idiot-proof camera wherever I go in Singapore when I return. The nostalgia bloggers have inspired me to capture my memories of Singapore before they are torn down forever.

    The bird watching pics of Tokyo will come next Sunday! The problem is editting... So many pics to choose from!?

  5. Ha ha LP!

    You paint; I snap ;)

    I have a fantasy. Imagine we have a small gathering of our small community:

    Patty cooks, Musicwhiz sings, you paint, I recite a poem, AK makes "tong sui" (dessert), and each and everyone contribute some pet interest or hobby.

    We ban all talks about money.

    Now that's 8 immortals crossing the sea!

    I wish more finance bloggers will reveal more of themselves. If not, casual readers may think we are all money faced and tight fisted... LOL!

  6. Hi SMOL

    Nice photographs. I try to take photos more since most smartphones like iPhone have decent cameras that can take shots for uploading into blogs or just as a keepsake.

    I would love to bring my daughter to Japan for a holiday within the next year or so :-)

    Be well and prosper.

  7. Hello Panzer,

    You are such a nice daddy!

    Even CNN reporters use iPhone to take videos when their cameras were "confiscated".

    The wonders of modern technology!

    To your good health!


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