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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Stacked Homes - DIY Property Platform

Some people just love to assemble and pimp-put their own furniture or PC.

It gives them a sense of accomplishment.

While some just love the cost savings that goes with Do-It-Yourself.

Same for investments.

Most of us would prefer to do it online ourselves than dealing with a remisier or private banker.

It seems more and more HDB transactions are being transacted by owners and buyers themselves nowadays without the engagement of property agents!?

Not I say one hor.

You can verify yourself with our nation building press:

More buying, selling flats the DIY way

Come checkout this DIY property platform:

Stacked Homes

Is it me or what?

But do you find the 3D thing very cool and smooth?

Even not buying or selling, I don't mind browsing around to get some "inspiration" on home decorations.

Or maybe to be precise, what NOT to do when it comes to home renovations...


P.S.  I am surprised to see condo and private properties listed there. One would assume rich people can afford a property agent...

I guess when you can save $10-30K, money is still money!


  1. Wow!!

    Smol, u also bleeding heart now. Muhahahaha.

    Jokes aside. Are they entrepreneurs with dreams?

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I no bleeding heart; I cheerleader ;)

      Met one of the co-founders Tuesday near Orchard Towers for coffee to do my Trust by Verify thing.

      I used to work next door at Palais Renaissance with Montgomery Ward as a purchaser.

      Ah! Fond memories of Orchard Towers... Took the opportunity to "tour" my old workplace :)

      I see the basement escort agencies have now been replaced by "massage" parlours ;)

      This watering-hole is bringing unexpected benefits.

      Its nice to talk to young entrepreneurs in Singapore sharing with me their dreams and visions.

      I think my "sponsors" tab above will grow a bit this year.

      I am merely paying it forward ;)


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