Friday, 29 October 2021

HDB Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) Great For Pinnacle Flat Owners!


Remember I was explaining how owners of those "rare" HDB terraces houses were pretty upset when their houses were chosen for enbloc eons ago?

Yup, there are always exceptions in life. Someone's loss is another person's gain.

Those "lucky" HDB terrace house owners that were not chosen for enbloc got to thank big daddy big time! 

Big daddy made those "rare" HDB terrace houses even "rarer"!

If I'm a flat owner at Pinnacle, I would be jumping with joy! And high-fiving with my neighbours right now! 

As big daddy build more PLH BTOs in future, those HDB flats located in prime location (Pinnacle) that have no extra encumbersome rules and restrictions, what do you think?

Will they not be more popular? 


I wonder who are those 7,500 "kaypohs" that so "generously" provided feedback to big daddy?

It would interesting to find out how many were staying in private condos or landed properties?

Is it a social economic class thing?

Ahem, rental incomes and capital gains should only be the purview of private property owners. 

Subsidised public housing should be for living in purposes only, OK? (KNS)

Or can it be the majority of the 7,500 contributors are sour grape HDB heartlanders doing the dog in manger thing? 

Wait. Of the 7.500, some are waiting to get their first HDB flats?

You know what would be "justice"?

Let them get their PLH BTO flats!!!

When they gave their 2 cents' worth, I bet these Charlie Browns probably thought they won't be so lucky as to get the ballot for these PLH BTOs!

Readers who have bought the recent BTOs at Telok Blangah, come, I congratulate you!

Some of you is pure dumb luck.

But some of you is "preparation meeting opportunity". Wink. 

You took noticed when the Greater Southern Waterfront project was first announced in 2013, and more importantly, you took action!

Now you pray a future PLH BTO would be announced near your flats.

I don't think you need me to spell it out for you...

There is still hope for those of us not staying inside the Central Area or Greater Southern Waterfront project.

There is another definition called the Central Region.

I'll also use this Wikipedia link for Central Region to make it easier for bei kambings to determine which HDB towns are included. 

A quick question: Where is Telok Blangah!? 

This proves those who are staying in Telok Blangah, Bukit Merah or Queenstown have our backyard edge over those who not familiar with the area. Wink.

Its a big region. 

Look, big daddy says they have plans to launch one PLH BTO per year...

It won't happen within the next few years. But in a decade or two? 

When all the available land in the Central Area or Greater Southern Waterfront have been allocated to PLH BTOs?

HDB flat owners staying at Kallang or Marine Parade area would be hoping the future Dakota BTOs would be part of PLH!

Same for me. 

I mean Bukit Merah and Queenstown are within walking/cycling distances to the Greater Southern Waterfront project. 

Bukit Merah residents you go via Henderson Road; we in Queenstown use the Alexandra Road. Both very green and scenic. 

We don't compete amongst ourselves. Either one of us get, we'll share in the halo effect! Its all good.

Our "competitor" will be those residing in the East. They got "lao goh" to lobby for them!?


What about Bishan and Toa Payoh in the North of Central Region?

Eh... Sorry. You're not in the running.

Not I say one hor!

P.S.  You know why so many suck at fundamental analysis? Don't read annual reports?

In the wall of text for the Bishan and Toa Payoh link, if you not observant and missed that one sentence...

I know. 

Reading is hard.


  1. Besides ToTo Jackpot and Big Sweep; now SG has periodic HDB Prime Pot! Don't miss the boat if you are eligible to take the lucky Pot!

    1. CW,

      Unless big daddy switches to the car COE method to allocate new BTOs (who got money wins), no matter how you tweak with balloting, the "lottery effect" will always be there...

      Ballot is just another word for lucky draw. Deal with it.

      The new PLH model just make EXISTING flat owners in good, better, best locations a lot happier :)

      I'm not complaining!

      I've learnt the hard way during my days in Supply Chain. There's a reason why those of us that have "experience" don't fix problems we know and can mitigate.

      Itchy fingers "solve" the existing problem, new problems we don't know will just pop-up all over!


      P.S. Of course for young corporate warriors eager to prove their worth to climb the corporate ladder, must poke and create problems to solve!

      Old timers waiting for retirement, do less is more ;)

  2. Smol,

    10-yr MOP still ok. The kicker is future resale buyers also must not exceed BTO income ceiling ... this will cap how many millions can be charged.

    The other thing that will make investors think twice is the ban on full-unit rental. Condos in PLH areas will be thankful!

    Basically the PLH restrictions will temper the enthusiasm of wannabe property tycoons.

    The fingers on both my hands are not enough to count the peers that I know who are staying in condos/landed while renting out their good-location HDBs. :P

    1. Spur,

      Crash got sound. Things don't always go as planned.

      Just like when big daddy built the Pinnacle as their "trophy" and "pride" years ago, little did they expect years later they have to assuage the green-eyed jealousy of those who missed out...

      Similarly, there will be those (like me) who will be waiting to see if I can benefit from unintended consequences. Wink.

      People get rich, I cheer and try to ride on their coat-tails.

      If Monday someone struck Toto 8 million, will the 7,500 sour grapes give feedback to takeaway the "lottery" effect?


  3. Hi all,

    So confusing. I prefer simplicity. Peace of mind is my preferred route.



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