Wednesday 20 October 2021

Health District Pilot Project Launched In Queenstown


If you are planning to monetise your private property to free up cash by rightsizing to a HDB flat during your retirement, you may want to check this out: 

Health District Pilot Project Launched In Queenstown

On one end, you get to immerse yourself into the peacefulness and greenery of Queenstown. 

We have Botanic Gardens, Mount Faber, Henderson Hill. Hort Park, Labrador Park all within walking distances - if you are into hiking or walking that sort of thing. 

Then there's the awesome rail corridor that used to be our railway track.

And on the other end, if you appreciate the finer things in life, like scintillating dining experiences, or checking out cool new watering holes, we got you covered!

Orchard Road and the future Greater Southern Waterfront project are just a stone's throw away. Treat them as our "backyard".

Getting a cab or private hire ride home after midnight won't cost you a bomb! 

Retirement does not mean no fun allowed anymore... Wink.

No rush.

There is plenty of time.

Cheers from Queenstown born and bred resident!

1 comment:

  1. For full disclosure, I'll need to make a decision 11 years from now at age 65.

    Meanwhile while I wait, I'll talk up my own book or do "shilling" in crypto speak.

    I start first; hope other residents in Queenstown will catch on what doing I ;)

    Take for example, my stamp collection will diminish (or not appreciate as hoped)...

    I was thinking of joining the Chinatown weekend flea market to sell them as a hobby to pass time when I'm in my 70s or 80s.

    But WHO will buy from me!?

    I mean old fogey stamp collectors would have already have stamp collections more powderful than mine...


    How many youths today are into stamp collecting?


    That's the essence or irony of "speculation".

    Buy when no one talking about it; sell when Tom, Dick, and Harry are all excited about it!!!

    P.S. Fellow stamp collectors don't worry. When I'm in my 70s, let's all volunteer to work with the Post Office and stamp dealers to hype up stamp collecting as a way to become filthy rich!!!

    Look! Buy this stamp for $1, a few years later it can become $100 - a hundred bagger!!!


    No one using stamps anymore?

    That's even better!!!

    That meant the stamps we have will become even rarer!

    We use the same playbook as for cryptos ;)


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