Friday, 22 October 2021

My Close Brush With Wuhan Virus


Tuesday evening, I received a call from the Supervisor of the retailer I was attached to on the weekends.

A TV promoter, who works just opposite my concept corner, has just tested positive for the Wuhan virus...

Guess what? During last weekend, a customer who is positive also visited our showroom during the weekends...

No panic. 

The very same Tuesday evening, I just took the free ART kit that big daddy sent out to us - ownself violate my own nostrils.


Result negative.

Thursday did the ART test again. There's a thing called incubation period.


Tested negative.

Tomorrow I'll do another ART test. This one using Zoom as its part of the weekly group ART tests for all of us working in retail.

If still negative, I'll go to work.

I do my part not to infect others. 

Look. Everyday 3,000 plus cases. 

Sooner or later we all will test positive one lah!

Please don't blame your colleagues or family members.

Do you want others to blame you if you got the Wuhan virus and unknowingly spread to them?

If well and don't know, cannot say.

But if you feel unwell or suspect you may have come into close contact with someone who got the Wuhan virus, for goodness sake, do your part OK?

Each household only got 6 "free" ART kits. Yes, you may have to buy them on your own...

Don't everything depend on big daddy...

If you have financial difficulty, just talk to your MP or family doctor. I'm sure they can refer you to organisations that can help.

I know. Its not cheap. One ART test kit costs $10...


Then again... What's the point of seeking FIRE if you can't afford or too cheap to get the ART kits on your own?



  1. With the current strategy, its a matter of when, not if, one would catch the coronavirus.

    Thats why in a way, this is a "cruel" approach for those with weak immunity for one reason or another. Their underlying medical condition, whatever they are, do not prevent them from living a normal and enjoyable life with medication / treatment. But now, with this "endemic" strategy, life for them is a lot more unpredictable. You can imagine the added stress this constant worry is putting on them.

    And it does not look like the coronavirus is going away anytime soon. UK, Russia, the US and even China are seeing rising cases as well as deaths.

    It wasnt too long ago that one only read about infected cases, but nowadays one is more likely to be able to compare notes with friends and family members what it was like to be infected, the recovery process and even for some on the edge, what it was like to be in ICU. I have enough friends, relatives and family members of friends to compare notes already.

    Again, its a matter of when, not if.

    1. mysecretinvestment,

      I hear you.

      On one side, there are those who are vulnerable - although less than 2%, when we or our love ones got it, we won't see it that way...

      Then there's the other side where frustrated business owners and employees fearful of losing their businesses and jobs if this drags on longer...

      Although I'm atheist, I'm quite spiritual and philosophical.

      This Wuhan virus has reminded us what's really important in our lives.

      When we are gasping for our last breaths on our death beds, I don't think we'll be thinking of the zeroes in our networth...

  2. Thumbs up to this Covid role model!

    If more Singaporeans behave the same way, our country can move forward faster. The least we can do is be cooperative and not be a nuisance.

    Life versus livelihood. A tricky balance.

    1. hyom,

      No role model lah. Self interest.

      If I consider the health of others, others will reciprocate mah.

      I believe most of us are responsible.

    2. Same here. Most of my actions are driven by self-interest too, bearing in mind not to do evil, even by accident.

      Take care. Stay safe.

    3. hyom,


      We all stay safe and healthy.

      Our mind and body, that's the real assets that matter!

  3. Smol,

    Lol, remember when I mentioned couple of weeks ago that covid deaths may peak at 1,000 per month if we opened up like US, Israel, or UK?

    That's if big daddy was less paternalistic.

    So now the 150/mth rate is probably the fine balance between economic purgatory & walking dead landscape.

    We're aiming to flatten the curve (again!). But this time it's not cases ... it's ICU admissions & deaths.

    Spread them out and not have a big bang that will collapse the hospitals & increase even more deaths.

    You stay safe now! Probably a good idea to wear tight fitting N95 mask at your indoors weekend gig.

    The key phrase is "tight fitting" ... you shouldn't be able to smell tobacco smoke when standing next to an active smoker -- imagine that's the virus particles seeping into your mask! :P

    Now you know why hospital staff wear their masks so damn tight!

    1. Spur,

      N95 mask AND eye goggles/face shields. Masks without eye/face protection is like wearing condom with pin holes, it ain't gonna work.

      Remember the Redhill cluster? They suspect its touching of fruits at the market by seniors.

      I clean my hands with sanitiser AFTER serving customers. And try not to touch my face.

      No. I just wear my normal face masks and live life as normal as possible with common sense safe distancing measures without getting too paranoid.

      I am putting my trust in vaccines. The risk/reward is fine with me.

      December I'll be up for my booster shot.

      If kenna, I hope I'll be asymptomatic.

      Those who fear the side effects of vaccinations over the risk of serious complications if infected...

      We are all adults; we make our own choices.

      Who we are today is the sum of all DECISIONS we have and have not made.

    2. Smol,

      Entry of airborne virus via eyes are much lower than via nose/mouth.

      In medical settings, face shields & safety goggles protect mainly against relatively large bodily fluids like blood spurts, urine/faecal splashes, spitting, sneezing, hacking coughs. Most of these are already minimised if the other guy is masked.

      Face shields & safety goggles are pretty useless against airborne or aerosolised vapour that can enter between shield and body in an extended face to face conversation e.g. >10 min.

      As has been discovered by many who put up plastic partitions between tables in restaurants, offices etc.

      Unless the goggles are also as tight as swimming goggles or scuba diving goggles keke.

      Yup common sense hygiene practices help a lot. And from a practical standpoint, that's the main way we can go forward without becoming neurotic or cramping our styles!

      Personally as a very homebody-type person, whether the authorities adopt a US-style approach or a China-style approach doesn't faze me. I do get that many in-person businesses won't be able to survive all these SMM rules.

      Everyday at the playground near my place, there're at least 10-15 kids screaming & running in the evenings, together with a handful of parents. So far so good, touch wood. Ya I avoid that place lol.

      Going for 3rd jab soon. Another couple days of sore arm.

    3. Spur,

      "Most of these are already minimised if the other guy is masked."

      There you go. That's why big daddy went from "sia suey" to masks are mandatory...

      I'm INFP.

      My creative outlet is telling stories to customers during the weekends 🤗



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