Friday 8 October 2021

SkyParc@Dawson - Future Million Dollar HDB Flats!


First, this is not an advertorial post OK?

Yes, I've worked with Stacked Homes before, but this is me talking my own book

You think those money managers are not doing the same when they go on Bloomberg or CNBC?

For those of you who don't mind paying a million or more to buy a fantastic HDB resale flat with a million dollar view, look no further!

SkyParc@Dawson Review

No, you don't have to wait 5 years for the MOP (minimum occupation period). Not if you're buying from those lucky enbloc owners who got first dip in the balloting selection process!

Our MOP starts 7 years from the date of selection of the replacement flat. 

I selected my SkyParc@Dawson flat on July 2015. 

That meant starting August 2022 next year, provided there are willing sellers, you may find listings for resale flats at SkyParc@Dawson. (First mover advantage)

You'll beat those "bei kambings" who thought MOP is always 5 years. Wink.

Who knows? 

You may even flip your purchase 3-4 years later, when most of the flats will be available in the open market for those owners who got their SkyParc@Dawson flats under the normal BTO process.

So don't say I got "lobang bo jio"!

If you bothered to read the review at Stacked Homes all the way to the end, you'll notice the surrounding resale HDB 3 room flats at SkyTerrace and SkyVille are now going for $600K.

The most expensive HDB 3 room flats at SkyParc@Dawson bought direct from HDB is $398K (Top 2 floors with balcony).

How? Luck is luck or what!?

Enough about me. (I not a bleeding heart; you don't care about me either)

However, I want to draw your attention to a group of SAVVY and SKILLED property buyers. (Either that or they have good, better, best property agents looking out for them!)

You know when our Tanglin Halt flats were selected for SERS or enbloc during June 2014, immediately there were property agents and buyers circling like vultures making offers to buy my Tanglin Halt flat for $500K!?

Of course its great for those Tanglin Halt owners who want to cash out immediately and not have to wait another 7 to 8 years to collect their keys to their replacement flats.

I mean, at $500K, these buyers were willing to pay $100K more than the $398K compensation I got from big daddy.

By not being "cheap", these savvy buyers, even if they got the worst and last ballot number for this SERS exercise, their ballot number would still be streets ahead of those who selected SkyParc@Dawson on the regular HDB BTO route!


The only drawback is that for these buyers who bought the Tanglin Halt flats after the SERS announcement, their MOP is the regular 5 years from collection of keys - like any other regular HDB BTO applicants. That's all!

What's the upside?

They paid resale price but got a brand new HDB flat!!! That's if you're into "virgin" that sort of thing...

Making money is just icing on the cake! (Better than buying resale 5 years later and finding your savvier neighbour also bought resale but paid $100K less than you...)

That's Earn More mindset for you!

Now to address some of the cons in the review (I did say I talking up my own book remember?):

1)   The upper floors only have 4 units; unlike the lower floors with 8 units. (OK, OK. I'll stop! I think by now you know why people are willing to pay a price premium for top floors!)

2)  There's a difference between staying near and next to MRT stations or busy main streets with lots of bus options.

You just have to go to those flats immediately next to Alexandra Road that's 6 minutes walk away that have more bus routes (Opposite NTUC Dawson). Listen to the noise pollution and try smelling the car exhaust fumes.

Its the same for living next to MRT stations. You think why you see lots of sound barriers on MRT tracks nowadays? When MRT tracks were first built, where got sound barriers? Evidently those residents living next to MRT cannot stand it any longer!

There's 2 bus services serving Margaret Drive. Let's keep it that way. Buses are not exactly quiet...

The bus stops are just in front of SkyParc@Dawson. It's like having our own private bus stops!

If you want to travel to the East, bus 32 will take you to Bukit Merah MRT, while bus 122 will bring you to Tiong Bahru MRT.

And if you want to travel to the West, both bus 32 and 122 will connect to the Commonwealth MRT.

If you prefer taking buses, all the above mentioned MRT stations will give you access to a lot more bus options!!!

Just treat bus 32 and 122 as "feeder bus" services. Yup! Just go downstairs and walk 1 minute. Its that convenient!

3)  If you're into the 10,000 steps thingy, or is now currently practicing alighting one MRT stop (or a few bus stops) away from you destination to use walking as your "exercise", then SkyParc@Dawson is right up your alley! (I'm in sales; that's how you turn lemons into lemonade) 

Walking to the bus stops with more bus options opposite NTUC Dawson is 6 minutes.

Walking to the nearest Queenstown MRT is 10 minutes.

What's the problem again?


I hope other SkyParc@Dawson residents will understand what to do. Wink.

Especially if you are looking to flip your flats a few years later. 

Use Facebook, Instagram, or whatever you familiar with.

Do what the crypto crowd is doing.

I not selling is also helping you out!

Don't forget to buy me coffee!





  1. Tio HDB Jackpot again! Congratulations!

    1. CW,


      50% growth in 7 years. Better than CPF. I'll take that!

      Hope don't grow too hot. Let's not invite big daddy to come down hard with property cooling measures ...

      At this boiling frog slowly pace is good enough!

      In 11 years' time, I'll need to make a decision at age 65. If lucky, can have a 3rd bite of the HDB cherry. Wink.

      OK, let's not talk about it anymore. Let it go.

      Wait you come poke me for "extrapolating"!



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