Monday 25 October 2021

SkyParc@Dawson Lauded For Good Design And Construction


Not I say one hor!

HDB said so!

For those who prefer to Trust but Verify:

Living With Birds And Bees

Luck is sometimes preparation meeting opportunity.

Total 5 sites for us to choose our replacement enbloc flats from.

With the exception of 1 site where its "normal" HDB flats for the budget conscious, the other 4 sites are same same "premium" HDB flats. 

All paid similar prices; yet my chosen site won the design and construction award. Wink.

Let's just say my chosen site is definitely not the most popular one during balloting. Heng ah!

If not, how would I have gotten the top floor with my ballot number?

To paraphrase Steve Job's connecting the dots backwards, my time spent loitering at the Art Club during my secondary school days has turned out useful after all...

I've shared in my "look see, look see" photos that I have a thing for design and sculptures, and architecture is 3D Art that's all around us!

Appreciating good design comes natural to me.

Especially the sensuous 36, 24, 36 curves on the female form.

Now that's heavenly Art! 


  1. Smol,

    Enjoy your green paradise backyard!

    But if I'm a bee, I'd avoid that place like the plague. I just have this picture of a beautiful free-range chicken nursery next to a KFC. (Bees are among the favourite food of many birds)

    My wish for my place is that NEA & NPB can somehow toilet train the birds.

    Dunno why, but there's been a boom in bird population around here & it's leading to quite a bit of bird crappiness LOL.

    1. Spur,

      LOL! Good one!

      Don't you worry about the bees.

      Bees have been living with birds as their predator for thousands and thousands of years.

      I trust bees will continue to survive and thrive at SkyParc@Dawson ;)

      On the note of "bird crappiness", I think we may have to wait long long...

      If NEA and NPB have no current solution for the "bird infestation" along Orchard Road, what more about us in suburbia?

      When man interferes with mother nature, we often get a rude shock...

      We once had a crow infestation problem at hawker centres. We solved that.

      Now we have mynah infestation on our hands.

      If we got rid of the mynahs...

      We'll get a pigeon problem...

      When we got rid of all pesky birds...

      We'll have an even bigger insect infestation mess!!!


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