Sunday, 24 October 2021

Well, more colleagues down...


Guess what?

When I reported to work yesterday, one of the managers looked and said to me, "Ownself take care of ownself OK?"

I thought what happened?

Another TV promoter took 3 days MC for the weekend. Took the PCR test and lucky came out negative. Normal flu. 

Our cashier also not feeling well; on MC. Awaiting her PCR test results.

And one computer section sales staff confirmed tested positive for Wuhan virus.

Just like that, the showroom has lost 2 staff and 2 promoters for the weekend!?

In the old days, we could easier "borrow" staff or promoters from others showrooms to cover.

But big daddy made it crystal clear last year when it "punished" a global fast food chain for doing so during the early days of this Wuhan virus... 

You'll be surprised on the level of "common sense" at management level.

One showroom or outlet shutdown is better than the whole chain being contaminated with staff intermingling between different showrooms/outlets...

In a way, we were "lucky" store traffic has been dismal for the past 2 months. So its manageable, despite the lack of manpower.

If you like me, still prefer to shop at brick-and-mortar stores, or like eating out at restaurants, I hope you can be a little understanding if you find the service a bit "lacking" during this Wuhan virus period.

Would prefer a longer wait? 

Or do you prefer "black heart" profit first landowners ignore "common sense" and insist staff that tested positive, but asymptomatic, still report to work? 

Or they secretly roster staff from other showrooms/restaurants; play the cat and mouse game with big daddy?

Don't believe?

One one hand, we can sympathise with long suffering F&B business owners; on the other hand, we can also see how many black sheep F&B owners are constantly testing big daddy's resolve by flouting all the safe distancing measures...

And we have idiot consumers "enabling" these errant business owners!?

Stay cool everyone.

Don't let fear overcome us. Life has to go on.

Just practice common sense.

And common sense is a great edge when it comes to your financial pursuits!

Be it the Earn More path, or the Save More path.



  1. Phew... I thought is retrenchment or termination.

    It's everywhere. Remember u mock me for being overly cautious. Well. I only go da Bao also kena HRW.. WTxxx

    I am sure I didn't stay at any stall more than 10 minutes. I guessing maybe the stall owner is a positive case. But well like u say, life goes on, just need to poke everyday instead of weekly

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I didn't mock you; I only poked you. There's a difference!

      And because you so fun to poke mah!

      Precisely! Unless we close door and stay at home forever and ever...

      I'm not doing that!

      I'm treating this Wuhan virus like regular flu.

      I definitely going for my booster shot!

    2. It is hard to be safe liao unless all family members in the same household go out in full PPE!

      How to explain when my friend's wife and son were tested negative despites he got contacted C+ even wfh and drive and just a few times ta bao lunch at hawker ctr?

      Our body's immune system and vaccines play an important role to keep covid away?

      Last week; his BIL also tested positive!

      Soon, more and more people we know will be C+ and become like serious flu with high fever and serious dehydration without knowing and suddenly collapsed! Flu can be deadly too!

    3. CW,

      We average around 800 deaths per year in Singapore from influenza.

      Most vulnerable are again seniors. How many bother to go for their annual flu jabs?

      Those kiasi and kiasu seniors who go for their annual flu jabs are definitely not resisting the Wuhan virus vaccinations!

      So even if Wuhan virus don't get, we still got plain vanilla influenza, dengue fever, stupid accidents, act of god, etc...

      Imagine getting killed from a mosquito bite!?

      Genetic diversity ;)

      Remember SARS?

      Some kenna die very fast.

      Some kenna take a long time to die.

      Some get sick but can eventually recover.

      Some got SARS but totally fine; natural immunity?

      We are the survivors of past pandemics in human history.

      That's why all civilizations have discovered, through crash got sound, its better we don't marry our own siblings or first cousins...

      Chinese chauvinists will hate me, but mixed-race marriages for the win!

  2. Smol (and others),

    Main reason is coz almost everybody (including me) cannot get completely closed fit with surgical or cloth masks.

    So bacteria & virus can and do get thru your masks. Then it's up to own immunity to tackle. And yet people still like to mingle & linger among crowds ... just go to any mall or foodcourts or coffeeshops.

    Surgical or cloth masks do reduce the viral load exposure, just not 100%. The way most people wear them, it's probably about 50%-70% effective. Of coz, if you're in a small room for over 10-15min with a group of people all talking or singing, then such masks are basically useless.

    Even with N95 masks, some of us just have faces that don't conform lol.

    Hospital staff that are unable to get properly fitted masks were excused from handling Covid patients or other airborne infectious patients, like TB. Of coz with staff shortage & increased patient load in recent months, they make them wear full-head hoods with respirators lol.

    For most of us, basic stuff like limiting face to face indoor conversations with strangers, not touching our faces outside, avoiding bigger groups, not lingering at sites with many people etc is good enough.

    1. Spur,


      If we get any stricter, some will hit their tipping point and start to rebel and protest like some cities in the west.

      I myself will be terribly upset if we go back to no dining outside... I'll push back ;)

      And no way I'll wear the N95 masks all day. I need to breathe!

      The free Temasek masks are good enough for me :)

      I'm in the open up and get back to normal oredi camp.

  3. Hi Smol

    I also can't stand cooping up at home the whole day. I dine outside as usual, and I also go to the gym as usual. In accepting this Wuhan virus, I build up and strengthen my immunity along the way.

    Take the usual precautions, wash hands, wear mask, talk less, do more.

    Encik always tell us " take care of your body and your body will take care of you!"

    1. Small Time Investor,

      Yes. There are lots of old fogeys cyclists coming to our Tanglin Halt park connector (former railway track) nowadays.

      Better to keep active and enjoy the outdoors than to stay all day in the flat worry about a virus we may or may not get...

      Scared, go for the vaccine shot.

      Not scared getting virus, why hide indoors?

  4. SMOL,

    I believe you should have taken your booster jab by now. I remembered you took Moderna. It has been reported that immunity levels from Moderna is higher than Pfizer. Good for you!

    I received SMS from MOH to take booster jab recently. Mai tu liao. Save ownself, save own family, save people around me, free of charge. No brainer. I took Moderna this time.

    Take care and good luck.

    1. hyom,

      I blur, blur just selected Buona Vista CC for my first 2 jabs. So ended up with Moderna.

      Got my SMS from MOH early this week. Booked next Monday for my booster shot.

      This way, got 5 days of rest in case got side effects ;)

      You stay safe too.

      For ourselves, for family :)

    2. SMOL,

      The booster jab seemed to have stronger side effect for me. Fortunately, I have spare panadol supply at home.

      Check that you have spare panadols at home before tomorrow in case you need it.

      I picked Pfizer the previous round because PM Lee, U.S President Biden took them. I thought I was smart but turned out your blur blur decision was a better one. Haha.

      One more thing. No exercise for next 2 weeks, if you're into this kind of thing.

    3. hyom,

      Yup, I made the mistake of having my 1st jab on a Friday...

      Working on Sat and Sun that time was murder to me. Its not serious illness or anything, but I keep wishing I can go back home immediately to rest and sleep!!!

      The 2nd jab I learnt from crash got sound. Always do it on a Monday so I have 5 days of rest ;)

      I took 2 panadols before my jab, and another 2 four hours after my jab. The next day no problem at all :)

      My exercise is 1 sit-up when I get out of bed in the morning. Then the rest is walking.

      Walk to buy breakfast, walk to buy dinner. Walk in the evenings. No count 10,000 steps. I don't need such "precision"... LOL!


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