Monday, 1 November 2021

What Then? Be A Prostitute?


Don't follow your passion?


So what's the alternative?

Just as long the money is good, you'll do it?



Isn't that the definition of a prostitute?

And I thought I'm the man-whore in the community!

Never mind if your workplace is toxic. If pay is good, better, best, why complain? Suck it up!

So what if the company is a slave driver. Expects you to work 60 hour work weeks. I mean who have heard of anyone dying from hard work?

Eh... Karoshi?

But, but... This job pays triple what I can get from a less stressful job... 

Look! Just focus on money!

Money, money, money.

Earn and save as much as possible. Take the money to invest for passive income.

Then we can all attain FIRE at 35!

Suffer first; enjoy later.

P.S.  That's provided you don't die of heart failure or have a mental breakdown first!

And when we are working 60 hour work weeks, or mentally stressed from work, pray tell how the hell one got the time and composure to find the "right" passive income vehicle that matches our temperature?


  1. Smol,

    I think for most Gen Z & Y, their passion is to get as much money as possible in the shortest time. So the passion is to get passionate about certain kinds of jobs & industries for the time being, nevermind if the "passion" is only for 5 or 10 yrs ... life's too short. ;)

    Currently the preferred job description for millennials & Gen Z is crypto investor/speculator! LOL!

    Of course best is passion & high pay are aligned. But that's pretty rare, and usually involves lots of trials & errors and job hopping! Heheh.

    For majority, as long as a job meets their monetary needs without sucking too much time out of their lives, is ok liao.

    Some jobs have more in-built advantages than others...

    There's a former colleague who quit her 55-hr job in a hospital to become locum doctor for a couple of GP chains. Her requirements are simple: within 10 mins drive of her home, no more than 15 hrs a week, and above $110/hr (which is quite low-end for doctor these days).

    So far she keeps getting more job offers & requests to extend work than she wants. (Not forgetting that she has to hit a minimum hours of approved courses & seminars to keep her license.)

    I suppose tutors with established track records also fall into this category LOL.

    1. Spur,

      You know what?

      All these dropping of hackneyed words like Passion, Fire, Ikigai...

      They are just "little lies to ourselves" to avoid facing the elephant in our living room...

      We have no clue what we want to do with our lives!


      By setting goals like FIRE by 35 or CPF 1M65, we are basically kicking the can down to road to avoid admitting we have no passion, no interests, no ikigai, no whatsoever...

      But no worries! Once we have achieved X by Y years, I figure it out later...

      Meanwhile, you feel good.

      I got a goal; I got a plan.

      My life is complete.

      I'm not aimless...

  2. You can insert the ikigai venn diagram for your related-post next time, I recall there's something about passion, mission, profession and vocation :D

    I just try to do a delicate balancing act : enough passion to keep me engaged, yet pays me enough and gives me sufficient 'me' time to level up my life skills and pak tor haha.

    1. Kevin,

      You have anticipated my next post.

      I'll poke the difference between book knowledge of ikigai, and the live and breathe version of ikigai ;)

      All knowledge starts with "black and white" clarity at the kindergarten level.

      1 + 1 = 2

      Once we go to the tertiary level, it starts to get as clear as mud...

      We become more "philosophical" than "precision" at 2 decimal places...

      1 + 1 = it depends...

      I agree. Life is a balancing act.

      Once we just cut a slice out and prioritise on it with single-minded focus, it simply means we are neglecting the other aspect of our lives ;)

      Success is what we are willing to sacrifice to achieve it.

  3. Do what u like, do what u can't wait to get up for, and doing it for money.

    I dun really see a conflict.

    To be fair, I am rather happy with what I am doing now, would grade at high of 8.5 out of 10, kind of historical high.

    But because I am enjoying myself so much, I know I have heck care a lot of office politics and KPIs.

    I tried my best to toe the line and give as much as the boss want.

    But then, how many can have the cake and eat it.

    I definitely can't be as valued as someone who did all the dirty work, whereas I get the clean fun abeit hard work.

    When the storm comes, I know I am not at the top of the pecking order, although it might not be as serious as being let go, u can say good bye to all the performance and bonuses.

    With pure stroke of luck or just stupidity, I am glad I climb and man whore for 10 over years and earn that pay this is enough to say, ok nvm, no need to raise anymore. U can have it, let me do ore of what I like.

    If I dun have the first 10 years, the view is different.

    So, nothing wrong with being a manwhore. Just stop before sanity is gone

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      There's nothing "right" or "wrong" to the individual.

      However, there's morality, societal norms, religious dogma; etc.

      What some really want is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

      But you can't admit it outright. Its bad taste...

      So we do what beauty pageants do - say we amass riches so we can share it with "others".

      Feed the poor, cure the sick, fight cancer... And foster world peace!

      And of course, the goal is to become so financially free we just have to give back by offering courses, workshops, seminars; etc...

      So everyone and anyone can be just like us!

      But its never on a non-profit basis ;)

      I find that quite ironic!

      As for your situation, I'll leave you to sort out your demons.

      I just know quitting while we're ahead is not the same as quitting.

      (Or worse, quitting because we are forced to...)

  4. Dilbert (the comic strip) creator says passion is BS.

    1. ERSG,


      My personal view on goal setting is its best used on others ;)

      Its a "controlling" device landowners use on shepherds; shepherds in turn use on their flock.

      Only sheep will set goals for themselves.

      Passion has become so overused that it has lost its original meaning...

      Passion is real.

      Its just that the majority have no clue what they like to do with their lives.

      So they do the next best thing - copy the "passions" of others!

      That's when "passion" becomes bullshit ;)

      Its just say, say only.

      When the going gets "tough", we just switch "passions"... Easy!

      No one wants to be caught dead without a "passion"!

      1. A King in the UK during the 1930s gave up his kingdom for his "passion".

      Recently, a Japanese princess willingly gave up her royalty status for her "passion" too.

      2. Can you imagine the 12 apostles telling themselves to give up their "passionate" beliefs?

      I mean Master gone, road ahead is tough, there's real danger to their personal well being, and great sacrifices have to be made ahead...

      Less "passionate" souls would simply say, "Lets convert and repent later!"

      3) Without "passion", would Thomas Edison keep trying despite failure after failure until he crash got sound stumbled onto Tungsten?

      Passion is just emotion. Its how we feel.

      Can be a great motivation force; easily abused when we use it as a manipulation tool on others though.

      How to tell when passion has become bullshit?

      When people express it in "SMART goals" terminology ;)

  5. I think when some folks start expressing their "wants" as "musts", it's the same time when passion starts transforming into something else.

    1. Patty,

      Glad you're back!


      We just want to "justify" our own actions or behaviours.

      The former owner of one company I worked is so fearful of not having money since young (born to a poor family) that he eventually became a multi-billionaire.

      Yet he still kept his "miserly" ways despite his billions. But of course during the company's "indoctrination" programme, we don't call it that!

      We call it "cost consciousness" ;)

      There's no doubt in my mind the founder's ikigai is the pursuit and hoarding of money.

      Its perfectly fine! He created lots of millionaire employees and many, many, more satisfied customers!

      Then there are those on the other extreme who use Passion or YOLO as "cover" to justify their frivolity and extravagances.

      Which by itself is again nothing wrong. Just as long you don't expect others to bail you out.

      Watch out if people who mattered to us have ikigai of having fun at your expense!

  6. Been in the 60 hours work week job for the last 11 months and decided to move on without a job lining up. Fortunately luck is on my side and I managed to get a new assignment in 2 weeks time. I hope the situation will be better at the new place.

    1. Daniel,

      I'm glad you have moved on from that "hell hole"!

      Hope your new place of work will treat you better.

      On a lighter note, I think I must change my profile pic!

      Who says 大叔 cannot be hot and sexy?

      If I wear that red kimono of yours, would I not attract more female readers to this watering-hole?


      Should I just wear my speedo and nothing else?

      Nope! Bad idea. How to hide my "italy" like that!?


  7. Passion is like hobbies. Time passed and can change and never again. Holding Passion card for donkey years since it has points from buying thing from Gaints and Cold storage. Lol!

    1. CW,

      Don't spoil market.

      In front of our wives, girlfriends, lovers, we must all parrot the same "lie" - our passions will never change! Honest!

      Of course we don't tell her 1001 girls rejected us previously; she's the only one who took the bait!



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