Thursday 26 January 2012

What 5 balls? There's no balls - only you!

I know it meant well and putting things in simplistic terms is easier to comprehend.

However, this is a classic western cut-and-slice "squeaky wheel gets the grease" way of problem solving. Place things in neat cookie-cutters and trouble-shoot!

I prefer the oriental holistic way of looking at things. There are no balls. Only you.

Instead of focusing on not dropping the balls (symptoms or manifestations); we accept that we will drop the balls - we are mere mortals.

It's how we react when we dropped our balls that really matters.

It's more about what kind of material you are made of:

1) If you are made of rubber, you can bounce back from any setbacks.

2) If you are made of steel, you can withstand the scratches from life's shocks and surprises.

3) If you are made of glass, well, you know what happened to Humpty Dumpty...

Can we change the material we are made of? That may depend on whether you belong to the Nature or Nurture school of thought!


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I just read your story and am inspired by the last line where you said that "money lost can be earned back..but time lost..."

  2. the key word from the message is "game".

    how the game is played and how you control it is up to one imagination.

  3. the more the simple the game is design and play, the more one can control it better. the downside is the more it becomes boring.

  4. last one haha,

    don't think of what material we are made of. think of how is our system wire. like a computer, input and output.

    why we do this and this results, why we do that and that results. from the data (input and output) understand how your system are functioning.

    unless you are generalising, you would be able to see how different each of us are.

    you know you are a system itself and not just made out of some material of unknown character or behaval.

  5. Coconut,

    Gong xi fa cai and wan shi ru yi!

    You and your science analogies again...

    I buy PCs like a girl. All I care is that it must look nice nice and stylo can already!

    You are science; I am arts.

  6. er Gong xi fa cai smol, i though we had greeting already?

    well you misunderstooded it again. you are not arts!! only the thing or though came out from you are arts.

    you are science.

    and about PCs, er i sense trouble ahead.

  7. still don't believe you are science?, jump from 3 story high and see will you break your legs?

    just kidding, science is predictability, if you can know the outcome, thats science.

    so you are science!

  8. Xin xiang shi chen Coconut!

    I'll keep saying greetings to you until you give me an Ang Pao!

    You can call me whatever you liked!

    You got me.

    The beauty and balance of nature is based on interesting mathematical ratios and fractals.

    So are sculptures and paintings - there are geometry and proportions, interplay between shadow and light, space and mass.

    I prefer to use the word Arts as I can say whatever I want - Arts has no "fixed" definitions.

    Science have too many laws and principles - they are like STOP signs to me.


  9. ok i get it that you don't get it. and don't think i don't know where you copy from haha.

    there are no maths or science to discribe nature, just our limitation using maths so we can discribe.

    using a wrong input to produce a wrong distorted output. you are saying what your view are, not what you are.

  10. the purpose of playing the "game of life" is to find out who we really are, not what our views are.

    same for trading and investing.


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